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News Headlines (534) 1 May - 15 May 2015


1 May 2015 : Your productivity can reach new heights now, even if you fritter some of the day away. However, just drifting along isn't in your best interest; you must make a concerted effort to use the cosmic energy that's available to you today. The real key to your success is to focus on one activity at a time. It's quite simple: if you maintain your concentration, even for short bursts of focused intensity, you will get so much work done in such a short amount of time that others will think you're a wizard. Intention plus hard work equals magic.

2 May 2015 : Although you Rams are sometimes criticized for behaving selfishly, the emphasis is on everyone else today. You might even feel a sense of relief now that you can take a break from focusing on your own personal agenda. Instead of trying to get your way, concentrate on what you could do for others to make them feel at ease. Fortunately, your current graciousness allows everyone to reflect your positive vibes back to you.

3 May 2015 : Sticking close to the facts is crucial today because deviations from the truth elicit an unavoidable reality check. You can run into trouble if you don't think about the impact of your words before you speak. But you won't get away with shallow communication while the Scorpio Full Moon illuminates your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Creating intimacy in a relationship requires you to have the courage to delve into your emotions. Open your heart and meet the other person halfway.

4 May 2015 :  You must make a decision today as your desire to demonstrate your love conflicts with more practical pursuits. It's as if your gesture of affection could cause negative ripples in other parts of your life. Nevertheless, you might choose to proceed as if you didn't care what happens next. Be careful; there's no reason to push an unstable situation past the point of no return. Your plans will only fall apart if you go overboard in your drive to experience pleasure in the moment. Observe the edge without going over it.

5 May 2015 : People can't help but take notice of you when you walk into a room today. It's as if they are watching your every move to see what you will do next. Don't squander this chance to bring others into your camp. Remember, your persuasive powers are the strongest if you remain true to yourself -- so consider what you value most. Your integrity is non-negotiable; once you are clear about your priorities you can let circumstances influence your progress, but not your direction.

6 May 2015 : Fixating on your future goals makes focusing on the present moment impossible. Nevertheless, you're like a bee to honey today and you can't take your mind off the road ahead. Perhaps the temptation of so many lovely flowers is just plain irresistible. Nevertheless, ignoring your current responsibilities is not an option. Make whatever modifications to your schedule are necessary to reach your goals. Take care of business now so you can embrace your future later without any baggage.

7 May 2015 : You aren't happy with your busy schedule today, but you're resigned to take the more responsible path anyway. Nevertheless, you must confront your irrepressible temptation to procrastinate; nothing will be gained by distracting yourself from your current obligations. Thankfully, once you commit to wholeheartedly focusing your intentions, you gain the power to harness your unrealized potential and have a productive day in spite of yourself. Ironically, your mind is your weakest link and your greatest ally.

8 May 2015 : Your self-confidence is based on your practical outlook today; you know your strengths and understand what you must do to achieve your goals. However, you still may worry about the possible reaction to your direct approach. Although you might not mislead anyone intentionally, you're tempted to sidestep a delicate situation because Venus' shift into receptive Cancer increases your vulnerability. Nevertheless, your self-esteem could suffer unless you follow through with your original intentions and just get the job done.

9 May 2015 : You are a quick learner and thinking on your feet enables you to be quite comfortable in situations that would make others uneasy. However, you may get your signals crossed today and make a decision based on a misunderstanding. Reality isn't as black and white as you expect; you see a lot of shades of gray now. Acknowledging your lack of certainty lessens the pressure you might feel. Instead of running with one of your spontaneous ideas, it's wiser to take your cues from others. You don't always have to be the leader of the pack.

10 May 2015 : Although you are widely known for your impulsive behavior, your current social involvement is probably more considered. Your motives might not be obvious, but you could go out of your way now to cooperate with people to hide your fear of rejection. Unfortunately, this uncharacteristic strategy won't likely lead to the results you seek. Instead, adopt a radical approach by expressing your feelings and letting the cards fall where they may. Others find it easier to converse with you when you are upfront and honest right from the start.

