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News Headlines (544) 1 December - 31 December 2015


1 December 2015 : Excitement mounts as you consider every angle of a creative project today. You're eager to get started, but you can't figure out how to organize all your ideas. Your reactions are so swift now that you inadvertently overwhelm others while sharing your plans. Think before you speak because you probably sound more outrageous than you realize. Keep your audience in mind and tailor your delivery accordingly. In fact, it might be smart not to say anything at all. Let your art express your heart.

2 December 2015 : You assume all will turn out well, even if the dynamics at work are in a state of flux. Your ability to maintain a positive attitude could be tested today when someone starts to throw shade on your best ideas. Others may even go so far as to accuse you of ignoring the interpersonal complexity of the present moment. Naturally, an optimistic outlook is a healthy one as long as you're not trying to avoid the truth. Leave your ego at the door and address the concerns of others with an open mind and an honest heart.

3 December 2015 : You're tempted to inflate every trivial incident into a major event today. You think you are acting in a practical manner, even if you visualize unlimited potential everywhere you go. As mystic William Blake wrote, you can "see infinity in a grain of sand." However, reaching for the Moon doesn't mean that it's within your grasp. Nevertheless, extending yourself beyond your limits creates opportunities that can lead to a more fulfilling life.

4 December 2015 : Big ideas at work aren't enough to ensure your success today, because once you make a plan you still have to execute it in a timely manner. Ironically, you must trust your intuition now rather than sticking to the dry facts when circumstances dictate a strategic change. But don't just give up when the going gets tough. Talking about a struggle as it unfolds helps you figure out what to do next as long as you share your story with a trustworthy ally who will tell you the unvarnished truth.

5 December 2015 : Your emotions burn hotter today with vulnerable Venus steaming up your 8th House of Intimacy, possibly making you slightly uncomfortable. It's not that you are unwilling to express your feelings; it's just the excessive intensity can overwhelm your agenda and pull you off track. This heart-centered planetary emphasis is signaling you to slow down and sink deeper into the dance. As the scientist Galileo wrote, "Passion is the genesis of genius."

6 December 2015 : You are in no mood to be challenged today and may react defensively, even if you are not the target of someone's resistance. A lingering issue could push you dangerously close to an emotional meltdown. You can feel the heat rising from the bottom of the volcano and are driven to express your unresolved issues. Nevertheless, it works in your favor if you make your point in a constructive manner. Being sensitive to everyone else's feelings allows you to deliver your message in a way that is well received.

7 December 2015 : You want to squeeze as much out of life now as you possibly can, and are willing to do whatever is necessary to maximize your experiences. Thankfully, your perceptions are razor sharp and you manage your time with great finesse today. But don't waste precious energy talking about your plans. The early bird gets the worm, so figure out which adventure is calling your name the loudest and quickly answer with a resounding yes.

8 December 2015 : One too many options today complicate your efforts to decide what to do first. You may be daydreaming about things that you don't normally let yourself imagine. Your nerves are on edge, waiting for the next thrilling experience to land in your lap. Nevertheless, don't attempt to tame this wild energy or you might explode. Find a healthy channel of expression that utilizes your adrenaline, such as physical exertion. Instead of trying to bottle this cosmic electricity for later, run with it for all it's worth.

9 December 2015 : Obviously, you know that getting angry for no apparent reason is unproductive. Unfortunately, you can't always prevent your emotions from impacting your life by simply hiding them. Although burying your negativity might postpone a difficult interaction, denial makes matters worse in the long run. In the final analysis, it's best to acknowledge your feelings and bring them out into the open. Keep in mind that your compassionate attitude may be more important than the words you use to share your truth.

10 December 2015 : Encouraging someone to take direct action today may be your strategy to avoid initiating responsibility for your own behavior. You might attempt to downplay your power as you struggle with how your desire for independence impacts your need to be loved. An opposition from impulsive Mars to erratic Uranus could even create conflict in an otherwise stable relationship. Keep in mind that your sense of urgency may be greatly exaggerated, possibly leading you to overreact. Fortunately, you can make real progress if you build the future on positive intentions and mutual respect.

11 December 2015 : Restlessly spinning your wheels does nothing to soothe your impatience today. You're ready to start a new project even if complications arise before you shift into second gear. The fiery Sagittarius New Moon invigorates your 9th House of Adventure, giving you the green light to go ahead. Unfortunately, demands on your time may prohibit you from making much progress now. Don't misinterpret the situation; a dense fog is not a reason to turn back. Put all your senses on alert and if it's safe, continue driving toward your goals. Confidence is your key to success.

12 December 2015 : You're ready to deliver on a recent promise and might be so intent on fulfilling your commitments today that you ignore your friends. Anyone who stands in your path may encounter your wrath, especially if he or she becomes the temporary target of your frustration. Your best move is to deconstruct a large job into smaller tasks that can be accomplished individually. Taking a few baby steps is more reliable now than blindly rushing ahead. Remember, blaming other people is a distraction from the real work at hand.

13 December 2015 : You may be annoyed if circumstances don't go your way today, requiring you to jump in and handle an unexpected crisis. Although a twist in the plot isn't normally enough to stop you in your tracks, you are ready to call off the battle now so you can catch your breath. Intuitively, you know there are many ways to measure progress and not all of them matter. Your greatest satisfaction starts with a simple change in your attitude. Let go of your preconceived agenda and embrace the element of surprise.

14 December 2015 : You're not in total control of circumstances at work today. You could overcompensate by presenting an optimistic front, but you're not nearly as confident on the inside as you appear on the outside. Becoming more cognizant of your extreme emotions enables you to react with less fear. Although you can think on your feet better than most, it's still wiser to allow extra time for contemplation now rather than responding immediately. If your idea was good at first, it will be even better by tomorrow.

15 December 2015 : You may grow weary of all the noise today, for it seems as though everyone has something to say. But it's not the volume of communication that bothers you; the problem is emotional conversations don't seem to move you any closer to your goals. Continuously getting things back on track is exhausting with so many interruptions. Although you naturally assume you don't have time for this level of powerful intensity, you might be in for a sweet surprise. Once you push through your resistance, a wonderful experience could be yours.

16 December 2015 : You're eager to hitch your wagon to the nearest star today and simply hope for the best. Although you may grow discouraged, you're not ready to give up on your dreams. You believe good news is just around the next corner just waiting to override your current troubles. However, it's healthier to share your dissatisfaction now, because telling the truth can be the catalyst you need to escape the mundane realms. Shaking everything up might be enough to do the trick.

17 December 2015 : Everyone is counting on you to follow through with your end of the deal, but crossing off the tasks on your list is just the start. Jumping through all the hoops isn't going to be enough to prove your devotion today; you must perform your duties with heartfelt conviction. Go the extra mile by showing up and giving it all you got. Raising the bar of excellence demonstrates your intentions more effectively than words ever could.

18 December 2015 : Trailing behind the pack isn't your usual style, but today you find odd satisfaction in letting others take the lead. However, the longer you're not first in line, the more restless you grow. The Moon's afternoon shift into your action-packed sign is your cue to reassert your command. Unfortunately, you can come on so strong that you encounter push-back. Focus less on reclaiming the seat of control and put more effort into minding your own business, instead. Others will follow you when they witness your productivity, not when you're racing out in front.

19 December 2015 : Your words are packed with so much punch today that the powerful effect they have on people may surprise you. It's difficult to step out of your own shoes to experience how you come across to others, but the truth is you might not like what you would hear. There's no reason to speak condescendingly or to be purposefully abrasive; you can deliver your point without making an enemy. Instead of trying to gain dominance of a situation by exercising your authority, demonstrate your willingness to meet others halfway. Compromise is your friend, whether you like it or not.

20 December 2015 : Sharing the details of your busy calendar with family and friends may be necessary to keep everything running smoothly today, but you don't have to over-explain your every move. Others are already experiencing information overload and they don't need you to add more noise to the existing mix. Instead of justifying your plans to everyone else now, channel your energy into managing your own time in a constructive manner. Creating a more peaceful existence also has a calming effect on those around you. Find your center and don't stray too far from there.

21 December 2015 : You're not in the mood to suffer fools gladly today, since you are committed to a specific agenda at work and are unlikely to be stopped. Although contemplating your life's purpose has been a valuable detour, you're ready to shift gears and refocus on the present. Obviously, reconsidering your long-term goals can directly impact your trajectory. Nevertheless, even a minor crisis could instantaneously change everything while you balance your panoramic view of the distant horizon with whatever is on your plate. Don't let your career ambitions drown out the sweetness of the current moment.

22 December 2015 : A natural lack of patience is often your undoing but, fortunately, you have the good sense to check your impulses today. You can hear sweet times calling you to escape from your duties, but you're unprepared to face the harsh consequences of unmet obligations. The most intelligent strategy starts with setting a rhythm that won't wear you out before you're done. A steady work pace enables you to reach your goals, so you can surf the fresh wave of energy blowing into your life later this evening.

23 December 2015 : You might quickly work yourself into an emotional frenzy today by following one captivating distraction after another. In a perfect world, you could flit from task to task without completing anything you start. But don't be surprised if your boss demands that you finish one project before you head off to the next. In spite of your natural tendencies, you can do things right the first time around by exercising a little self-discipline. Act in a responsible manner and no one will have a valid reason to question your intentions or criticize your work.

24 December 2015 : Your day starts off quietly enough, but the pace picks up quickly and you can't help but enjoy the buzz. Nearly all the possibilities seem enticing and so many thoughts are racing through your mind now that it's tricky to discern which ones are actually worth pursuing. It's fantastic when you feel this level of enthusiasm, but make sure to finish your work before you rush out the door in search of fun and frivolity. Pride in your accomplishments is a gift you can give yourself.

25 December 2015 : Your entire life path seems up for grabs today. The Cancer Full Moon brightens your 4th House of Home and Family, causing you to wonder how to balance your domesticity with your place in the world. You're trying to figure out how much emotional safety you need before you attempt to reach your goals. Asking important questions now can propel you into action. Although others might see you as acting too aggressively, do whatever it takes to get back on track. Using your powers of concentration empowers you to thrive in a situation that anyone else would call unwinnable.

26 December 2015 : Jumpstarting a project may be a bigger challenge than you expected today, especially if you previously postponed similar creative tasks. You might even feel as if you hesitated too long, however, there is nothing to be gained by beating yourself up. Be satisfied with whatever you accomplish now, even if it is less than you promised. You can make up for lost time tomorrow once your key planet, Mars, is freed from the grips of Saturn. No one can fault you if you're doing your best.

27 December 2015 : You are raring to go now and you're eager to tell everyone about your upcoming creative projects while the Moon is kicking up her heels in your 5th House of Self-Expression. However, instead of receiving the applause you expect today, your plans may fall on deaf ears. An unappreciative audience could send you back to the drawing board, requiring you to rethink your big ideas. But don't view this delay as a defeat: use it as opportunity to improve your chances for success by getting your facts in order in advance.

28 December 2015 : You could have such idealistic expectations today that nothing in the real world will satisfy your ambitions. Fortunately, your fate is in your own hands now because you can change the game by changing your mind about what you want. You don't have to settle for anything less if you simply re-frame your ideas of what makes you happy. Touching people with your generous heart is more meaningful than making sure everything goes exactly as planned. Giving the gift of love will be sufficient to add magic back into your life.

29 December 2015 : You don't have much of an opportunity to rest today if you left too many tasks undone. Nothing is to be gained by worrying about the outcome; instead, just get busy with your chores right away. But even if you don't have any pressing obligations, you might still be too serious to enjoy yourself now. Thankfully, you will have plenty of time to play later on. The math is simple; the sooner you get started with what's on your plate, the more likely you are to finish.

30 December 2015 : There may be danger ahead if everything appears to glisten in the sunlight. Nevertheless, it's still wiser to imagine the positive possibilities instead of focusing on the negative. Affirmations are extremely potent today, yet acknowledging what could go wrong enables you to recognize a problem before it becomes critical. Addressing the weakest part of your plan does not have to turn you into a pessimist. Create your future with every word you utter and every action you take.

31 December 2015 : Although you might not do anything special today, you will likely be thinking of the biggest and baddest party ever. Your visions can take you anywhere today as irrepressible Uranus excites Venus in your 9th House Infinite Possibilities. But you may be able to satisfy your restlessness easier than you realize, so don't risk everything trying to make your dreams come true yet. Knowing when to turn a fantasy into reality can make the difference between disappointment and happiness. You could be shocked to discover that joy is closer than you think.

WAPO 18 November 2015 : If We Want To Stop Terrorism, We Should Stop SUPPORTING Terrorists

TELEGRAPH 30 November 2015 : David Cameron set to call for formal debate on launching strikes on Isil in Syria as Labour turmoil continues. If the vote is passed on Wednesday British bombers will begin launching attacks on Syrian targets within hours

ABC NEWS 1 December 2015 : How YouTube Star PewDiePie Made Millions of Dollars Playing Video Games

■ 26 March 2012 : Sleeping too much or too little can be bad for your heart  
■ 5 February 2013 : Alcohol mixed with diet drinks may increase intoxication more than alcohol and regular drinks 
■ 1 October 2013 : Sleeping too little, or too much, linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity
■ 3 January 2014 : A novel look at how stories may change the brain 
■ 9 May 2014 : Shorter men live longer, study shows
■ 17 November 2014 : Home cooking a main ingredient in healthier diet, study shows
■ 5 November 2015 : Bariatric surgery is safe option for managing type 2 diabetes in overweight or mildly obese patients
■ 25 November 2015 : 2015 likely to be warmest on record, 2011-2015 warmest five year period. Climate change breaches symbolic thresholds, fuels extreme weather
■ 9 December 2015 : Long nights, lazy days could send you to an early grave. New hazards found with sitting time and sleep
■ 16 December 2015 : Eye movement link to Alzheimer's  
■ 17 December 2015 : Rare full moon on Christmas Day

NEWSCIENTIST 2 December 2015 : Massive El Niño sweeping globe is now the biggest ever recorded 

SCIENCE MAG 15 December 2015 : Natural lipstick helps male monkeys get the girl

■ 23 November 2015 : Sleeping On Weekends Increase The Risk Of Getting Health Problems
■ 3 December 2015 : Sleeping In On Weekends Leads To Social Jetlag and Poor Health, Study
■ 10 December 2015 : Singing can boost Memory and Mood for Early Dementia Patients, Study Finds
■ 10 December 2015 : Exercise Boosts Brain Plasticity, Study
■ 14 December 2015 : Altruism can reduce the Effects of Everyday Stress, Study Says
■ 16 December 2015 : Helping Others Can Lower Your Stress, Says Science
■ 18 December 2015 : Coffee Truly is a Lifesaver, another Study Says 
■ 23 December 2015 : Bariatric Surgery Can Reduce Risks Of Heart Attack And Type 2 Diabetes, Study

PLOS Journal 22 December 2015 : Bariatric Surgery in the United Kingdom: A Cohort Study of Weight Loss and Clinical Outcomes in Routine Clinical Care 

IFL SCIENCE 3 December 2015 : World's Oldest Fossil Peaches Found In China

■ 14 December 2015 : It Ain't Got That Swing: Putin's Unusual Walk Shaped by KGB 
■ 16 December 2015 : Beware 'Star Wars' Spoilers : Enjoyment Suffers When Plot Revealed

■ 2 December 2015 : Why you should NEVER drink water after spicy food: Compound that causes the burning pain is spread by the drink - but milk dissolves it
■ 2 December 2015 : Meet Maxima Chan Zuckerberg ! Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla reveal full name of seven pound, eight ounce baby daughter who inspired decision to give away 99% of their $46 billion fortune
■ 4 December 2015 : Get ready for MEGA NINO: Figures confirm phenomenon is now the biggest ever seen 
■ 4 December 2015 : Drama at the drive-thru: Blogger (Brandy Wooten) unleashes unbelievable tirade of abuse at McDonald's manager after being told she will have to wait TWO MINUTES for fresh cookies
■ 4 December 2015 : iPads leave young pupils too weak to grip pencils: Leading headteachers says lack of activity means four and five-year-olds are not strong enough
■ 4 December 2015 : ISIS spreading 'flesh eating bug' across Syria as a result of 'abominable acts' by dumping rotting corpses in the streets. SIS is responsible for spreading a flesh eating bug across Syria according to the Kurdish Red Crescent. Human rights workers have said that more than 500 cases of Leishmaniasis disease have been reported in Syria over the past 12 months.
■ 7 December 2015 : Reporting for duty! Russia officially hands over Alsatian puppy to France after police sniffer dog Diesel was killed during siege of Paris. German shepherd puppy, called Dobrynya, was donated after Paris attacks
■ 10 December 2015 : Saint of Valentin-o! Emotional new mum Kim Kardashian donates 1,000 pairs of shoes to charity on a whim after waking up to breastfeed
■ 11 December 2015 : Too much sleep is 'AS bad for your health as smoking and drinking alcohol': More than 9 hours a night means you're '4 TIMES more likely to die early'
■ 12 December 2015 : Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg posts diaper-changing picture and gets more than half-a-million 'likes' and counting...
■ 13 December 2015 : Star Wars megafans camp and even get MARRIED as they queue up for a week in advance of The Force Awakens premiere. Fans were already camped out outside of the TCL Chinese Theatre, where the first Star Wars premiered in 1977
■ 14 December 2015 : Turkey warns its patience with Russia 'has a limit' after Putin warship fired warning shots at fishing vessel
■ 16 December 2015 : Clash of civilisations: Archaeologists unearth 1,000-year-old sphinx statue in the tomb of ancient Chinese scholar 
■ 17 December 2015 : Watching horror movies really is 'bloodcurdling': Researcher find films raise levels of clotting chemicals 
■ 21 December 2015 : Beauty blogger reveals incredible selfies before and after styling to prove that 'behind every pretty face is a regular person'. Ursula Goff shared her transformation on Facebook with two selfies
■ 21 December 2015 : Is 2015's most pinned dish as tasty as it looks? Food blogger makes Pinterest's avocado egg bake and is left VERY unimpressed with the results. Food writer and blogger, Clare Heal, 36, from London, puts it to the test
■ 21 December 2015 : Couple expecting their first baby reveal the 'father' is pregnant by the 'mother' as they are set to become the first transgender parents in South America. Diane Rodriguez and Fernando Machado are four months pregnant
■ 22 December 2015 : 'It's her twin!' Canadian blogger (Kamilla Osman) who looks identical to Kim Kardashian becomes an Instagram sensation with her pouty selfies 
■ 23 December 2015 : Want to lose weight? Eat in front of a MIRROR! Junk food 'tastes less appealing when you can see yourself gorging on it'
■ 24 December 2015 : Transgender man in Ecuador makes history with pregnancy 
■ 27 December 2015 : Canadian blogger (Kamila Osman) dubbed 'Kim's twin' insists she's NOT trying to look like Ms Kardashian - even though she's a fan of waist training and contouring just like her

INDEPENDENT 30 August 2015 : Binge-watching television shows could kill you, researchers warn. An 18-year study of 86,000 people has found that the more you watch, the greater the risk of suffering a pulmonary embolism

XINHUA 2 December 2015 : Too much computer use biggest health concern for Australian parents: survey

SCIENCE ALERT 11 September 2015 : Here's why women are more attracted to men who make them laugh

 HUFFINGTON POST 23 December 2014 : Reading On A Screen Before Bed Might Be Killing You

 TELEGRAPH 4 September 2015 : Watching TV seriously harms GCSE results, says Cambridge University. Switching off the television while studying for GCSEs will help students gain the best grades they can, scientists believe

EURONEWS 9 December 2015 : Trump is condemned both at home and abroad for US Muslim ban call || WAPO 8 December 2015 : The world reacts to Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S. || NY TIMES 7 December 2015 : Donald Trump’s Republican Rivals Condemn His Call to Bar Muslims From Entering U.S. ||GUARDIAN 8 December 2015 : Republican rivals condemn Trump's call to stop Muslims entering US. Presidential rivals and former vice-president Dick Cheney join Clinton and White House in voicing outrage over billionaire's call || ► TELEGRAPH 8 December 2015 : 'Block Donald Trump from UK' campaign gets huge support as storm rages over Muslim ban call || ► AFP 8 December 2015 : Trump worse than Voldemort, says J.K. Rowling || CBC  Ca 8 December 2015 : Canadian politicians condemn Donald Trump for plan to stop Muslims from entering U.S. Councillors in Toronto, Vancouver demand businessman's name be removed from Trump towers || CNN 8 December 2015 : Donald Trump: Ban all Muslim travel to U.S. ||  ► AP BIGSTORY 7 December 2015 : Trump calls for 'complete shutdown' on Muslims entering US ||DAILY MONITOR 8 December 2015 : Bar Muslims from entering US, says Trump ||HURRIYET DAILY NEWS 8 December 2015 : Trump's latest tirade: Bar Muslims from entering US || CNN 2 December 2015 : New Jersey Muslims slam Trump: 'We were just as much hurt' by 9/11 || ► AMERICA ALJAZEERA 12 December 2015 : Civil rights, religious groups upset over police union Trump endorsement
See? I can already feel this person, and I have told you before: Do not choose Donald Trump for president of the United States. He is stupid and racist. In his brain, Muslim is Arab. He is very stupid, is not it? He will disrupt US foreign policy with his anti-Muslim stance. If Donald Trump is elected as president, then he will only involve the U.S. in religious conflicts.

SCIENCETIMES 3 March 2015 : Scientists Say That Women With Bigger Butts Give Birth To Smarter Kids

POLITICO 11 December 2015 : Billionaire Saudi prince to Donald Trump: Drop out

GUARDIAN 11 December 2015 : Russian officials accuse Mikhail Khodorkovsky over 1998 mayor killing

CNN 12 December 2015 : Donald Trump launches first attacks against Ted Cruz

TELEGRAPH 14 December 2015 : Who was BKS Iyengar and how did he spark the global craze for yoga? Google Doodle celebrates what would have been the 97th birthday of guru who popularised yoga in the West  ||MIRROR 14 December 2015 : BKS Iyengar: Google celebrates life of yoga master with birthday doodle

POLITICO 13 December 2015 : Le Pen fails to win any regions in French vote. Sarkozy’s Les Républicains make the biggest gains while Le Pen disappoints. ||  INDEPENDENT 14 December 2015 : France election: Front National fails to win a single region in second round of voting – but Marine Le Pen insists she's still on course for presidency
Let it be so. I told you in my previous post that I did not like her. She is anti-Islam, but she is not anti-smoking. For me, it is better for her to be anti-smoking, but not anti-Islam, because smoking is not good for the health of all people, while Islam is good for its followers, just as Christianity is good for its followers. So why she does not like Islam, while she is not introspective that her cigarette smoke disturbing the Muslims?

TAKE PART 14 December 2015 : L.A. Remembers It Has a River. The concrete ditch running through the city is a sad joke even in Los Angeles. A revitalization effort decades in the making is getting under way, but will it repeat the mistakes of the past?

SIPRI 14 December 2015 : 14 Dec. 2015: Global arms industry: West still dominant despite decline; sales surge in rest of the world, says SIPRI .  Sales of arms and military services by the largest arms-producing companies — the SIPRI Top 100 — totalled $401 billion in 2014 according to new international arms industry data launched today by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

■ 15 December 2015 : Your politics don't translate to your kids 
■ 16 December 2015 : Ted Cruz closes door on legal status for undocumented immigrants 
■ 22 December 2015 : 'Tis the season for political insults 

AFP 10 December 2015 : Blood, sweat and tears at Paris climate talks || AFP 13 December 2015 : Climate deal a diplomatic coup for France ||PHILLY 3 December 2015 : The Latest: UN chief says leaders' support on climate a plus 

CHRON 15 December 2015 : In schools, on streets and TV, children feel Muslim backlash ||NBC SAN DIEGO 14 December 2015 : Muslim Child's Response to Trump Shared on Facebook. When Sofia Yassini heard about Trump's policy on Muslims, she ran into her mother's arms and cried ||AP BIG STORY 14 December 2015 : In schools, on streets and TV, children feel Muslim backlash

GUARDIAN 16 December 2015 : Republican debate: Las Vegas fight night was rollicking from start to finish  ||  ► NY TIMES 17 November 2015 : Who Is Running for President?

NATIONAL REVIEW 14 December 2015 : What Is Paul Ryan Thinking? || FEDERALIST 15 December 2015 : With A Beard, Paul Ryan Exudes Manliness. Men, take a cue from our speaker of the House and embrace your masculinity. ||WAPO 4 December 2015 : The media’s fascination with Paul Ryan's beard || ► NY POST 9 December 2015 : Paul Ryan is damn proud of his new beard

Hmm, maybe he looks good. Paul Ryan. Well, but, because now is the era in which the beard is no longer a symbol of masculinity (because now I often I feel fooled by the fact that there is no difference between him and her), then the most spontaneous question I want to ask when I see a bearded man is, "Are you being gay?"

You look so sexy and manly, and because I feel I am beautiful and love mystery, maybe we can have a word other than having sex, for example : sacrifice, solidarity, consentaneous, agreements, etc, etc. But, ops! Arghh, why all your admirers are the men? At least, I think they are men. But what can I say if they do not feel they are men? And you also seem happy to be admired by men. Auw! It is very offensive to my femininity, you know?

Finally I will get used to assess the virility of a man by his internal factors, not only from his cool appearance. No matter how cool a man is, but if he is gay, then -- for me -- he's not a man.

TELEGRAPH 17 December 2015 : How well do you know Beethoven's most-famous melodies? Google Doodle challenge marks genius composer's 245th anniversary.
Ludwig Van Beethoven was baptised 245 years ago. Can you help him piece his greatest work together? || GOOGLE 17 December 2015 : Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven's 245th Year 

HUFFINGTON POST 16 December 2015 : Clinton and Trump Would Make Similar Presidents. Bernie Sanders Offers America a Choice

MIRROR 16 December 2015 : Angelina Jolie blasted by an animal welfare charity after her kids enjoy 'cruel' elephant ride

NY TIMES 17 December 2015 : China Protests Sale of U.S. Arms to Taiwan

NEW YORKER 18 December 2015 : Iran's Javad Zarif on Syria, Russia, and Donald Trump

National Institutes of Health (NIH) 16 December 2015  : Poverty may slightly increase childhood risk of neurological impairment, NIH study suggests

GUARDIAN 20 December 2015 : People think we don't love life': Iraq holds first beauty pageant since 1972

ALJAZEERA 21 December 2015 : Yemen peace deal elusive but rivals vow to meet again

ABC NEWS 22 December 2015 : Trump Makes Sexually Derogatory Remark About Hillary Clinton, Calls Bathroom Break 'Disgusting' 

GUARDIAN 22 December 2015 : Donald Trump's 'schlong' remark just telegraphs the man's own insecurities ||WAPO 22 December 2015 : Donald Trump's 'schlonged': A linguistic investigation ||ZEROHEDGE 22 December 2015 : Donald Trump Explains What "Schlonged" Really Means ||MEDIAITE 22 December 2015 : Hillary Surrogate Says Trump's 'Schlong' Remark Was Really About Calling Obama a Black Rapist ||TALKING POINT MEMO 23 December 2015 : The 'Schlong' Revisionist Analysis We've Been Waiting For? ||HUFFINGTON POST 22 December 2015 : Donald Trump Goes Full Schmuck, Uses Yiddish Word For Penis To Mock Hillary Clinton

NY TIMES 14 December 2015 : Leading a Nation Takes Years Off Life, Study Suggests ||HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL 15 December 2015 : Press Release: Elected Heads of Government Win Greater Risk of Early Death

THE LOCAL 21 December 2015 : Low-key Paris New Year party gets the go-ahead

BUSINESS STANDARD 29 December 2015 : Want to stick to New Year's resolution? Keep it secret. According to a study, a question like, 'Will I exercise -- yes or no? may be more effective than declaring, 'I will exercise' ||INDIANEXPRESS 29 December 2015 : Want to stick to your New Year's resolution? Keep it a secret, New research has found that the secret to a successful New Year's resolution may lie in, well, keeping it a secret or at best asking yourself a question ||CNN 30 December 2015 : How to keep your New Year's resolutions || HIMALAYAN TIMES 30 December 2015 : Keep your New Year's resolution a secret: Study
So true. What's so important with new year's resolution, hm? Yet, so far I'm afraid to get married, still. Ehhehhe. Well, what can I say? And I do not blame one of us if one day later my partner will leave me. Not because of duty or personal purposes, but because -- maybe -- he will feel very tired, tired of the uncertainty, though, many times I try to convince him that this uncertainty is a certainty as well. Shananana. Nanana. Well, and I feel he will go out of my life forever, when we are both still alive. Ah, this is also a frightening condition. But I also do not want to die just to get away from this fear. I also do not want to get married just because I'm afraid to be left by him. I just want him to be with me forever.

Forgive me. Forgive me. Sometimes, I feel it's better to live alone with my baby.

NEWS & POLITICS : The REAL Reason Why Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet! WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW! Published on Nov 24, 2015 by PressResetEarth

NEWS & POLITICS : Putin sends MOST FEARED S400 Missiles to confront Turkey. Published on Nov 25, 2015 by ArmedForcesUpdate

NEWS & POLITICS : Alain Soral : la vérité sur l'Immigration. Uploaded on Nov 15, 2011 by LogosetRaison 

NEWS & POLITICS : Putin Issues Ultimatum to Turkey: Stop Supporting ISIS or Face Break in Diplomatic Relations. Tells Erdogan to "Go to Hell"; Threatens “Big Stalingrad” for Turkish and Saudi-Backed Fighters in Syria; Russia Will Work with Iran and China to Save Syria from Hypocrite Dictator Erdogan; Moscow Concern Reflects Cold Coup by US ISIS Czar Allen to Push Terrorist Forces East Towards Iran and Russia; Americans Must Demand #FireAllen4ISIS Now! Published on Aug 5, 2015 by Webster Tarpley Radio 

NEWS & POLITICS : The Real Reason Putin is Fighting ISIS. In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Real Reason Putin is Fighting ISIS. Published on Sep 28, 2015 by AMTV

NEWS & POLITICS : ISIS was created by the CIA and Mossad. In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the terror group ISIS. Published on Feb 19, 2015 by AMTV 

NEWS & POLITICS : ISIS Leader Admits We Are Being Funded By The Obama Administration. ISIS leader admits they are being funded by United States. Published on Jun 23, 2015 by Conspiracy Realism

NEWS & POLITICS : The REAL Reason Why Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet! WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!. Published on Nov 24, 2015 by PressResetEarth

ENTERTAINMENT : The Legend of Tarzan - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]. From Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures comes the action adventure "The Legend of Tarzan", starring Alexander Skarsgård (HBO's "True Blood") as the legendary character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The film also stars Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson ("Pulp Fiction",  the "Captain America" films), Margot Robbie ("The Wolf of Wall Street"), Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou ("Blood Diamond", "Gladiator"), Oscar nominee John Hurt ("The Elephant Man",  the "Harry Potter"  films), with Oscar winner Jim Broadbent ( "Iris"), and two-time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz ("Inglourious Basterds", "Django Unchained").

It has been years since the man once known as Tarzan (Skarsgård) left the jungles of Africa behind for a gentrified life as John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, with his beloved wife, Jane (Robbie) at his side. Now, he has been invited back to the Congo to serve as a trade emissary of Parliament, unaware that he is a pawn in a deadly convergence of greed and revenge, masterminded by the Belgian, Captain Leon Rom (Waltz). But those behind the murderous plot have no idea what they are about to unleash.