11 May 2015 : It feels as if you're standing on the edge of an emotional cliff trying to decide whether or not to jump. You intuitively believe that you'll be safe as you fly toward the ground, yet the adrenaline rush is exciting. However, this mysterious gravitational tug with the unknown is also be a bit scary. You're not as confident once you enter the feeling realm, especially if you don't think you're in control of the situation. Nevertheless, your experience can be meaningful and memorable if you're willing to take a risk with your heart.

12 May 2015 : Confusion catches you off guard today if someone you trust seems to be working against you. You might think that everyone's on your side, only to find that complex interpersonal dynamics are hidden from your view. The antidote to your current struggles may be as simple as renewing your commitment to the mutual good of all involved. A stressful aspect between pushy Mars and controlling Pluto leaves little room for selfish behavior. Voicing your intent clearly could be the catalyst that ameliorates the drama and allows you to return to your work sooner than you expect.

13 May 2015 : Starting an argument with a friend today isn't in your best interest, even if you believe he or she is hiding something from you. You could unintentionally turn a small oversight or a simple misunderstanding into a full-blown crisis if you're worried about being left out of the action. However, jumping to conclusions about other people's motives isn't wise. Don't expect everyone to always include you in their plans, especially when you are often quick to express your need for independence. Live and let live.

14 May 2015 : Your waiting period is over -- or is it? You might rush headstrong into a new project or a new relationship, only to discover that all the pieces aren't quite in place. You may have to do a quick reassessment and modify your plans accordingly. Unfortunately, it's going to take more than a quick fix to get everything right. Don't give up; committing to a goal is more important than ever, even if your timetable still needs revision. Ultimately, your passionate determination will bring the rewards you seek.

15 May 2015 : You attempt to convince others that you're right today by making bold assertions about your capabilities. However, your enthusiasm isn't a substitute for the practical work that's required to reach your goals. You should be able to overcome most any resistance you encounter now, assuming you haven't aimed too high. Nevertheless, don't expect immediate results, for lasting success will take more time and effort than you thought. Instead of talking about your plans, get busy and show everyone what you can do.

Many things which cannot be overcome when they stand together yield themselves up when taken little by little. - Sertorius

■ 29 April 2015 : It Is Not True That More Than One Fifth Of American Children Live In Poverty
■ 3 May 2015 : Sanctions, Wars And Falling Oil Prices No Match For Vladimir Putin

■ 24 February 2012 : Secret £14million Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' unearthed in Turkey
■ 29 April 2015 : Goodbye McDreamhouse! Patrick Dempsey and wife Jillian Fink list their Malibu home for $14.5 million after divorce announcement 
■ 25 May 2012 : Seized from smugglers, the leather-bound 'gospel' which Iran claims will bring down Christianity and shake world politics
■ 18 August 2014 : The world's fattest man who ate himself to death: Confined to his bed and too large for surgery, how Ricky Naputi finally lost his battle with food addiction. The man from Guam weighed more than 400 kilos (900 pounds) at heaviest. Ricky was too heavy for weight loss surgery and was told to lose weight. He was the subject of the TLC documentary '900-pound man'. Ricky failed to shed even just 45 kilograms (100 pounds) to have surgery. His marriage with wife and primary carer Cheryl broke down. Doctors from America, Guam and Australia tried to help the man.He died from morbid obesity on November 10, 2012
■ 23 March 2015 : First ever mixed race Miss Japan forced to defend herself after being abused for 'not being Japanese enough' because father is African-American
■ 9 April 2015 : Is this the most bizarre pregnancy craving ever? Woman reveals she spent nine months eating ROCKS... and just seeing stones made her mouth water (VIDEO
■ 25 April 2015 : Former world's fattest man who lost 46 STONE -- Paul Mason--goes under the knife in America to remove excess skin - after NHS refused to do it
■ 30 April 2015 : A boy's best friend: Mother captures heartwarming images of the special relationship between her two-year-old toddler and his dogs 
■ 30 April 2015 : Why being lonely makes you eat more: Being hungry could be the body's way of telling you to seek out company 
■ 30 April 2015 : From sporty smiling youngster to Britain's fattest man: How binge eating and the trauma of losing his mother turned this happy 10-year-old -- Carl Thompson -- into a bed-bound 65 stone 32-year-old  
■ 30 April 2015 : Busted! Amber Rose shows off cleavage in raunchy selfie more scenes from her steamy new movie Sister Code are revealed 
■ 1 May 2015 : How Berlin rose from the ashes: Amazing comparison pictures show the Red Army rampaging through German capital in 1945 - and how the same scenes look today 
■ 1 May 2015 : Meet Amal's sister! Tala Alamuddin looks almost identical to Mrs Clooney on stylish outing in New York
■ 1 May 2015 : Peace at last? Richard Gere and estranged wife Carey Lowell 'act cordially in divorce court as they duke it out over his $100m fortune'
■ 1 May 2015 : Thief who stole a gold necklace and swallowed it is force-fed 60 bananas by police in a bid to make him shift it in India
■ 2 May 2015 : EXCLUSIVE: Cop charged with murder of Freddie Gray told family he begged arresting officers to restrain dead man and now lives in fear of revenge attacks on wife and children
■ 2 May 2015 : Be authentic, spend three hours a day on social media and ignore the critics: Food blogger Deliciously Ella Woodward reveals how YOU can build a global brand from your bedroom
■ 2 May 2015 : 'Have some f**king respect': Brody Jenner hits back over claims he was pictured 'buying a red dress for dad Bruce'
■ 3 May 2015 : The perfect little princess who had an express delivery: Speedy Duchess of Cambridge emerges with new baby daughter looking utterly radiant - just 10 hours after giving birth to lovely 8lb 3oz girl
■ 3 May 2015 : Britain turns pink for its new Princess: Special lighting for some of UK's most famous landmarks as country celebrates Royal baby
■ 3 May 2015 : It's a Spice Girls reunion! Posh, Sporty, Baby and Ginger get together for David Beckham's 40th birthday... but Scary is nowhere to be seen
■ 4 May 2015 : Move over Ms Minogue! Kylie and Kendall Jenner attempt to trademark their first names to prevent any other celebs from using them
■ 5 May 2015 : Kendall Jenner puts on a side show in revealing lace-up dress at Met Gala as the new face and knock-out body of Calvin Klein
■ 5 may 2015 : Kim Kardashian wears her most daring dress yet to the Met Gala as she flashes flesh in a sheer Roberto Cavalli gown (but did she copy Beyonce?)
■ 5 May 2015 : For the mother he lost: William ensures most poignant of tributes to the Princess the Palace tried to forget in naming of his daughter. Kate and William have chosen to name the baby after The Queen and William's late mother, the Princess of Wales. Name announced by Kensington Palace two days after the princess's birth - she was born on Saturday morning. Charlotte, which is French in origin, is feminine version of Charles, a nod to her grandfather, the Prince of Wales. Diana's closest friend Rosa Monckton said: 'Diana 's spirit lives on in her sons, and now her name lives on in her granddaughter' 
■ 5 May 2015 : Bottled birds: How callous smugglers cram cockatoos into plastic bottles to get them through customs 
■ 5 May 2015 : 'It's not complicated, you got caught with numerous men': Cheaters who are exposed by their partners in hilarious Facebook status updates revealed 
■ 5 May 2015 : Bootylicious! Kim Kardashian brings in the Spanx to wear tight split skirt morning after fashion face off with Beyonce at Met Gala
■ 5 May 2015 : Upping the ante! Kendall Jenner parades her endless model legs and taut abs in tiny leather mini skirt and daring crop top as she changes for Met Gala afterparty
■ 5 May 2015 : Royal family descends on Washington DC: Prince William and Kate, Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth waxworks arrive in nation's capitol 
■ 6 May 2015 : Great Granny's turn! Queen pops in to meet baby Charlotte for 30 minutes... after Carole drops by for six hours
■ 6 May 2015 : Nepal tragedy takes toll even on cremation overseers
■ 6 May 2015 : Top Bollywood actor Salman Khan jailed for five years after court finds him guilty of killing a homeless man in a hit-and-run
■ 7 May 2015 : A blood debt to Russia and a moral dilemma for Britain: Despite the fact that 27 million Russians died defeating Hitler, the Government is snubbing Moscow's VE Day parade. Sadly Putin has left us no choice
■ 8 May 2015 : 'I just want him to be happy': Kris Jenner talks about Bruce Jenner's gender transition in new interview
■ 8 May 2015 : 'At 10 she'd say "Kimmy, how come my lips aren't as big as yours?"': Kim Kardashian reveals Kylie, 17, envied her plump pout for years before getting fillers
■ 8 May 2015 : 'I really was hoping for a girl': Beaming Prince Charles says he plans to spoil Princess Charlotte... and hopes she'll look after him in his old age
■ 8 May 2015 : Amber Rose puts on an eye-popping display in a very low-cut curve-hugging dress as she premieres her new film Sister Code
■ 8 May 2015 : FIRST LOOK: 'We want to meet her': Kylie Jenner tells dad Bruce she's eager to get to know his female side as Kendall cries in debut clip for KUWTK special
■ 8 May 2015 : As Kylie Jenner, 17, admits to having lip fillers, experts warn she is already risking a wonky pout... claiming she's 'too young' and is having 'too many' injections. Celebrity skin guru Lee Garrett spoke to FEMAIL about his concerns. Says Kylie should have waited until she was 21. Risks of too many lip filler injections include 'asymmetrical' effects. Kylie finally admitted she'd had the procedure yesterday
■ 9 May 2015 : So that's how she does it! Khloe Kardashian makes her hourglass figure go from impressive to impossible to forget as she works out in a very tight waist trainer
■ 9 May 2015 : Kendall Jenner scores a fashion victory in kinky gladiator boots and tiny shorts as she joins Khloe Kardashian at basketball game
■ 9 May 2015 : 'We're really excited... even mom!' Kim Kardashian reveals Kris Jenner is happy for Bruce and talks about her plans for Mother's Day
■ 9 May 2015 : Did Kylie Jenner, 17, say she's 'high as f**k'? Teen reality star appears to make mumbled claim in brief Snapchat video
■ 9 May 2015 : Posh under fire for bags and purses made from python: Campaigners' anger over Victoria Beckham collection that also uses alligator and ostrich skins
■ 9 May 2015 : Putting ideas in his head? Irina Shayk dazzles in figure-hugging wedding dress on the catwalk... just days after kissing 'new man' Bradley Cooper
■ 9 May 2015 : La Casa de Castile! Beyonce Knowles` and Jay Z plunk down $2.6m for historic Spanish Baroque home in New Orleans 
■ 10 May 2015 : As Cameron celebrates returning to Downing Street, windswept wife Samantha also heads back to No.10... on trendy £165 scooter
■ 10 May 2015 : 'They look too big!' Kendall Jenner slams sister Kylie's lip fillers Kim Kardashian advises her to not 'go overboard' 
■ 11 May 2015 : Broody Prince Harry: I'm at a crossroads in my life... I'd love to settle down and have a royal baby of my own, he reveals
■ 13 May 2015 : Four bottles of French Sauv Blanc, rib eye and hand-cut chips: The $840 lunch that ended with John Singleton in a boozy brawl revealed... but who on earth ordered the broccoli and green tea? John Singleton has been hit with a $550 fine after taking a swing at long-time friend Jack Cowin with a broken wine glass after a long lunch
■ 13 May 2015 : Kylie Jenner's 'family think rumoured boyfriend Tyga, 25, is a bad influence on the 17-year-old'
■ 13 May 2015 : A family affair! Kourtney Kardashian shows off her post-pregnancy figure in retro outfit as she gets back to work at the DASH store with Scott Disick and son Mason
■ 13 May 2015 : America's bee crisis: Researchers find more than 40% of hives have died in the past year - and say mites and pesticides are to blame
■ 14 May 2015 : Lindsay Lohan turns to Islam: Troubled actress carries the Koran as she steps out after court-ordered community service at a children's center
■ 14 May 2015 : Jet-setter Kim Kardashian showcases cleavage in clingy white tank-dress at LAX
■ 14 May 2015 : Kendall Jenner emulates half-sister Kim Kardashian in white skinny trousers and maxi-top while at lunch in Encino
■ 14 May 2015 : Natalie Portman wows in strapless scarlet gown as she walks the Cannes red carpet hand-in-hand with husband Benjamin Millepied
■ 14 May 2015 : It's a (nother) boy! Family with 12 SONS welcomes number 13 after waiting to find out until birth if it was a boy or girl