David Yates (the final four "Harry Potter" films, upcoming "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them") directed "The Legend of Tarzan" from a screenplay by Adam Cozad and Craig Brewer, story by Brewer and Cozad based on the Tarzan stories created by Burroughs. Legendary producer Jerry Weintraub ("Behind the Candelabra", the "Ocean's" trilogy) produced the film, together with David Barron (the "Harry Potter" films,& "Cinderella"), Alan Riche ("Southpaw" and Tony Ludwig ("Starsky & Hutch"). Susan Ekins, Nikolas Korda, Keith Goldberg, David Yates, Mike Richardson and Bruce Berman served as executive producers.

The behind-the-scenes creative team included director of photography Henry Braham ("The Golden Compass"), Oscar-winning production designer Stuart Craig ("Dangerous Liaisons", "The English Patient", the "Harry Potter" films), editor Mark Day ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 & 2"), and Oscar-nominated costume designer Ruth Myers ("Emma", "Unknown").
"The Legend of Tarzan"  was shot at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden, as well as on location around the UK.

A Jerry Weintraub production, "The Legend of Tarzan" is slated for release on July 1, 2016. The film will be distributed in 2D and 3D in select theatres and IMAX by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and in select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures. Published on Dec 9, 2015 by Warner Bros. Pictures  

FILM & ANIMATIONS : X-MEN: APOCALYPSE | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX. Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer returns with X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Since the dawn of civilization, he was worshipped as a god. Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe, amassed the powers of many other mutants, becoming immortal and invincible. Upon awakening after thousands of years, he is disillusioned with the world as he finds it and recruits a team of powerful mutants, including a disheartened Magneto (Michael Fassbender), to cleanse mankind and create a new world order, over which he will reign. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) with the help of Professor X (James McAvoy) must lead a team of young X-Men to stop their greatest nemesis and save mankind from complete destruction.

In Theaters - May 27, 2016.

Cast: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Olivia Munn, Lucas Till, Evan Peters, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Alexandra Shipp, Josh Helman, Lana Condor, Ben Hardy. Published on Dec 11, 2015 by 20th Century Fox  

 ENTERTAINMENT : Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Trailer 2 [HD]. Zack Snyder's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March 25, 2016. Published on Dec 2, 2015 by Warner Bros. Pictures  

PEOPLE & BLOG : How To Calm A Crying Baby - Dr. Robert Hamilton Demonstrates "The Hold" (Official). Dr. Hamilton, a pediatrician in Santa Monica, CA shows how to calm a crying baby using "The Hold". This technique has been utilized by Dr. Hamilton (Dr. Bob) to quiet infants during office visits. Parents have learned it and have experienced great success at home. You can too. His Pacific Ocean Pediatrics is in Santa Monica. Published on Nov 29, 2015 by Robert Hamilton  

MUSIC : Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime (Official video). The first single to be taken from Coldplay's upcoming new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out now). Published on Nov 29, 2015 by Coldplay Official  

ENTERTAINMENTA Kind Drone (FULL ver.)BUYMA–– short forBUYING-MARKET–– was launched in Tokyo, Japan (2005) and quickly grew to become Japan's No.1 leading fashion shopping service,with over two-million users worldwide. Published on Dec 13, 2015 by BUYMA 

ENTERTAINMENT : Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official). Watch the official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, coming to theaters December 18, 2015. Published on Oct 19, 2015 by Star Wars 

FILM & ANIMATIONS: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - J.J. Abrams Movie HD. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in theaters December 18, 2015. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is directed by J.J. Abrams from a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan & Abrams, and features a cast including actors John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Gwendoline Christie, Crystal Clarke, Pip Andersen, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow. They will join the original stars of the saga, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker. The film is being produced by Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and Bryan Burk, and John Williams returns as the composer. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Episode VII in the Star Wars Saga. Published on Nov 28, 2014 by Movieclips Trailers 

NEWS & POLITICS : Putin Endorses Trump. Alex Jones plays a translated video clip of Russian President Vladimir Putin discussing Donald Trump and what he thinks of him. Published on Dec 17, 2015 by The Alex Jones Channel

PEOPLE & BLOG : Bush Military Official: The Empire's Ship is Sinking // Empire_File013. Abby Martin interviews retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. Today, he is honest about the unfixable corruption inside the establishment and the corporate interests driving foreign policy. Hear a rare insider's view of what interests are behind U.S. wars, the manipulation of intelligence, the intertwining of the military and corporate world, and why the U.S. Empire is doomed. Published on Dec 13, 2015 by Empire Files

COMEDY - by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Donald Trump's Phone Call with Hillary Clinton. Published on Sep 16, 2015
Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice. Published on Aug 3, 2015
Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror. Published on Sep 11, 2015
Donald Trump & Ben Carson Watch Democratic Debate. Published on Oct 14, 2015  

COMEDY : Talking Tom Bubble Shooter - Official Trailer. Join Talking Tom and his friends on their new action-packed bubble journey! Published on Dec 16, 2015 by Talking Tom 

COMEDY : Talking Tom and Friends ep.19 - Doc Hank. Hank is getting an online medical degree! It turns out his lollipop cure can heal everyone but Ben. Published on Dec 10, 2015 by Talking Tom and Friends

PEOPLE & BLOG : Steve Harvey Announces The WRONG Winner of Miss Universe 2015. The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant ends with arguably, the biggest tv fail of the year. Host Steve Harvey, instead of announcing Colombia as the first runner up, declares her as the winner and new Miss Universe. After several minutes, he returns to the stage to apologize and make things right. Awkwardness then ensues as some of the audience cheers while others boo and Miss Philippines comes down to accept her crown. Published on Dec 20, 2015 by Franky N 

At NATO, Turkey remains defiant over Russian jet  

Obama urges Turkey to reduce tensions with Russia, stresses support  

At Paris talks, leaders move beyond the environment - By Alister Doyle
PARIS - For world leaders attending a climate summit in Paris just weeks after 130 people were killed by Islamic State militants in the French capital, addressing the coincidental convergence of global warming and terrorism was unavoidable.
* With climate at 'breaking point', leaders urge breakthrough 
* Nations most at risk of climate change urge lower warming cap 
* One thing Bill Gates gets really excited about  
* In focus: Paris climate talks  

Chicago man arrested for gun threat linked to black teen's killing 

Chicago officer, charged with murdering black teen, posts bond  

Bush campaign pulls out the big guns - By Steve Holland
WASHINGTON - Republican Jeb Bush formed an expansive financial support team led by about 350 major donors from across the country in a much-needed show of strength for his presidential campaign.
* Trump says meeting with black clergy went 'very well'  

Trump defends proposed Muslim ban from U.S. as outrage mounts 
* Over 35,000 Britons petition to ban Trump from UK after 'Muslim ban' comments 
* White House says Trump's Muslim comments disqualify him for president 

California shooters borrowed $28,000 before attack: source

Divers search lake for evidence in Southern California massacre 

Trump Tower website has outage after Anonymous' anti-Trump rant 

Islamic State can make fake Syrian passports: U.S. report

Dow, DuPont set $130 billion megamerger, could spark more deals 

Climate change deal sealed - By Alister Doyle and Barbara Lewis
PARIS - The global climate summit in Paris forged a landmark agreement, setting the course for a historic transformation of the world's fossil fuel-driven economy within decades in a bid to arrest global warming.
* Video: Obama calls Paris pact 'best chance' to save the planet  
* World reacts to new climate accord 
* A la carte action on climate change  
* Key points from the final draft

Saudi Arabian women vote for first time in local elections

As Cruz rises in U.S. presidential polls, Trump calls him 'maniac'

Road to the climate deal - By Richard Valdmanis and Emmanuel Jarry
PARIS - The path to the standing ovations at the end was strewn with disputes over money, the emergence of an effective new climate coalition of states, and hours of wrangling over what “should” or “shall” be done.
* For big business seeking CO2 emissions price, Paris offers hope 
* Obama calls Paris climate pact 'best chance' to save the planet
* For China, climate deal is imperfect but huge step forward
* Video: Climate deal fails to please everyone

Turkey says its patience with Russia 'has a limit' : newspaper

U.S. oil rises, reversing course after nearing 11-year lows  

Saudi Arabia announces 34-state Islamic military alliance against terrorism

Kerry arrives in Moscow to explore Syria peace process in Kremlin talks

Bush, Trump trade barbs in security-focused debate - By Steve Holland and Emily Stephenson
LAS VEGAS - Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush assailed front-runner Donald Trump in a debate for proposing to ban Muslims from entering the United States, calling Trump a "chaos candidate" who was not serious but adept at delivering one-liners.
* Gallery: the Republican debates
* Mocking U.S. Republicans, #GOPSongs goes viral on Twitter

Russia, U.S. clear way for Syria meeting - By Lesley Wroughton and Jack Stubbs
MOSCOW - Russia and the United States see enough common ground on Syria for world powers to meet on the troubled country's peace process in New York, but views on the future of President Bashar-al Assad still diverge.
* Putin to international courts: I'll call the shots

GREAT DEBATE : Truth is Superman, but Donald Trump is pure Kryptonite

U.N. council comes together to endorse Syria peace plan  - By Arshad Mohammed, Denis Dyomkin and John Irish
UNITED NATIONS - The United Nations Security Council unanimously agreed a resolution endorsing an international roadmap for a Syria peace process, but failed to reach an agreement on Assad's fate.
* Syrian negotiator says opposition wants transition without Assad
* German spies cooperating again with Assad's secret service: Bild
* Slideshow: Pictures of the year: Syria
* Exclusive: Iran to match stance with Russia in push for Syria deal

U.N. endorses Syria peace plan in rare show of unity among big powers

Fiscal fights fade as Congress backs huge budget bill 

Clinton vows no new taxes for middle class if elected - By John Whitesides and Luciana Lopez
Manchester, N.H - Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton vowed not to raise taxes on middle-class Americans if elected next November in a populist push to position herself for a general election battle on pocket-book issues.
* Sanders apologizes to Clinton over campaign data breach 
* Clinton would still pick flowers and china in White House
* The trouble verifying claim of Trump as ISIS propaganda
* O'Malley shushed on stage and social

U.S. should not try to topple dictators: Trump, Sanders - By Andy Sullivan
WASHINGTON - U.S. presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump said separately that the United States should not try to topple dictators such as Syria's Bashar al-Assad, highlighting a skepticism over foreign wars that transcends party lines.
* Clinton backs Obama's Islamic State strategy
* Sanders apologizes to Clinton over campaign data breach
* Trump calls Clinton 'liar' for Islamic State recruiting claim 
* The trouble verifying claim of Trump as ISIS propaganda

Young protesters heckle Trump during Michigan speech

Trump beats Republicans, not Clinton, in one-on-one matchups

Driver who plowed into Las Vegas crowd charged with murder

Most Republicans back action on climate: poll - By Megan Cassella
WASHINGTON - A majority of Republicans who had heard of the climate deal in Paris said they support working with other countries to curb global warming, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.  | Hoping for an average winter? Forget it 
* Commentary: Trump's journalism rhetoric is no laughing matter

Black Lives Matter holds 'Black Xmas' protests in Minnesota, California 

Washington Post's Cruz cartoon rekindles debate over candidates' children  

► Exclusive: Islamic State sanctioned organ harvesting in document taken in U.S. raid 

A hug and high tea: Indian PM makes surprise visit to Pakistan  

Top Syrian rebel leader killed in air strike in Damascus suburb - By Suleiman Al-Khalidi
BEIRUT - A top Syrian rebel leader and head of the most powerful insurgent group in the eastern suburbs of Damascus was killed in an aerial raid that targeted the group's headquarters, rebel sources and the Syrian army said.
* Buses to ship out besieged Syrian Islamist fighters: Hezbollah TV 
* Qatar opposes creation of opposition lists before Syria peace talks

Presidential hopeful Trump blasts Republican expected to endorse rival 

ISIS ruling on sex slaves - By Jonathan Landay, Warren Strobel and Phil Stewart
WASHINGTON - Islamic State theologians have issued an extremely detailed ruling on when "owners" of women enslaved by the extremist group can have sex with them, in an apparent bid to curb what they called violations in the treatment of captured females.
* Exclusive: 'WarSpoils' of Islamic State
* Exclusive: Islamic State sanctioned organ harvesting

Two arrested in Belgium over suspected New Year's Eve attack plot 

Trump visits southern New Hampshire, urges supporters to vote

Pentagon thwarts efforts to close Guantanamo - By Charles Levinson and David Rohde
WASHINGTON - Closing Guantanamo Bay detention center has been a central goal of the Obama administration. But Pentagon officials have been throwing up bureaucratic obstacles to thwart the president's plan, according to a Reuters investigation.  | Gallery 
* Hillary Clinton sets a new 'most admired' record 

Chicago mayor plots changes to police policy after deadly shootings

Islamic State suffers double blow as Ramadi falls, leaders killed  

Hispanic, young voters frosty toward GOP - By Maurice Tamman and Emily Stephenson
The GOP has yet to resolve a problem its leaders said contributed to Mitt Romney's 2012 loss: a lack of support among diverse voters. | Graphic: Demographic shift away from the GOP 
* At Trump South Carolina rally, rival Cruz casts long shadow 
* Opinion: GOP gets a boost attacking 'political correctness'

Pope Francis arrives at Bangui stadium for mass 

Israeli, Palestinian leaders arrive for climate change summit

China smog climbs to perilous levels on eve of climate talks 

Obama urges world to 'rise to the moment' at climate summit  

IMF approves China's yuan as elite reserve currency 

The romance and the Kalashnikov: Pashtun cinema reborn

Air Asia flight QZ8501. A faulty component and the crew's inadequate response caused an AirAsia A320 to crash into the Java Sea last year, killing all 162 people on board, an Indonesian report said Tuesday. VIDEOGRPAHIC

Iran willing to 'mediate' Russia/Turkey spat

Climate change threatens whales' migratory routes

Suu Kyi begins transition talks with Myanmar president  

Peace in Syria when West ends support for 'terrorists': Assad

► Russia: 'Erdogan and family' involved in oil trade with IS ||Erdogan denies Russian allegation he buys oil from IS ||Erdogan says Turkey has proof Russia involved in IS oil trade  

Israel demolishes Palestinian attacker's home 

China's Xi in S. Africa ahead of regional summit  

Australia riding coal train despite climate pleas 

Putin says Russia 'will not forget' Turkish downing of warplane

At least 14 dead in California mass shooting || ► Obama: California shooting motive unknown, terror 'possible' || Muslims hold prayer vigil for San Bernardino shooting victims || ► FBI : No indication California shooters were part of larger group 

NASA releases 'best close-ups' of planet Pluto  

Arnold Schwarzenegger lays flowers at Paris Bataclan 

California attack: the FBI raids a house in Riverside 

Nepal quake tough test for 'world's most dangerous airport'

Governor of Yemen's Aden killed in car bombing  

Venezuela votes in knife-edge election 

Obama says California attack was 'act of terrorism'  

Russia offers replacement for police dog killed in Paris raids

Trump's latest tirade: ban Muslims from entering US

Planet 2050 

Eagles of Death Metal return to Bataclan after Paris attacks 

Drought-hit Ethiopian children at risk of malnutrition: charity

US Muslims fear backlash after Trump comments, ISIS attacks

UNHCR criticises Trump call to bar Muslims from entering US

► California governor: COP21 deal a "first step" in climate fight

Russia pounds Syria with air, submarine strikes 

French PM says far right wants return to religious wars. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls accuses the far-right National Front of calling into question France's secular history and wanting to go back to the religious wars before 1905.

Iran's President Rouhani reacts to Trump anti-Muslim comments 

► Putin's top critic says revolution in Russia 'inevitable'  

 France's PM says the state must protect French Muslims. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says the state must protect French Muslims from "the kind of mixing up of things we're hearing across the Atlantic", after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.

'Good progress' on climate deal as deadline looms 

Tiger and goat's friendship tugs at Russians' hearts  

► COP21: Eiffel Tower carries environmental message  

Considerable hopes raised in climate pact: Hollande
At least 15 killed by car bomb in Syria's Homs: governor

CO2 capture. By far the main culprit in global warming, carbon dioxide emissions stood at 32.3 billion tonnes in 2014, unchanged from the previous year. Carbon capture and storage is one way of reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions. It involves recovering the carbon gas at its source and holding it in underground reserves. VIDEOGRAPHIC

UN climate accord  

► 195 nations approve historic Paris deal to stop global warming

French far-right party leader Le Pen votes in regional poll 

Fire at Russian psychiatric hospital kills 23  

700,000 flee as powerful typhoon slams Philippines 

► France's far-right leader Le Pen defiant in defeat  

Teacher attacked in Paris suburb by man giving IS warning

► Obama says US hitting Islamic State 'harder than ever'

Merkel vows to reduce refugee influx but rejects cap 

Saudi Arabia announces new military coalition to fight terrorism

Giant panda cub Bei Bei makes media debut

Stephen Hawking launches new medal for communication science

Pakistan vows revenge one year after Taliban school massacre

China summons US envoy over warship sales to Taiwan

Putin says Russia not planning sanctions against Ukraine

Putin 'revolted' by Turkey's downing of Russian plane

Somalia abandons shillings for mobile money transfers

Russia and Syria's historical ties

Cameron hails 'good progress' on EU reform deal

► 'Star Wars wedding' for two fans in Los Angeles 

Russia opens black box of jet downed by Turkey

Obama says no peace in Syria without legitimate government

White House awakens to the force of Star Wars

Cyprus refugees hope courts end 17-year wait on UK base

UN Security Council backs Syria peace plan  

Rwanda vote grants Kagame extra terms in power 

Air France flight makes emergency landing in Kenya

Notorious Hezbollah militant 'killed in Israeli raid' 

Environment: Sofia, most polluted capital of Europe

Trump criticizes Hillary Clinton for 'disgusting' bathroom break

► DIY foie gras comes to France's plates

Libya's 'cemetery of the unknown'

Woman killed in blast at an Istanbul airport 

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom vows to fight extradition to US 

India's Modi makes surprise historic visit to Pakistan 

Victory near for Iraq forces as IS leaves key Ramadi compound  ||Iraq military command declares Ramadi fully 'liberated' 

Taliban car bomber targets NATO convoy near Kabul airport  

More than 160,000 evacuated in deadly LatAm floods  

Flood hit historic English town of York || ► "Worst flooding in York since 2000" 

► FILE: South Korea, Japan strike deal on comfort women 

Saudi projects $87 bn deficit for 2016: ministry  

'Un-Islamic' vaping catches fire in Malaysia amid govt backlash

► San Francisco's Fight to Counter Climate Change 

 Obama Voices Support for Turkey
Oh of course. If you want to look big, then you must be among those who are small.

► Raw: Explosion Near Subway Station in Istanbul  

Cruz Slams Anti-IS Strategy, Says Keep Assad

Facebook CEO Announces Baby, Giving Wealth Away  

Police Respond To Active Shooter in California || ► Raw: Victims Treated in Calif. Shooting Incident || ► Emotional Dad: Daughter 'Hiding' from Shooter || ► Obama: 'We Have a Pattern Now of Mass Shootings'  ||  ► Police Chief: 14 Dead in Calif. Shooting ||  ► Ca. Police: Shots Fired, Suspect Down Near SUV || Stars React to Mass Shootings in California || ► Cruz: CA Shooting May Be Act of Islamic Terror || ► Raw: California Suspects' Bullet-Riddled SUV || ► Obama: Ca. Shooting Possibly 'Terrorist Related'

Trump Questions Israeli Commitment to Peace Deal 

Google Takes '360' View of Machu Picchu  

► Raw: British Airstrike in Syria  

► Raw: FBI Raided House in Shooting Investigation 

Bank Robbery Suspect Shot, Killed by Fl. Police

► Obama: San Bernardino Killers Were Radicalized 

► Obama: We Will 'Destroy' Islamic State Group 

► Obama: We Will 'Destroy' Islamic State Group 

Strong El Nino Weather System Could Drench Calif  

CA Shooter Attended Religious School In Pakistan  

► Jeh Johnson: US "Can't Vilify" Muslim Community 

Trump Urges 'Shutdown' On Muslims Entering US

Tarantino Slams Trump's 'Ridiculous' Comments

Ryan Dismisses Trumps Comments on Muslims

► WH: GOP candidates should disavow Donald Trump 

CAIR Accuses Trump of "Trashing Constitution"  

► Attorney: SCOTUS Would Strike Down Trump Plan

► Eyeing 13th Amendment, Obama Rebukes Trump  

► Kasich: No Way Trump Will Be President  

► Clinton: Trump Using Prejudice and Paranoia  

► Raw: FBI Searches Lake Near Calif. Attack  

► New England Police Union Endorses Donald Trump 

► Raw: Trump posters removed from Dubai property  

► Obama: "We Met the Moment" with Climate Deal  

Historic Climate Pact Celebrated in Paris

► AP: Supermarkets Selling Shrimp Peeled By Slaves. Burmese men, women and children are being sold to factories in Thailand and forced to peel shrimp that ends up in global supply chains, including those of Wal-Mart and Albertsons, an Associated Press investigation found.

Trump Blasts Clinton, Obama in Las Vegas Speech

Los Angeles Mayor, Police Defend School Shutdown ||L.A. Authorities: Community Unified Over Schools 

■ Undercard Candidates Spar in Latest GOP Debate
Trump Defends Wall, Ban During Debate
Candidates Question Trump's Qualifications 
■ Clashes Over National Security In 5th GOP Debate 
Bush On Trump: Leadership Not Attacking People 
Trump Will Not Run as Independent in Race
■ Debate Takeaways: Cruz, Rubio Clash On Policy
■ National Security Clashes Define 5th GOP Debate 
■ AP Fact Check: GOP Debaters Go Astray
Republican Candidates in Spin Room After Debate 

► Ryan: 'No Reason to Believe' Shutdown Will Occur

► Raw: Cyclist Survives Collision with Train. A cyclist was caught on Polish Railway surveillance cameras last month as he circumvented a lowered barrier at a railway crossing and was hit by an approaching high-speed train. The man survived and was fined by the police.

Bernie Sanders Urges End to Religious Bigotry || Trump Pushes Border Wall, Gun Rights In Arizona

Yups! Now we know the real difference between Bernie Sanders among other candidates.

Putin Aiming for Improved Ties with US

Fraud Helps China's Fake Car Parts Reach US 

► Election 2016: DNC Bars Sanders From Voter Data 

► Sanders: DNC 'Attempting to Undermine' Campaign 

President Obama Holds Year-End News Conference

► Obama: 'We're Going to Defeat ISIS'

'Star Wars' Surpasses $100 Million in US 

► Carter: Iraqi Strike May Be 'Mistake' By 2 Sides

► Raw: The Obamas Arrive in Hawaii for Holiday

Sanders Apologizes to Clinton Over Data Breach

► Debate: Candidates Talk ISIS, Economy and Taxes

► AP Fact Check: Sanders Sorry, Clinton on Trump

Force is Strong at Star Wars Themed Church Mass 

Wrong Miss Universe Winner Announced  

► Police: Vegas Crash May Have Been Intentional 

Harvey After Miss Universe: 'I Made a Mistake'

Trump Steps Up Criticism Of Clinton In Michigan

SpaceX Sucessfully Lands Spent Rocket

► Raw: Object Lights Up Sky Over Southwestern US 

Obama Urges Love, Compassion on Christmas  

Queen's Message Stresses Light Against the Dark

► Raw: Homes Devastated from Texas Tornadoes 

► Thinking Small: NYC Eyes More 'Micro' Apartments

Trump Attacks Publisher of Largest NH Newspaper

Putin says Turkey shot down Russian plane to defend IS oil supplies 
■ Beijing air pollution reaches hazardous levels 
■ What it's like to be an American tourist in France now 
New dad Zuckerberg vows to give away Facebook fortune 
Japan train workers save turtles from grisly death
Israel PM admits forces operating in war-hit Syria

World's richest 10 percent produce half of CO2, report says

"World leaders" (from L) Angela Merkel of Germany, Xi Jinping of China, Barack Obama of the US, Narendra Modi of India and Francois Hollande of France gathered November 28, 2015 for breakfast with Oxfam, which released a carbon study December 1 (AFP Photo/Eric Feferberg)

Meet the Gun-Loving Lifelong Member of the NRA Who Just Submitted His Resignation. "I just got to a point where I thought, 'Enough is enough.'"
Let 'Em Sink. Far away from everything, in the middle of the ocean, a row of sandbags fights against the future: It’s a matter of survival on the tiny island nation of Kiribati, its gambit aimed at staving off the rising Pacific.
PewDiePie on YouTube fame, gaming, 'the bros' and his new book
Islamic State says California mass killers were their followers 
Obama to make primetime address after California attack 
Donald Trump interrupted 10 times: Sign of emerging public backlash? Protestors stormed a rally in North Carolina, interrupting Donald Trump's speech 10 times.
Obama to urge Americans 'to not give in to fear' 
■ Obama: Terror threat against US has entered 'new phase'
■ 'Go to hell': Trump under fire over Muslim ban call 
Muslims criticize Trump's proposal to keep them out of US 
House tightens controls on visa-free travel to US 
Rand Paul reacts to Trump's anti-Muslim comments 
Donald Trump has a plan to win '100 percent' of the black vote and prove he' s not a racist
North Korean leader Kim's H-bomb claim draws skepticism 
Oklahoma ex-cop guilty of 18 counts in sex assaults trial 
US keeps wraps on new commando force for Iraq  
■ Putin : Russia provides air cover to Syrian opposition group 
Trump aide's tweet, aimed at Cruz, misses. Badly.
■ Iran Was Building a Nuclear Bomb. So What?
■ Russian officials accuse Khodorkovsky of murder
Trump hits back at 'dopey' Saudi billionaire 
■ With landmark climate accord, world marks turn from fossil fuels   
Marine Le Pen : fiery but pragmatic, and defiant in defeat
■ Police: Man fatally shot by LA deputies kept holding gun
■ Donald Trump: The problem with Ted Cruz is he's 'a bit of a maniac'   
■ Obama warns Islamic State leaders: 'You are next'
Trump at center stage, but Cruz in spotlight at GOP debate
L.A. Remembers It Has a River  
■ Kerry: I Don't Know the Endgame for Israel — But Neither Do the Israelis 
■ GOP Debates part five: Can anyone stop Trump?
Lindsey Graham really wishes George W. Bush were still president 
Republicans Are Falling All Over Themselves to Scare the Hell Out of Everyone. Consensus: The world is terrifying. 
Do Muslims Around the World Really Hate the United States?
■ Here's How Donald Trump Justified Killing Innocent Muslim Civilians at the GOP Debate. "How would intentionally killing innocent civilians set us apart from ISIS?"
Mike Huckabee to Young Americans: "We Aren't Going to Give You Anything". "We're going to give you the opportunity to get off your butt." 
Maryland Man Took Money From ISIS to Carry Out Attacks in US, Says FBI. This man is either an ISIS agent or a troll mountain king
10 Global Warming Facts That Prove We're Completely Destroying the Planet. Climate change is having a real effect on our planet
Baltimore Schools Are More Afraid of Students Than Its Police Force. Because walk-outs are "violent?" 
■ Assad can stay, for now: Kerry accepts Russian stance
The Governor of New York Just Took a Bold Stand in Defense of Muslim Refugees. "You're going to keep the Syrians out? Who are you?" 
This Forensic Recreation of Jesus Christ Is Not the Same Guy You Remember from Church. Just in time for his birthday
■ It Ain't Got That Swing: Putin's Unusual Walk Shaped by KGB 
Hillary Clinton Is Running Against Donald Trump — Even If He's Not the GOP Nominee. She wants him on the ballot, one way or another.
Cruz and Rubio both voted against funding U.S. troops
■ AP FACT CHECK: Republican debaters go astray 
■ Exclusive: San Bernardino shooters buried in quiet funeral following Islamic rituals 
Mistrial in 1st officer's trial in Freddie Gray case
Why Pot Has Overtaken Cigarettes Among Teens
■ Why Malala Yousafzai is taking on Donald Trump 
■ The Good News from the GOP Debate
Climate Change Triggered Another Year of Extremes in the Arctic
The GOP Debate: Can You Insult Your Way to the White House? 
■ Exclusive: San Bernardino shooters buried in quiet funeral following Islamic rituals 
Buyer of guns used in massacre charged with terrorism count
Exec who jacked up price of a lifesaving drug is arrested
Obama signs $1.1 trillion budget compromise 
Congress kills U.S. oil export ban, boosts solar, wind power 
Sanders regains access to voter files after bitter fight over data breach
Obama says he'll give Congress last chance on Guantánamo
Paul Ryan is a 'happy warrior' after 7 weeks as speaker. Can it last?
Obama Meets With Bloomberg as He Readies Gun Control Executive Order. Trying to build momentum.
Putin calls Trump 'outstanding, talented'
Putin-Trump: More the 'odd men out' club than a bromance? Russian President Vladimir Putin and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump had high praise for each other this week.
Why are non-Muslim women wearing the hijab? 
Bernie Sanders Campaign Denied Access to DNC Voter Database After Clinton Data Breach
■ Putin says Russia wants to develop ties with U.S. whoever wins election 
Why is Putin endorsing Trump? Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Donald Trump, calling him 'the absolute leader in the presidential race.
It is just polite style of a Russian. But I'm sure Putin is thinking deeply about Trump, especially as he already knows Trump's stance to Assad's government and IranTrump on Iran deal: 'We are led by very stupid people' – video. The Donald Trump doctrine: 'Assad is bad' but US must stop 'nation-building'

Obama says Syria's Assad has lost legitimacy, needs to leave
Putin rules out reconciliation with Turkey
Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo
Democratic data breach fight set to spill onto N.H. debate stage
Bush has a moment of 'self-therapy,' calls Trump 'a jerk' 
The Winners and Losers of the ABC Democratic Presidential Debate. Sanders and Clinton emerge with strong performances. 
Hillary Clinton Just Showed She Isn't Running Against Bernie Sanders Anymore. She's trained her sights elsewhere.
Why does Obama always go to Hawaii for Christmas? 
Obama arrives in home state Hawaii for holiday vacation 
■ Bernie Sanders: Muslim Troops Should Be Going to War With ISIS
■ The Latest: Updates from the Democratic presidential debate
Christie says 'show time' is over in New Hampshire 
Miss Universe mistake crowns Colombia before Philippines
One dead, dozens hurt in crash near Las Vegas Miss Universe pageant
■ Bernie Sanders calls Donald Trump 'a pathological liar'
■ Putin: 'We don't want the USSR back but no one believes us' 
■ The Latest: Obama dining with family at Waikiki restaurant
Saudi intercepts missile from Yemen
Trump denies using 'vulgar' language to mock Clinton
■ Clinton Takes Shot at Trump: 'Shouldn't Let Anybody Bully His Way to the Presidency' 
Just When You Thought Anti-Muslim Bigotry Couldn't Get Worse, This Happened
US Democratic debate drew 8 million viewers, Nielsen says
■ Donald Trump: Poll Says 50% of Americans Would be Embarrassed If He Became President
■ Miss Universe Debacle: Why Runner-Up Miss Colombia Wins After All 
Here Are the States That Will Possibly Legalize Marijuana in 2016
Transgender man in Ecuador makes history with pregnancy  
Democrats find an unlikely ally on Muslims: George W Bush 
IS leader says 'caliphate' well, mocks Saudi-led alliance 
Actor Baron Cohen and wife give $1 mn for Syrian refugees
Trump trolls Hillary, recalls Bill Clinton's 'penchant for sexism'
Bill Cosby charged with sexually assaulting a woman 
■ Police: Daughter shot by mother was visiting for holidays 
■ Banned driver dies after crashing into Secret Service car 
The World According to Russia
How Does Marijuana Affect the Brain and Behavior? Here's What Recent Studies Say 