■ 12 February 2010 : 'I am about to eat sushi off a naked woman's body'. 'Nyotaimori' is the Japanese tradition of eating sushi off a perfectly still, naked woman's body. Just the sort of thing to enrage a diehard feminist
■ 29 October 2012 : Scare yourself thin: horror movies help burn calories, study finds
■ 29 April 2015 : UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops
■ 29 April 2015 : Nepal earthquake: tensions rise over slow pace of aid
■ 30 April 2015 : The 'mummy blogger': 'accused of trying to steal jobs from real journalists'
■ 3 May 2015 : South Asia al-Qaida group video claims responsibility for blogger murders 
■ 5 May 2015 : EC slashes Greek growth forecasts, as Athens hits out at troika - as it happened
■ 6 May 2015 : Cuba ferry services to resume from US
■ 12 May 2015 : Obama's plans for trade deals with Asia and Europe in tatters after Senate vote . White House officials dismissed the Senate vote against fast tracking as a “procedural snafu” but without this crucial agreement from lawmakers to give the administration negotiating freedom, it is seen as highly unlikely that international diplomats can complete either of the two giant trade deals currently in negotiation: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
■ 13 May 2015 : Pacific and European trade deals may be back on track as US Senate votes again. Democrats reach compromise on new votes after decision on Tuesday seemed to deal fatal blow to White House’s pursuit of new on TPP and TTIP free trade agreements with Asia and Europe
■ 13 May 2015 : "I was too charismatic and sexy, that was the problem. I was a weapon, and they didn’t stand a chance. Maybe I should wear less red from now on." Does wearing red really make you dominant, charismatic and sexy? A new study claims it does. Stuart Heritage puts the theory to the test in his local town centre
■ 14 May 2015 : 30 Minutes With Steven Seagal
■ 14 May 2015 : South-east Asia faces its own migrant crisis as states play 'human ping-pong'
■ 14 May 2015 : Have Qatar's work conditions improved? Migrant labourers tell their stories
■ 14 May 2015 : Ciara: 'I don't see myself beneath Beyoncé and Jay Z – I'm in my own world'