GOOD MORNING AMERICA : 43 Dead Across 7 States After Week of Devastating Tornadoes, Flooding and Storms

PARENTING :  Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Linked to Autism 

BUSINESS : Putin says his daughters avoid the limelight 

Turkey challenges Russia over IS oil trade claim 
AirAsia crash : Faulty part 'major factor'
Syria vote : Labour criticises 'rush to war'
Beijing pollution : Schools keep children indoors
■ Shigeru Mizuki mourned: 'Death of a master'
■ Viewpoints : How to defeat Islamic State 
Syria bombing : Where UK parties stand
■ Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to give away 99% of shares  
Brazil state announces Zika fever emergency  
Colombia says treasure-laden San Jose galleon found

Obama vows to overcome terror threat - President Barack Obama tells the US that "freedom is more powerful than fear" as he makes a rare speech from the Oval Office on the San Bernardino killings.
* Unity call is a tall order 
* Who were the attackers?  
* Video :  Inside suspects' home 
* Becoming radicalised – in secret
* President Obama: 'We can't turn against each other'
* How Twitter reacted to Obama's speech on terrorism

 France's far-right taps into voters' disquiet  
Forces' charity warns of funding crisis amid Syria strikes  
Donald Trump's Muslim US ban call roundly condemned 
Is Donald Trump destroying the Republican Party? 
Sarkozy, rhubarb and France's National Front
Gaddafi's son Hannibal freed after kidnap in Lebanon
■ Is Donald Trump a Democratic secret agent?
China remains biggest challenge for US
Why millions of Chinese are becoming official 
Mikhail Khodorkovsky accused over 1998 murder of Siberian mayor
French National Front defeated in bid to win regional vote

Donald Trump in Twitter spat with Saudi Prince Alwaleed
Haiya .... look! Read Donald Trump's expression carefully. Look at his face! Listen to his tone of voice! Feel his expression! Everytime he opens his mouth to speak, see the muscles of his mouth. So ugly, and too real, that he's just a big mouth. Donald Trump is not a statesman. He does not have the quality of being president of the United States. He is just like a lower-class loudmouth.

Republican rivals spar over IS fight - US Republican presidential candidates focused on national security issues in the first debate since attacks in California and Paris.
* Malala condemns Trump Muslim remarks
* Four ways Republicans might take on Trump 
* What US Muslims make of Trump
* 21 things Trump believes 

Based on comparisons between the images above, then we have to learn how to open our mouths so that we do not look like a wild animal, right? Remember, our tongue is our tiger. It can kill us. So, be careful when giving a statement.

Mr. Trump, you do not have the charisma of a president. You are a businessman. Priority in your brain is merely profit and profit. I'm afraid you're going to sell any US assets just to make profit, who knows?

San Bernardino attackers 'did not post about jihad on social media'
■ Viewpoint: Does India need bullet trains?
Republican debate: Winners and losers
China smog: Beijing issues second ever pollution red alert
Pope Francis recognises second Mother Teresa 'miracle'
What happened to Rand Paul's 'libertarian moment'?
Is Saudi Arabia to blame for Islamic State?
■ Syrian war: Russia capable of more, says Putin 
■ US Democratic debate: Sanders apologises to Clinton over data breach
Miss Universe gaffe stirs online storm
Is Russia still a key world power?
■ Syria conflict: Russia air strikes 'killed 200 civilians'

■ Pushing petanque - French boules lovers want wider recognition 

■ UK floods: Storm Frank threatens more misery
Is Ramadi the model for defeating IS in Iraq?
'Comfort women' - a painful legacy for Tokyo and Seoul
The horse that endures Siberia - The Yakutian horse can survive truly harsh winters
Guinea to be declared free of Ebola virus
What next for President Putin?

UK pays among 'lowest prices' for cancer drugs 
Man's weight 'affects sperm cells'  
Parasitic worm 'increases women's fertility'  
■ 'Suicide' gene therapy kills prostate cancer cells 
Cancer is not just 'bad luck' but down to environment, study suggests
Ovarian cancer: Screening may cut deaths by a fifth
Weight loss surgery 'cuts risk' of diabetes and heart attacks

EDUCATION & FAMILYWarning on unqualified ballet teachers

IN PICTURES : Picture power: Eight photographers on their best image of 2015. Reuters photographers on their most powerful pictures 

How dark is your personality? Test how nefarious you actually are
How does booze shape your personality?
How did we discover how to bake bread?
How much is a year of your life worth? 
What your body fluids say about you - Blood, sweat, tears, and earwax - the secrets of your secretions
The case for Martian independence - Should the Red Planet go its own way?
How our bodies react to holiday excess - Is one-off over-indulgence at the dinner table OK? 
The mystery of the female orgasm - Have scientists found the fabled G-spot?

The spectacular beauty of snowflakes - Special photography reveals them as never before
Mystery of the impossible ice caves 
The lake that reveals humanity's birth  
The secret origin of HIV
How insects build skyscrapers
How Neanderthal DNA shaped us all
Eleven galaxies far, far away - We see them as they were a long time ago
Virgin births are almost commonplace - Many animals can give birth without mating
The species that could live on Mars - It's cold and bleak, but the Red Planet doesn't have to be lifeless  
Butterflies drink the tears of turtles - It makes for a great photo, but why do they do it?
The woman who died to save the gorilla - It is 30 years since Dian Fossey's mysterious death
Top 10 reasons to love Earth from 2015 - Earth's most popular stories from the last year 

TRAVEL : Trees that can walk up to 20m per year - This forest can move – but can it escape the chainsaws that threaten it?

Pigeons identify breast cancer 'as well as humans' 
■ COP21: Will it be absolutely Fabius in Paris?
■ COP21: Ministers in final push for Paris climate deal
■ El Nino weather: Worries grow over humanitarian impact 

Climate deal draft reached in Paris - Organisers of climate talks in Paris say a final draft text has been reached after nearly two weeks of intensive negotiations.
* Video : Why do two degrees matter? 
* Video : 'No-one sleeping much'
* Climate change in six graphics
* Video : What happens if summit fails? 

Is Europe going to restrict teens from using Facebook? 
Self-driving cars 'must have driver' 

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTStar Wars: Force Awakens gets world premiere

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcome baby boy 
Miss Colombia says losing Miss Universe crown was 'destiny'

Beyond 'he' and 'she': The rise of non-binary pronouns. In the English language, the word "he" is used to refer to males and "she" to refer to females. But some people identify as neither gender, or both - which is why an increasing number of US universities are making it easier for people to choose to be referred to by other pronouns.
The fear of being Muslim in North America 
Trump v Le Pen: In their own words
Flying close to Beijing's new South China Sea islands
The dogs that protect little penguins
■ Relax! Paid to spend two months in bed

10 things we didn't know last week

"When your grandmother tells you something, you don't run to your mother to ask if it's the truth"- A Baoule proverb sent by Ameyedowo Carlos, Accra, Ghana
"A bird hanging between two branches will get bitten on both wings"- An Ethiopian proverb sent by Den, Houston, The US
"A woman who began cooking before others must have more broken utensils"- An Igbo proverb from Nigeria sent by Nnamdi A Udoye, London, The UK

► Russia has 'more proof' ISIS oil routed through Turkey, Erdogan says he'll resign if it's true 
► Prosecutors ban Soros Foundation as 'threat to Russian national security'
► Remains of Su-24 pilot killed in Syria arrive in Russia escorted by fighter jets (VIDEO)
► By 'covering' Turkey politically, NATO took responsibility for downing of Russian Su-24 – envoy
►'Too dumb': Ex-US intelligence chief blames Iraq War, poor strategy for rise of ISIS
First Freddie Gray trial begins in Baltimore as demoralized police prepare for potential riots
► Street art trolls Paris climate conference as report says event itself to emit '300,000 tons of CO2'
► China, Russia to launch joint news agency to boost Eurasian integration
► Syria airstrikes: Corbyn gives Labour MPs free vote, asks Cameron for 2 day debate
Eco-hypocrisy? Cameron tells business to act on climate change... but scraps green agenda
'Pockets of ceasefires' may soon turn up in Syria – Obama
► #SueMeSaudi: Twitter responds to Saudi Arabia threats over ISIS comparison 
Fears bomb behind blast near Istanbul subway  
Russia wants to stop ISIS' illegal oil trade – Churkin
Turkey's ops not directed at Islamic State – Pentagon head to US Congress
US deploys special forces to boost fight against ISIS, poised to carry out unilateral ops into Syria
► Helping you to #QuestionMore: How Assange became RT contributor & fugitive of the West  
Downing of Russia's Su-24 reveals Turkey's real agenda in war on ISIS – Assad
Obama rejects plan to close Gitmo, build another on US soil – report
Kadyrov blames Turkey for executing 'Western plan to destroy Muslim nations'
Nationalist leader calls for 19th century Russian victory over Turkey to be made national holiday  
US unwilling to acknowledge Turkey-ISIS oil trade 'smacks of direct patronage' – Russian top brass
Horrific moments of London Tube knife attack caught on VIDEO
Afghan interpreter 'Happy' fears deportation from UK without case even considered
► Turks fling 'dung' at President Erdogan, mull life without Russian gas
Triple suicide attack leaves 15 dead, over 130 injured on Lake Chad island - state TV
► Helping you to #QuestionMore: RT coverage of Yemen destruction
Removing Assad 'not necessary' before political transition in Syria – French FM
► '90 deaths a day': US doctors call for end to ban on gun violence research
Kadyrov promises to avenge Russian citizen beheaded by ISIS terrorists  
Most Russians want Putin to remain president after 2018 – poll
Western coalition strikes Syrian army camp, 3 dead, 13 injured
► 'Time of looking away over': Germany warns Saudi Arabia to stop funding radical Islamists
Arab League condemns Turkish 'intervention' in N. Iraq
Obama talks tougher gun control & fighting ISIS in key address; slammed for lack of new strategy
Marine Le Pen's National Front leads in first round of French regional elections – exit poll
Opposition wins majority in Venezuela parliamentary elections  
'Hopefully, no nukes will be needed' against ISIS – Putin
Moscow expects 'unpredictable' Ankara will avoid further reckless actions 
White House 'disqualifies' Trump over Muslim comments  
Khodorkovsky faces new charges within 1998 assassination case – report
Putin aide foresees major growth in Russia-Iran weapons contracts

Communists declare 2016 'Year of Stalin'

South Russian region drafts bill on denaturalization of terrorists
► 'Not honest': Erdogan criticizes Iraqi plea to UNSC over Turkish invasion
Any targets threatening Russian forces in Syria must be immediately destroyed - Putin
Gaddafi's son kidnapped in Lebanon freed by security forces – reports
Gun in Paris terror attacks linked to 'Iran-Contra' Florida arms dealer
Kiev clearly doesn't want compromise with E. Ukraine regions – Russia's UN envoy
Syria won't negotiate with foreign terrorists, but only national & patriotic opposition – Assad
Millennials think American dream is dead, want others to fight ISIS ‒ survey
Russia & China know the world's problems 'much better' than US – Cuba's Fidel
► 'Defaming Erdogan': Criminal complaint filed against Putin in Turkey  
► Investigators press murder conspiracy charges against Khodorkovsky  
Russian nuclear sub successfully test-fires strategic Sineva missile (VIDEO)
First dinosaurs walked the earth 10 million years earlier than believed – study
► 'Bronx Obama' happy about Snowden being US president in RT promo 'from the year 2035'
► 'Disgraceful' Donald Trump in Twitter brawl with 'dopey' Saudi Prince over Muslim comments
► Just a myth? Women in the US lag behind on human rights, UN reports
► Russian destroyer fires warning shots at Turkish fishing boat on collision course in Aegean
► EXCLUSIVE : Sarin materials brought via Turkey & mixed in Syrian ISIS camps – Turkish MP to RT
Turkey, US failed to notify UN Security Council of ISIS oil smuggling - Russian UN envoy Churkin
Russia delivers up to 40 airstrikes daily to help Free Syrian Army fight terrorists - General Staff
UNSC rejects Russian draft as Damascus condemns 'discriminatory silence' on Syria terror acts 
► 'Russian pilots' mistake shouldn't affect bilateral relations' – Erdogan
Le Pen's National Front loses in 2nd round of French regional elections
► 'A little bit of a maniac': Trump turns on Ted Cruz after Iowa poll 
Russian Navy chases off Turkish vessel impeding drill platform transit in Black Sea 
► 'Islamic coalition against terrorism': Saudi Arabia presents 34-state military block
Anti-Muslim attacks occurring in record numbers across US
► Obama's approval rating near record low as 70% say US on wrong track 
► Ruble back to Black Monday lows on crude prices collapse 
Why low oil prices are bad news 
► China's ICBC to open clearing bank in Russia to boost yuan-ruble trade 
► 'We see Syria fundamentally very similarly' – Kerry after talks with Putin, Lavrov 
► ISIS flags & photos of severed heads found amongst refugees in Norway
► GOP debates Syria, Assad: Moderate rebels 'like a purple unicorn, they never exist' 
► Syrian opposition provides Russian Air Force with coordinates to target terrorists – MoD 
Trump defends plan to target ISIS family members as GOP rivals slam proposal 
► 1st US town with majority Muslim city council unites around diversity
► Russia doubles electricity supply to Crimea
► Senior Russian lawmaker blasts Saudi-led anti-terror coalition as 'unviable' 
► Russian security chief urges tougher laws to counter ISIS supporters 
► Putin gives Russian Constitution priority over international court rulings
► 'Brave enough to say no to their barbarity': Jailed Saudi blogger awarded Sakharov Prize
Pregnant women using antidepressants more likely to have autistic kids – study
Putin's 2015 media Q&A marathon: 1,400 journalists to pose questions to Russian president 
US calls on Turkey to withdraw 'unauthorized' troops from Iraq 
► Mistrial: Hung jury in first Freddie Gray case
IMF recognizes Ukraine's contested $3bn debt to Russia as sovereign 
Role of Saudi-led 'military alliance' put to question as some members reject participation 
► Conspiracy theorists 'prove' Vladimir Putin is actually immortal
Salamander Survivor: Endangered 200 y.o. found in Chinese cave
► Drones perform 'Swan Lake' with naked ballet dancers 
Darwin prize hopefuls? Parents warned over internet 'Fire Challenge' 
ISIS uses Turkey for trafficking heroin to Europe – Russian anti-drugs chief
Medvedev advocates global internet regulator in China speech
Blogger ordered to pay Singapore PM $106k for alleging mismanagement of funds
Turkey abuses refugees, deports them back to warzones – Amnesty
► Sneak peek: A look at Russian air shield in Syria, including guided S-300 missile cruiser and S-400 
Foreign experts, journalists verify unsealing of Turkey-downed Russian Su-24 flight recorder 
Erdogan calls MP 'traitor' for telling RT that ISIS got chemical weapons via Turkey 
UN Security Council unanimously adopts resolution targeting ISIS finances
► Deployment fail: US special ops forces arrive in Libya, immediately told to leave
► 'Cancer of Europe' – Russian Duma speaker calls for NATO dissolution  
Moscow, Beijing agree deals worth $5bn  
UN Security Council unanimously adopts Syrian roadmap resolution 
VIDEO emerges purporting to show deadly US airstrike against Iraqi forces
Muslim teacher sues NJ school district for pattern of discrimination over her religion 
Syria unity government 'possible' within 6 months, political transition within 1.5yrs – Lavrov
Iraq urges UN Security Council to demand Turkish troops withdrawal  
Obama signs $1.1 trillion spending package, approves CISA surveillance legislation
► 'Berniegate': Sanders regains access to voter data, supporters furious over DNC ban
14 injured as Palestinian 'Santas' clash with Israeli police in Bethlehem (VIDEO)
NATO agrees to boost Turkey's air defense weeks after downing of Russian jet 
EU to prolong anti-Russian sanctions for 6 more months
Jihadist feuds: ISIS boasts blowing up captives of rival Al-Nusra Front (GRAPHIC) 
320 foreign spies and agents exposed in Russia in 2015 – Putin  
Assad makes surprise Christmas visit to Damascus church (PHOTOS) 
Damascus suburb hit by 'Israeli strike', Lebanese militant leader killed - Hezbollah  
Most smuggled ISIS oil goes to Turkey, sold at low prices – Norwegian report 
'US not after regime change in Syria, but Assad must go' – Kerry to Russian TV
We easily work with Assad, US & others as we don't change our position' – Putin in new documentary  
► Clinton vs. Sanders, terrorism & data breach: What to expect from tonight's Democratic debate 
Iraq chooses 1st beauty queen since 1972
Costa Rica closes 2015 with 99% renewable energy
1 dead, 37 injured as woman plows into crowd near Las Vegas' Paris Hotel, 'motive unknown' – polic 
New parties win big in Spain election, ruling conservatives lose majority
Missiles fly over Israeli-Lebanese border after killing of Hezbollah commander in Syria
Iraqi army urges civilians to leave IS-controlled Ramadi ahead of possible assault
65,000 jihadists in Syria ready to replace ISIS if it's defeated – report
► And the winner isn't… Chaos in Las Vegas as wrong contestant crowned Miss Universe
Khodorkovsky arrested in absentia, put on international wanted list – Russian investigators
Anonymous declares cyber war on Turkey over 'supporting ISIS'
Apocalyptic scenes of Damascus suburb obliterated by violent clashes (RT EXCLUSIVE DRONE FOOTAGE)
Tight security at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport after night blast leaves 1 dead, 1 injured
Huge 'meteor' swoops through Nevada skies (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Saudi strikes result in 'disproportionate amount' of destruction in Yemen – UN human rights chief  
Ankara decision to down Russian Su-24 bomber wrong - pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party leader 
► Searches conducted in homes of Khodorkovsky's Open Russia movement members 
Russia will legally protect its interests in French Yukos shareholders' case – Kremlin 
Kremlin spokesman urges US politicians to stop using Russia as 'ritual sacrifice' 
UN can't confirm Amnesty's 'remote investigation' of Russia's strikes in Syria
Idaho woman fired for giving free lunch to hungry child 
Showdown in Minneapolis over Black Lives Matter protests   
Turkey 'officially acknowledges' attack on Su-24 was a planned step - Russian MoD
Turkish forces barely regrouped, far from announced partial withdrawal – Iraqi defense spokesman   
McCain sees red as US gives green light for Russian RD-180 rocket engines order
Seattle 'gun violence tax' defeats NRA challenge in court ruling
Pentagon refuses to share intel on ISIS until Moscow's stance on Assad changes 
Turkish banks & government sites under 'intense' attacks on Christmas holidays
Turkish 'traitor' MP's revelations on sarin transfers must be probed, reported to UNSC – Moscow     
Muslim prayer hall damaged, copies of Koran burnt in overnight rampage in Corsica 
Russian intel spots 12,000 oil tankers & trucks on Turkey-Iraq border - General Staff 
Dozens take part in fresh anti-Muslim protest in Corsica after attack on prayer hall (VIDEO)
ISIS leader threatens Israel, calls for revolt in Saudi Arabia
Syrian journalist & filmmaker who exposed ISIS Aleppo atrocities assassinated in Turkey
Multiple deaths following triple terror attack in Homs, Syria - reports (VIDEO) 
► Captured ISIS fighter says 'trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it's safer here than Syria'
Anti-Muslim protests continue in Corsica despite ban on gatherings  
► 'Maybe next week?' Muslims troll ISIS' 'urgent' call to arms on twitter
► Russian strikes help Syrian rebels free 20 areas from ISIS control 
► Belgian prosecutors arrest 2 people suspected of plotting NYE attacks in Brussels
France among top 3 deadliest countries for journalists in 2015
► 'Erdogan was in a fix': Jailed Cumhuriyet chief on why Turkey punished journos for Syria revelations    
Istanbul rail terminal rocked by several blasts, Ukrainian truck suspected cause 
► 'There is a strategy': Pentagon prepping new 'narrative' for war against ISIS 
► Three's a crowd: Local Nevada Democratic office shares space with Hillary, not Bernie
► Top Duma official: US 'shocked' by Russian military might in Syria 
Russia inspires other nations to fight terrorism – senate chair
'No political motive in Nemtsov assassination'- investigators 
► Dozens killed, wounded in multiple suicide bombings in Kurdish-controlled Syrian city 
Chicago announces 'fundamental' changes to police practices 
ISIS oil business, Corbyn smear campaign, Jeffrey Sterling vs CIA: Underreported stories of 2015  
► 2015: A year of protests in America
US created ISIS, seeks discord among Muslims – Ayatollah Khamenei 
Freak turbulence injures over 20 people on Shanghai-Toronto flight, plane diverted to Calgary
► Back from the dead: Russian man wakes up in morgue after too much drinking, goes back to party 
Putin signs bill allowing reciprocal impounding of foreign nations' property 
Kadyrov blames US, Turkey 'personal ambitions' for Syrian crisis 
Nemtsov murder mastermind named
Soros Foundation promoted drug legalization worldwide - Russian official
Trump may be barred from Britain for 'public good' as petition gains 656,000 signatures

BRICS bank to begin borrowing in yuan
■ Enter the Dragon : Chinese yuan to become global reserve currency  
'Honeymoon' over for lira after Turkey shoots down Russian jet
Russian government ratifies economic sanctions against Turkey  
Putin wants Russia to become world's biggest exporter of Non-GMO food  
Putin seeks alliance to rival TPP 
China launches new e-commerce platform with Russia
Russia to launch own crude benchmark in 2016  
Russia proposes trade partnership between EEU, OSC, ASEAN countries – Medvedev
OPEC to hold emergency meeting if oil prices fail to recover 
'Shocking' 2016 predictions: $100 crude, strong ruble 
US Congress Republicans agree to lift 40-year ban on oil exports
Worst of crisis over for Russia, but country needs to adjust to life with cheap crude - Putin 
Saudis predict $29 oil price in 2016 - report
Saudi Arabia responsible for oil market destabilization – Russian energy minister
Ruble at lowest point of 2015
Moscow, Cairo to ink $26bn nuclear plant construction deal in Q1 2016  
Russia plans more than $15bn arms exports in 2016
Kiev passes Russia trade sanctions, says will only be used in response to embargo 
IMF chief warns of 'disappointing' global growth in 2016
Russia updates sanctions against Turkey

■ Yalta, Potsdam, Helsinki, Belgrade. How can we build a more secure world order?  
Turkey needs to move against IS - or terrorism could visit the streets of Istanbul'
■ 'Western European elites support migration independently of their voters'
■ Mainstream media on Syria/Turkey/Russia : Clueless congeries of cackling correspondents  
■ 'Turkey attempts to save face after downing Russian jet'
■ Poking the Russian Bear - How terror collaborators are hiding behind media slander  
Why the US, France and Britain are destroying Syria
■ The Warsaw Pact is dead, so why is NATO still alive?
Will the real terrorists in Syria please stand up?
Russia confronts a warming planet 
■ 'The idea is now clear that National Front may be the party to rule France' – analyst to RT
■ Montenegro in NATO : Provocation at a critical moment in US-Russian relations  
A world without RT? That's just what the Western war lobby wants
■ Increasing attacks on Muslims caused by media-hyped Islamophobia
We're all terrorists now
■ 'No real winners in 2015 French elections'
■ 'Russia's intervention in Syria has been a game-changer'
■ Saudi Arabia 'playing very risky game' with its oil policy
■ 'Merkel admits multiculturalism in Germany a failure, yet continues to accept refugees'
■ 'What drove jihadists to take up arms in Iraq? The experience of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo' 
Putin's comment on Ukraine 'twisted by Western media'
■ Washington's 'Plan B' in Syria: Renewed military intervention to oust Assad?  
Putin wraps up 2015: Three hours of questions, 1,400 journalists & one star of the show 
US friendly fire… with friends like that who needs enemies? 
■ 'Arrogance of imperialism' made US expect 'flowers and applause' for military offensives
Is the EU the new USSR?
India's Modi comes to Russia - with love 
■ American media: Do as we say, not as we do
■ 'ISIS might become Frankenstein for Turkey
■ 'Libyans don't feel Christmassy and happy about Obama's congratulations
■ 2015: The year Russia told America 'enough' 
■ 'I've seen Russia's future and its name is probably Vladimir Putin'
■ 2015 – The year Russia exposed Western barbarism
The Washington Post's world of good and evil

■ CrossTalk : Erdogan's blunder  
■ COP21 : Putin speaks at Paris Climate Change Conference (ENGLISH TRANSLATION)
RT crew teargassed during clashes over murder of Kurdish lawyer in Turkey 
Russian Su-34 jets get air-to-air missiles first time since start of operation in Syria  
Remains of Su-24 pilot killed in Syria arrive in Russia  
Chinese flying cars: Fallen rope causes 'paranormal' accident  
US State Dept refuses to openly confirm Russian jet was hit in Syrian airspace 
Disrupted oil routes push ISIS towards heroin trade, already 1 $bn a year
Erdogan promises to resign if ISIS oil links to Turkey are confirmed
Libyan Sirte becomes new ISIS stronghold with direct sea route to Europe
Russian cops bust 52 suspected crime bosses during major underworld meeting
■ RAW : Blast in Bayrampasa district of Istanbul - immediate aftermath
■ CCTV : Moment of explosion at Bayrampasa station in Istanbul
San Francisco 'hot cop' arrested after fleeing hit & run accident
US deploys special forces to boost fight against ISIS in Iraq, Syria
■ 'Turkish government to blame for terrorist funding' – retired US Army Major General

Russian military reveals details of ISIS-Turkey oil smuggling

US State Dept dismisses Russian evidence of Turkey aiding ISIS
Putin state of Nation address 2015 (Full speech)
■ Putin : Allah punished Turkish ruling clique by taking their mind and reason
■ 'Business as usual' with Erdogan is now over - Putin's Chief of Staff
■ Putin : No refuge for terrorists, no contacts, no bloody business
US backed forces behind rise of ISIS – Virginia senator
■ FBI investigates San Bernardino shooting as act of terrorism
■ Dead End: The Calais Crisis (RT Documentary)
Obama's address to US nation on security & California shooting
■ Person of the Year? Time readers poll picks Bernie Sanders
■ Syria Strikes : US-led coalition bombing allegedly kills 26 civilians
Amnesty slams US & allies for weapons falling into ISIS' hands
Flight recorder of downed Su-24 jet showcased as Putin meets defense minister
■ FIRST VIDEO : Russian submarines target ISIS in Syria from Mediterranean  
Hopefully, no nukes needed in fight against ISIS – Putin
Russian S-300 missile defense systems deployed to Arctic military base
Unidentified jets attacked Syrian army, US-led coalition suspected - Russia MoD
Iraq vs Turkey: Baghdad issues ultimatum, threatens with NATO, UN
■ 'Hegemony of Western media has to end' - Arnab Goswami at RT conference
Role of intl news media on new geopolitical chessboard (#RT10 Panel Discussion)
■ Security or Surveillance : Privacy vs anti-terror security in digital age (#RT10 Panel Discussion)
Putin attends RT10 anniversary evening : Full speech with English translation
■ Who's 'unprofessional' now? RT's Gayane Chichakyan gets criticism instead of answers
■ Stealing in style: Man escapes on futuristic device with pack of energy drinks   

■ Balls & Brawls: Big fight in Ukraine parliament after opposition MP goes for PM Yatsenyuk's crotch

Any threats to Russian military in Syria will be destroyed - Putin
■ Christscalers : Russian & Ukrainian daredevils sneak to top of Rio's Jesus statue 
■ RAW: Intercontinental missile launched in Russia  
Gun debate sparks in US after mass shooting in California  
■ Boots Out! Iraq demands Turkey pull out troops from country  
12yo girl receives Husky from Putin for New Year  
■ RT exposed in leaked video : Watch how evil 'Kremlin propaganda bullhorn' REALLY works 

France infected with Le Pen populism, xenophobia, radicalism - European Democracy Lab founder ||National Front loses in 2nd round of French regional elections – exit polls

Chemical agent sarin smuggled from Turkey to ISIS – Turkish MP (EXCLUSIVE)
Burkas & niqabs banned in Swiss region, Muslim women face fines up to $9,800
IDF soldiers trolling Palestinian news reporter's live broadcast
■ 'US doesn't understand what it's doing in Syria' – CIA Veteran
■ 'Saudis playing dangerous game as oil prices plunge'
■ RAW: Dogs go through parachute training for Colombia military

■ Meanwhile in US: Don't want to pay hotel bill? Simply crash your truck into lobby || ■ Check-in? Crash-in! Watch car plow into US hotel lobby

Suicide Driver? Chinese tractor smashed to pieces by truck after wrong turn
■ 'Do I want to do what to the Russian people?' Kerry confused on Moscow streets

No isolation for Russia, world is better when we cooperate - US Sec of State Kerry in Moscow 

Even I think John Kerry is better than Donald Trump, isn't he? Ooohh... should we choose when we have no choice at all?

■ 'Thief!' 'Bastard!' Highest level brawl at Ukraine govt session
Cyclist bumps into moving high-speed train, fined by police
■ 'ISIS far smarter than we give them credit for' – McAfee predicts cyber war
'Bilateral issue' no more? US urges Turkish troops to leave Iraq
■ RAW: Patient playing saxophone while brain tumour surgery
■ Putin: No perspective to cooperate with Turkish leadership on highest level
Turkey sends tanks & troops, 'raiding civilian houses' in Kurdish areas
■ RAW: Russian black sea fleet flagship Moskva in Syria
Oh look! Look! Syrian waters seem so eager to welcome Russian fleet, just as I met my partner after we parted for a few moment, right dahling?

Honey, I know, you're actually more waiting for unique souvenirs for you than me, right?


■ 'Russia & US not in line on Syria's peace deal' - White House spox contradicts John Kerry  
Black box from downed Su-24 jet opened in front of intl experts 
Western media use Russian strikes footage to show US bombings in Syria - MoD
Russia shows its flagship cruiser, S400 missile system in Syria to foreign media
■ UN Security Council unanimously adopts Syrian roadmap resolution (Full video) 
■ 'Like a warzone': UK drivers suffering refugees' angry attacks in Calais
■ 'After Syria peace deal US will overthrow Assad by different means' - political analyst  
'ISIS stole sarin gas from Libya stores & already used it' - Gaddafi's cousin

US lifts 40-y.o. ban on crude export amid plummeting oil price. USA has lifted a 40-year-old ban on exports of crude oil - despite historically low prices and a saturated global market. The measure is part of a budget plan for 2016. It's seen as a victory for the Republicans and oil companies, which claim it would boost the American economy and job market. Some Democrats are strongly against the lift. 

■ Bear with Me: Preparing bear cubs for the perils of the wild (RT Documentary).The Orphan Bear Rescue Centre (OBRC) in Russia saves abandoned bear cubs and later releases them back into the wild. However, for bears to have a chance to resume their life in the forest, they must not become accustomed to people. With that in mind, the bear rescuers have worked out a special method of looking after their fluffy fosterlings.  

Shenzhen landslide in China: Dozens missing, entire blocks gobbled up in seconds
Man jumps into tiger enclosure at China zoo to 'practice somersault'
Internet is a driver for development  : Putin speaks at Moscow 'Internet Economics' forum
■ ISIS unveils 'Islamic police': Masked gunmen patrol streets, direct traffic in Libyan Sirte 
Most Tory MPs leaning towards Brexit, Cameron said to issue pro-EU dossier
■ Apocalyptic Scenes : Drone footage shows destruction in Jobar, Damascus 
■ 'Trumped?' US bans British Muslim family from Disneyland trip
India to buy Russian S-400 & warships in $7bn deal 
■ LIVE : Russian President & Indian PM meeting in Moscow 
■ Jewish extremism : Stabbing killed Arab baby photo at wedding causes public outcry 
■ Revealed : US planned to nuke East Europe in 1950s to prevent Soviet expansion
Angry Libyans lash out at Obama's independence congratulations 
■ Superhero Erdogan on camera: Pres stops man from committing suicide
■ Losing faith : Americans becoming less religious especially youngsters
■ Rare video : Russian anti-air Tor-M2U firing on move, newest S-300V4 night shooting 
RT's most popular videos of 2015 
Syrian journalist exposing ISIS Aleppo atrocities assassinated in Turkey
'Arabs get out' – Violent anti-Muslim protests spark in Corsica, France
Nemtsov murder: 5 charged, probe into 'mastermind' ongoing

Featured Documentary - Pricing the Planet - episode 2 of 2
Counting the Cost - Algeria : The curse of falling oil prices   
101 East - China : Faking It   
Inside Story : Can Turkey help stop the flow of refugees into Europe?  
Rebel Geeks - The Critical Engineers  
Inside Story : Has the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela failed?  
Featured Documentary - Kenya's Enemy Within   
Witness - Kisilu : The Climate Diaries  
Inside Story : Is sugar killing us? 
Al Jazeera World - The Mosque of West Amsterdam   
Africa Investigates - Nigeria's Baby Farmers  
Are more air strikes exactly what ISIL wants?   
Is China exploiting Africa?   
Head to Head - Did the US occupation create ISIL? 

High crimes and media misdemeanors - The Listening Post (Full). On November 24, a Russian fighter jet was shot down by Turkish forces. This much we know. But beyond that - the facts are slippery, the coverage compromised and the narratives politically loaded.Ankara says the jet violated Turkish airspace, whereas Moscow insists that Turkey shot down its plane over Syrian territory. The messages, which present very different versions of the facts, have since been amplified in the media of both countries.For both Vladimir Putin, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Syrian conflict is a geopolitical minefield which is why both nations are determined to control what is being said over the airwaves.Strong on propaganda, less so on independent journalism, this is a story in which challenging the official line is risky business. Talking us through the story are: Behlul Ozkan, a columnist at Birgun newspaper, Olga Khvostunova, a political analyst at the Institute of Modern Russia; Nina Ognianova from the Committee to Protect Journalists; and Ekaterina Chulkovskaya, a reporter at Russia Beyond The Headlines. Other media stories on our radar this week: Another freelance journalist critical of the government is detained in Egypt, charged with spreading false news. Britain's The Sun newspaper is refusing to apologise for a story that its sister paper The Times has backed down on; and for the second time in three months the front page of The International New York Times printed in Thailand has been left blank for political reasons. Hunting 'tigers and flies'Three years ago, China's President Xi Jinping launched an aggressive anti-graft campaign, vowing to crackdown on what his government called 'tigers and flies'.Targeting both high and low-level officials, thousands of people have been arrested and convicted on corruption charges. While some have welcomed the campaign, there have been growing concerns over how it is being carried out. Journalists have also been subject to arrest - with reporters ranging from the state-run CCTV channels to well-known business news websites being detained under the orders of the Communist Party.The Listening Post's Meenakshi Ravi reports on the anti-corruption drive that critics say lacks its own transparency.To close the show this week - in China, internet users with a political bent can find themselves in a constant game of cat and mouse with the authorities. To get around the censors, they have adopted all kinds of code words, pictures and homonyms - words that sound the same but are spelled differently - so they don't show up in searches.When discussing a taboo topic like the anniversary of Tiananmen Square - June 4th 1989 - they'll use coded references to try to stay one step ahead of the censors.We work with an animator who has put together a collection of some of the more imaginative examples of the way Chinese web users mask their political work online.

Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field - Women of South Sudan : Broken bodies, shattered dreams
Counting the Cost - COP21: Constructive conference or a waste of time?   
Is Burundi on the brink of civil war?
TechKnow - Does fracking cause earthquakes?  
Inside Story - A breakthrough in Libya?  

Rebel Geeks - Give Us Back Our Data. Technology researcher and thinker Evgeny Morozov believes the entire discussion around cool, new innovative technology is a giant distraction from the most important issues. In this film, Morozov unravels the digital landscape and shows us the real processes that are leading the huge transfer of power away from ordinary people. We meet him in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is researching the digital history of the world. Morozov shows us how cutting-edge biometric and facial recognition technology leads to a world without privacy. He argues that instant identification leads to over-discrimination.

Morozov views data as a "new powerful weapon".  "It plays an important role in generating value for those companies and we have to understand where it comes from. And it comes from us - the users," he says. "One has to be very naive to believe that this data is not going to shape how we live the rest of our lives, especially when insurance companies and banks are so eager to incorporate it in their decision-making," says Morozov. "Unless we change the legal status of data, we're not going to get very far."

We also look at the reality of the so-called "sharing economy", where people pool their assets, such as houses or, cars and their time and labour. Is this really as friendly as the word "sharing" might imply or just another business? We meet the lawyer representing Uber taxi drivers in a nationwide law suit against the company. The drivers have found the "flexible working" conditions are so detrimental to their business that they've now had to fight against the company for their basic employment rights.  We also see how self-trackers who use health-focused technology like Fitbit end up handing over large amounts of their data. But what does it mean when people begin monitoring everything about themselves? We examine the broader consequences for everyone.  With data-harvesting companies collecting our social and financial information and selling it on to other companies, we head to a start-up in New York that is encouraging individuals to reclaim control of their personal data.

Yet, as Morozov argues, this is another way in which the poor and disenfranchised are marginalised even more. And such start-ups mask this exclusion. "What you hear from start-ups on this matter is that - it's a political decision, it's not up to us. We're here just to empower people," Morozov says.

Inside Story : What's behind the success of France's far-right party?  
Inside Story : Racism then and now  
Al Jazeera World - Marriage and Divorce in Morocco 
Africa Investigates - Mozambique's Gem Wars 
What's behind South Africa's economic troubles?  
101 East - Indonesia : Where There's Smoke 
Inside Story : Can Syria's opposition do a deal with the government? 
Head to Head - Russia: Old foe or new ally?
San Bernardino shooting: How not to cover breaking news - The Listening Post (Full) 
Will the climate deal be enough to save the planet? 
Counting the Cost - Why is OPEC refusing to cut oil production?  
Inside story - Are Libyan groups forced to sign UN-brokered deal?
Al Jazeera English HD Live Stream (Beta)
Witness - African Business in China 

Inside Story - National Front's reversal of fortunes. Just a week earlier, the party leader, Marine Le Pen, had been celebrating a stunning victory in the first round of the vote. The National Front had emerged as the front-runner in almost half of the country's 13 regions. But in Sunday's second round all that vanished. The right-wing party failed to secure control of any single region. Le Pen herself did not manage to keep her seat. Yet Le Pen was defiant, pointing out that the National Front is now the main opposition force in most regions. So will the far-right group bounce back from this disappointment? And what happened last week to cause such a poor showing? Presenter: Hazem SikaGuests:Bruno Cautres - researcher at the Centre for Political Sciences Research from Sciences PoDavid Lees - a researcher on French studies at University of Warwick and a specialist on French right-wing policy Christian Makarian - editor of l'Express magazine and French foreign policy analyst 

Why are children fighting in conflicts? 
Witness - Pakistan Music: Lyari Notes
Al Jazeera World - Bulgaria, My Land
Africa Investigates - Ghana: Cancer Ward
101 East - The Great Divide
Inside Story - Has life changed for Tunisia after the revolution?
The People's Health - Turkey's Transformation 
Earthrise - In Your Backyard 
Head to Head - Who rules Pakistan? 
Inside Story : Are migrants and refugees a benefit or a burden?
Behind the headlines: Was the climate deal a success? - The Listening Post (Full)
Inside Story : A roadmap to peace in Syria
TechKnow - Extreme weather: Coincidence or climate change?
The People's Health - Turkey's Transformation

Witness - Um Sultan: The Matchmaker. Aida Hilali, also known as Um Sultan, is a professional matchmaker and as such a pillar in Jordan's marriage industry.With growing uncertainty and war in the region, the family is one of the last vestiges of stability in the Arab World. Um Sultan helps couples get together so that successful families can be formed.Twice a year, before and after the holy fasting month of Ramadan, she oversees the marriages of dozens of Jordanian couples.Um Sultan has been instrumental in 2,000 weddings over 18 years. She considers her work part of a larger effort to maintain a strong social and family fabric that allows Arab families to weather the storms of war and uncertainty. 

Counting the Cost - Has the World Trade Organisation failed poor countries? 
Inside Story: Why is Burundi rejecting African Union peacekeepers? 
Inside Story : Political uncertainty in Spain 
The People's Health - Turkey's Transformation  
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The Taliban's growing reach 
Inside Story : China's pollution dilemma
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The People's Health - The UK's Frontline
Fault Lines - Alaska: When the Water Took the Land
Inside Story : The Middle East in 2015 
Head to Head - Is Modi's India flirting with fascism?
The Murdoch empire strikes back - The Listening Post (Full)
Al Jazeera World - Bulgaria, My Land 
Inside Story : Could Modi's visit to Pakistan signal a policy shift?

Al Jazeera Investigates - The Dark Side. Al Jazeera investigates the secretive world of doping in sports and raises questions about whether medical professionals are linked to some of the greatest sports heroes.   

TechKnow - Deep sea gold rush  
Counting the Cost - 2015: The events that shaped a turbulent economic year
Inside Story - What's behind Turkey's renewed crackdown on Kurds?
Inside Story - What's behind the falling oil prices?
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IAN BREMMER : These 5 Facts Explain America's Shameful Reaction to Syrian Refugees 
SEN.RAND PAUL : Marco Rubio Wants Illegal, Neverending War  
DANIEL D'ADDARIO : Transparent's Second Season Comes with More Angst and Less Insight 
SEAN GREGORY : Expect Big Things Out Of Kobe's Bryant's Retirement 
BENJAMIN CRUMP : Police Are Not the Only Ones Who Failed Laquan McDonald 
CHARLOTTE ALTER : What Our Reaction to the Planned Parenthood Shooting Says About Us  
BELINDA LUSCOMBE : Some Friendly Parenting Advice for New Dad Mark Zuckerberg 
JEFFREY KLUGER : Here's Why Your Knuckles Crack 
RANA FOROOHAR : Why Dodd Frank Is Washington's Favorite End-of-Year Political Football 
JULIE A. BURKHART : Planned Parenthood Shooting Is a Scary Reminder  
THE DAILY PRINCETONIAN EDITORIAL BOARD : Woodrow Wilson's Racism Doesn't Erase His Contributions  
ELIZA BERMAN : Why It Matters That Mad Max Was Named Best Movie by the National Board of Review  
CHUCK HAGEL : Climate Change Is a National Security Problem
RANA FOROOHAR : Europe Could Derail America's Economic Recovery 
JEFFREY KLUGER : Donald Trump's Very Strange Narcissism 
PAUL J. LIM : Why the Fed Is All But Certain to Raise Interest Rates Now
ELIANA DOCKTERMAN : HBO's Genius Game of Thrones Strategy   
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■  KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR : Dear Retirement (a.k.a. Dear Kobe)
■  JOAN COOK : This May Be Why Some of Us Have Given Up on Gun Control 
■  MARK THOMPSON  : The Strange Rules of War Governing the ISIS Campaign  
■  KARL VICK : Don't Give In to Fear on the San Bernardino Shootings   
JOE KLEIN : Hillary Clinton and the Democrats' National Security Problem 
SEAN GREGORY : The Legal Argument for Daily Fantasy Proves It's a Racket  
RANA FOROOHAR : How the Wall Street-Main Street Divide Affects Your Wallet
NANCY GIBBS : Why TIME Editors Chose Angela Merkel
RADHIKA JONES : The First Female Person of the Year in Almost 3 Decades 
DANIEL D'ADDARIO : The Golden Globe TV Nominations Show the Power of Streaming
DON CHEADLE : Protect the World's Vulnerable From Climate Change
RANA FOROOHAR : Why Smart People Are Worried About a Junk Bond Crisis  
CAREY WALLACE : How to Talk to Your Kids About All That Stuff They Want
IAN BREMMER : Marine Le Pen Lost a Battle But May Win the War in France
MICHAEL SCHERER : What You Missed While Not Watching the Republican Debate 
MICHAEL CHERTOFF : Stop Fomenting Panic — That's What Terrorists Want 
JOE KLEIN : Donald Trump's Powerful Ignorance
STEPHANIE ZACHAREK : The Force Awakens Is Everything You Could Hope for in a Star Wars Movie
REP. MIKE HONDA : What My Time in a Japanese Internment Camp Taught Me About Hate  
ELIZA GRAY : How Immigration Fears in the U.K. Are Fueling Support for an E.U. Exit 
DARLENA CUNHA : Mall Santas Are the Worst (Sorry, Mall Santas) 
BELINDA LUSCOMBE : Should You Take Your Kid to See Star Wars?
RANA FOROOHAR : How Rich Kids Get a Head Start
MANDY PATINKIN : The Real Politics in The Princess Bride 
STEPHANIE ZACHAREK : The Force Awakens Is Everything You Could Hope for in a Star Wars Movie
SEN. RAND PAUL : Stop Paul Ryan's Omnibus Spending Bill 
PETER ATWATER : Creatures Like Martin Shkreli Only Thrive In a Swamp 
ALEX ALTMAN : What Lindsey Graham's Exit Says About the Republican Race  
JOE KLEIN : Hillary Clinton Is Strong on Fighting ISIS — but Democrats Don't Seem to Care
JAY NEWTON-SMALL : Paul Ryan Talks Trump, Immigration and Obamacare  
MANDY PATINKIN : The Real Politics in The Princess Bride
KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR : My Very Muslim Christmas
STEPHANIE ZACHAREK : Review: Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight Revels in Snow, Not So Much in People
JEFFREY KLUGER : Why SpaceX's First-Stage Landing Matters 
MARK THOMPSON : Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan Echoes the 30 Years' War
CHARLOTTE ALTER : This Is Sheryl Sandberg's New Year's Resolution
MARK THOMPSON Iran Unnerves U.S. by Firing Rockets Close to Carrier 
RACHEL SIMMONS : Girl Friendship Drama: When It's Time to Stop Perseverating and Let it Go&

 Putin and Obama Discuss Syria Political Settlement

Trump Proposes $5 Million Ransom for Showing Up at CNN Debate

The 25 Best Inventions of 2015  

China to Have Over 800,000 Lung Cancer Patients a Year by 2020, State Media Says

5 Foods That Taste Better in December Than They Will All Year

House to Block Climate Plan  
As President Barack Obama worked to hammer out a global climate agreement in Paris, Republicans in Congress moved to block his plan to force steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants
* Women Are the Key to a Successful Climate Strategy
* Paris Talks Fall Short on Climate 
* Climate Change Is a National Security Problem
* Why Major Food Companies Are Worried About Climate Change 
* What Obama's Rejection of Keystone Means for the Climate Fight
* A Turning Point on Climate Change  

Black Pastors Press Trump on Racially Charged Rhetoric

Obama Urges Turkey and Russia to Set Aside Differences and Focus on ISIS

Obama Vows to Beat ISIS - In a rare prime-time address Sunday night, President Obama attempted to calm the nation amid growing fears about terrorism. "The threat from terrorism is real but we will overcome it. We will destroy [ISIS] and any other organization that tries to harm us"
* Obama Says Terror Threat Against U.S. Has Entered 'New Phase'  
* Obama Calls for Tougher Gun Laws After San Bernardino Shooting 
* President Obama Says U.S. Safe From ISIS 
* ISIS Praises San Bernardino Attack
* This Is What It Takes for Mass Murder to Be 'Terrorism'  
* Pope Francis: Terrorism Feeds on Poverty and Fear

Former President Jimmy Carter Says He Is Cancer-Free

► Republican Rivals Condemn Donald Trump's Proposed Muslim Entry Ban

'Hijacking America' - Muslim Americans say they're living in fear after Donald Trump's incendiary call to block all Muslims from entering the U.S. — and are astounded that the plan has support. "This guy is hijacking America from the Americans," one said
* Hillary Clinton Blasts Donald Trump's Comments on Muslims
* Two-Thirds of Trump Fans Would Back Independent Run
* Donald Trump's Problem With Polls
* Here's How Donald Trump Says His Muslim Ban Would Work
* Donald Trump's Muslim Ban Rallies Religious Leaders Against Him
* Trump Denies Plans Visit to Majority-Muslim Kingdom of Jordan

► How the U.S. Became an Unlikely Hero at the Paris Climate Summit

► Here's Why ADHD Rates Are Rising Among Hispanics

► TIME Announces Shortlist for 2015 Person of the Year

 Ben Carson Threatens to Leave Republican Party Over Possible Convention Challenge

New Google Doodle Marks Indian Yoga Guru B.K.S. Iyengar's 97th Birthday  

45 Civilians Killed in Syria - Military strikes in Syria across several towns in the country's eastern region, killed at least 45 civilians, monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says. The victims included at least 10 children and 4 women
* Syrian Opposition Announces Peace Talks With Government
* Putin Vows to 'Immediately Destroy' Syria Targets 
* Millennials Increasingly Support Ground War In Syria, Not Joining Military
* 2 Syrians Arrested in Geneva on Suspicion of Making Explosives
* U.S.-Led Anti-ISIS Strikes 'Kill 26 Syrian Civilians'
* Pentagon Says 350 ISIS Fighters Dead in U.S. Strikes   

Right-Wing National Front Collapses in French Regional Elections   

 Rand Paul Makes CNN Debate Stage After Network Skirts Rules

► Americans Now View Gun Violence as a Permanent Part of Life

GOP Trumps Trump - It took a painful half-a-year, but Donald Trump's rivals seem to have finally cracked the code for getting under the billionaire's skin during the fifth Republican debate Tuesday night. Here's how they did it
* GOP Fight Night in Vegas
* Donald Trump Makes Up With the Republican Party
* Donald Trump Plays Nice With Ted Cruz at Debate
* Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Tussle Over Illegal Immigration 
* Twitter Is Brainstorming Other B-Words for Carly Fiorina 
* Frank Underwood Made a Big Announcement During the Republican Debate 

► Bowe Bergdahl's Attorney Lashes Out at Donald Trump for 'Defamation'

► Los Angeles Schools Will Reopen Wednesday - The Los Angeles school district on Wednesday will reopen more than 1,500 school buildings that were shut for a day and searched after an emailed threat of violence. Mayor Eric Garcetti says the FBI has concluded it wasn't a credible threat.

You Have to Try This Google Doodle Honoring Ludwig van Beethoven || ► Here's What Beethoven Did When He Lost His Hearing

2016 Expected to Be the Warmest Year on Record, Report Says 

Sanders Goes to War - Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign effectively declared war on the Democratic National Committee Friday over access to its own voter data in the wake of a breach of Clinton campaign data.
* Sanders Campaign's Breach of Clinton Data More Serious Than Disclosed 
* Bernie Sanders Racks Up Key Grassroots Support
* Bernie Sanders to Nab One of His Biggest Endorsements Yet
* Bernie Sanders Attracts Some Big Campaign Money Despite Denunciations

► Trump Says GOP 'Threw in the Towel' on Budget Deal

Clinton in Command - The third Democratic debate in New Hampshire Saturday showed why Hillary Clinton remains the party's frontrunner: She remained in command despite rivals' attempts to throw her off
* Bernie Sanders Calls Drug Addiction a 'Disease' Not a Crime 
* Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Is 'ISIS's Best Recruiter' 
* Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Address Data Breach 
* Vote Now: Who Won the Third Democratic Presidential Debate?
* Here's What Republicans Said During the Democratic Debate
* Read the Full Text of the Third Democratic Debate in New Hampshire

China Accuses U.S. of  'Serious Military Provocation'

Donald Trump on Putin: 'Nobody Has Proven That He's Killed Anyone'

► How Hillary Clinton Won the Debate Months Ago

Clinton Intensifies Campaign - Months of intense focus on the Republican race — and front-runner Donald Trump — have reverberated through the Democratic field, prompting frontrunner Hillary Clinton to turn her attention to her would-be GOP challengers
* Hillary Clinton Is Strong on Fighting ISIS — but Democrats Don't Seem to Care
* Hillary Clinton and the Democrats' National Security Problem
* Hillary Clinton Announces Plan to Cure Alzheimer's by 2025
* Clinton Aide Calls Trump Language 'Degrading'
* More Democrats Than Republicans Expect to Get Holiday Bonuses 
* How Clinton Gave a Gift to the GOP

Russia is Using Cluster Bombs on Civilians in Syria, Says Amnesty International

New Year's Threat in Europe - Police in Vienna, Austria, confirmed that an unnamed intelligence service issued warnings in the days before Christmas to capital cities across the continent of a possible shooting or bomb attack between Christmas and the New Year
* 9th Suspect Arrested in Paris Terror Attacks
* France Hardens Stance On Dual-National Terror Convicts
* Charlie Hebdo Editor: Europe's Problem Is Racism, Not Islamophobia
* How Europe's Terrorists Get Their Guns 

Ramadi 'Retaken' From ISIS - U.S.-trained Iraqi forces regained control of a government complex in the city of Ramadi, seen as a decisive blow in the struggle to retake the city from ISIS. Mopping up operations are the next step, an army spokesman said
* Iraqi Forces Move to Retake ISIS-Held City of Ramadi 
* Iraqi Forces Surround ISIS-Ruled Ramadi 
* Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan Echoes the 30 Years' War
* U.S. to Deploy 100 Special Operations Forces to Iraq
* Pentagon's Words Don't Match Facts on ISIS

Iraqi Troops 'Liberate' Ramadi But Pockets of ISIS Remain

Wild Winter Weather Kills 43 in U.S.

Trump Says New Hampshire Newspaper Is a 'Pile of Garbage'

Coca-Cola Paid $550K to Head of Anti-Obesity Group

A Nervous New Year - Authorities are on the alert across Europe after New Year's fireworks and other public celebrations were canceled in Belgium's capital Brussels due to a suspected terrorist threat, and Turkish authorities announced they had foiled suicide bombings planned for New Year's Eve in Ankara
* ISIS Militants Accused of Plotting New Year's Eve Attack
* 2 Arrested in Belgium for Plotting Holiday Attacks
* Times Square on New Year's Eve to Be the 'Safest Place in the World'  
* Europe on Alert for New Year's Eve Terror Threat
* 9th Suspect Arrested in Paris Terror Attacks

Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault After Years of Allegations

Donald Trump Shifts Focus to Hillary Clinton

50 Astonishing Animal Photos of 2015

Critics want more urgency from L.A. leaders on the homelessness crisis 
■ Essential California: Will El Niño suspend trash pickups?  
9th Circuit says L.A. broke the law when it cut housing subsidies for the poor
Ex-L.A. County sheriff's deputies sentenced to prison for beating of jail visitor  
Cold front brings record lows to Northern California; Southland to warm up
Electric vehicle firm BYD accused of violating L.A. wage rules 
Documentary-maker rediscovers Judaism, family, self  
On biking while black, South L.A. and car-less dating   
California water conservation lagged in October, but state is still on course
L.A. County supervisors vote against selling 241 public housing units
Will El Nino be able to flush fish invaders out of the L.A. River? 
■ Tashfeen Malik was 'modern girl' who began posting extremist messages on Facebook
■ In address to nation, Obama to outline plan to fight terrorism and Islamic State
■ American Muslims raise more than $100,000 for families of San Bernardino shooting victims
■ Tashfeen Malik messaged Facebook friends about her support for jihad 
■ Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti announces support for higher water rates

San Bernardino is on edge, newly cautious  -- and not alone - Joe Mozingo, Louis Sahagun, Ruben Vives and Sarah Parvini
"I'm listening and watching for signs of trouble -- sirens, even helicopters," says one resident at a Christmas parade. The shootings have given rise to a new mix of jitters nationwide.
* Shooting updates : Residents on edge, an open letter to Tashfeen Malik  
* Photos: Deadly San Bernardino mass shooting  
* White House: Attackers had no outside support from wider terrorist cell 
* Shooting victims: Who they were  

■ In address to nation, Obama to outline plan to fight terrorism and Islamic State
■ Obama: 'This was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people'

■ L.A. schools to reopen Wednesday; threat against schools was 'not credible,' officials say - by : Hailey Branson-Potts, Stephen Ceasar and Howard Blume
The unprecedented districtwide shutdown reflected the tense atmosphere over possible terrorist attacks less than two weeks after two Islamic radicals opened fire at a workplace party in San Bernardino, killing 14.
* L.A. schools threat disrupts many people's daily routines

Don't like Donald Trump? Blame Sarah Palin
Anxious parents send children back to L.A. schools as safety concerns linger
15-year-old YouTube star arrested and charged with sexual exploitation
■ Continuing grim tradition, President Obama, first lady meet families of San Bernardino shooting victims 
■ Another rare sea serpent has washed ashore in Southern California 
Suspect fatally shot by police in Harbor-UCLA Medical Center emergency room, LAPD says
■ That bright light in the sky? A meteor or space debris, experts say 
Drought increases risk of destructive mudflows during El Nino storms
Big change starts small as Lyft arrives at LAX 
■ Christmas returns to calm after rare tornado and heavy Sierra snowstorm 
1,200-acre brush fire north of Ventura is 60% contained; evacuation orders lifted 
California officials upbeat about snowpack, but long-range prospects are unknown 

■  How does Islamic State make money off oil fields in Syria and Iraq?
Americans in Beijing warned of terror threat; parts of city locked down

■ Obama says U.S. hitting Islamic State 'harder than ever'
Who bought the Las Vegas Review-Journal? It's anybody's guess
■ A tough night for Trump and political correctness: 5 takeaways from the Republican debate
■ Congress nears sweeping deal on spending, oil export ban and specialty tax breaks
■ Terrorism and tough talk take center stage at Republican presidential debate
■ Congress is set to approve a massive spending bill and tax measure, setting aside dysfunction 
■ A more prickly Democratic debate erupts in early-voting New Hampshire 
■ In at least one huge deal in L.A., Trump got schooled. Trump once fought an ugly battle over an L.A. landmark -- and blinked  
■ Vegas newspaper stands up to its newly unveiled owner, casino giant Sheldon Adelson
How Trump's comments on Muslims fit into the country's history of religious demagoguery
Colorado's pot industry is a cash business. A small credit union wants to change that
Crime in Los Angeles rose in all categories in 2015, LAPD says 

You can now have your Dunkin' Donuts coffee and doughnuts delivered
Where to get tamales for Christmas
3 last-minute homemade holiday gift ideas 

13 enchanting gift ideas for house and home  
17 gifts that will guarantee a healthier 2016

Brown readies to take spot on global climate stage: 'They're not calling him Moonbeam anymore'
■ Rep. Loretta Sanchez: 'I've never attacked Muslims'
■ 'You can't insult your way to the presidency' and other times Bush attacked Trump at the GOP debate

TECHNOLOGY :  Bill Gates' foundation to donate $3 million to (RED) if people use Snapchat on Tuesday

Is Yahoo dead? Or: How do you solve a problem like Marissa?
■ How the budget deal opens the door even wider for secret money in politics

■ Review: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a beast, but surprisingly well behaved

Disneyland to close some attractions to build 'Star Wars' land 

Donald Trump manages to make his demagoguery even uglier
■ Democrats and Republicans agree--regime change is out of fashion 
■ Working the refs on nutrition science. Have you heard? The GOP is declaring war on science again
■ Donald Trump's campaign: It's less chaotic and more calculated than it looks
I 'schlonged' first, and I'm sorry 
Why did I pay $30 to see 'Star Wars'? 
Luke's subversive story of Jesus' birth 
Why I'm not looking forward to the new year 
Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and other things I got wrong in 2015

SCIENCE : Man's best friend for a long time: Dogs go back 33,000 years, study finds

■ HERO COMPLEX : 'Star Wars' is back : Inside the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' premiere

* 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' grosses whopping $120.5 million for opening day 
* 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' grosses estimated $238 million in U.S. and Canada

GOSSIP : William, Catherine and their royal babies pose for casual Christmas portrait 

MOVIES : 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': Was it worth the wait?

HOME : I believe the spirit of Christmas lives in long lines, traffic, razor wire ... and family

PHOTOGRAPHY : GOP debate in Las Vegas

BEST OF 2015
TRAVEL : How Disneyland celebrated its 60th anniversary
■ HEALTH & FITNESS : After I was sexually assaulted, it was yoga that transformed my life
■ AUTOS : 2015 Top 10: What a year for great machines! 
■ LOCAL : Steve Lopez : How income inequality pervades the L.A. landscape
■ FOOD : Jonathan Gold's 10 best dishes of 2015
■ HOME & GARDEN : 28 things to do to prepare for El Nino rains this season

Posted by Marc Martin
* A variety act in Echo Park  
* The Week in Pictures | December 14 – 20, 2015  
* Forget jingling bells and ho-ho-hos, these are now the sounds of the holidays
* 2015 | The Year in Pictures

Posted by Robert Lachman
* Christmas 2015: Gift ideas for photographers

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"Thank you for your perception! I like your romantic side, even if I do not always comment and I'm glad that you're in my circle of friends."
(Courtesies by: Wolfgang A. Gerhardt)

Wolfgang A.Gerhardt : May be you like this Sunday collage

Cisca Zarmansyah : Before today, there never was a person doing this to me. You create a simple matter to look special. This is a special thing for me.

Cisca Zarmansyah : Thank you. I love it. I love you, my friend.

CieL- FreYa Ceastle : Hmm, he's so nice...

"I am me.
In all the world,
there is no one else exactly like me.
Everything that comes out of me
is authentically mine,
because I alone chose it --
I own everything about me:
my body,
my feelings,
my mouth,
my voice,
all my actions,
whether they be to others or myself.
I own my fantasies,
my dreams,
my hopes,
my fears.
I own my triumphs and successes,
all my failures and mistakes.
Because I own all of me,
I can become intimately acquainted with me.
By so doing,
I can love me
and be friendly with all my parts.
I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me,
and other aspects that I do not know
-- but as long as I am friendly
and loving to myself,
I can courageously and hopefully
look for solutions
to the puzzles and ways
to find out more about me.
However I look and sound,
whatever I say and do,
and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time
is authentically me.
If later some parts of how I looked,
and felt
turn out to be unfitting,
I can discard that which is unfitting,
keep the rest,
and invent something new
for that which I discarded.
I can see,
say, and do.
I have the tools to survive,
to be close to others,
to be productive,
and to make sense
and order out of the world of people
and things outside of me.
I own me,
and therefore,
I can engineer me.
I am me,
and I am okay."

(American Phychologist and Educator, 1916-1988)