■ 30 April 2015 : Why California's Drought Was Completely Preventable
■ 30 April 2015 : Paul Ryan to Obama: Don't Blame GOP Congress for Baltimore Riots
■ 30 April 2015 : Baltimore, Charlie Hebdo, and the Weaponization of Cultural Politics
■ 14 May 2015 : Why Does 'Organized Religion' Get a Bad Rap? Because the Elite Lies About It
■ 14 May 2015 : How Obama Became the Castros' New Patron

■ 13 June 2014 : Can a Mayor Be Too Honest?
■ 29 April 2015 : Baltimore, a Great Society Failure
■ 14 May 2015 : Camp David: No breakthroughs
■ 14 May 2015 : PATRIOT Act spying programs on death watch
■ 14 May 2015 : We Can End the Illegal Sex Trade
■ 14 May 2015 : Republican National Committee presidential straw poll counts 36 candidates

■ 28 April 2015 : Number of Atheists in the Arab World Rivals the West. According to a poll, the same percentage of Arab citizens identify themselves as confirmed atheists as Americans.
See? Religion is not nationality. Islam is not synonymous with Arab.

■ 29 April 2015 : After Baltimore, a Call to Reclaim Mother's Day
■ 11 May 2015 : Yemen's War Is Redrawing the Middle East's Fault Lines
■ 13 May 2015 : DC's Dictator Summit - A Washington gathering of Persian Gulf autocrats sums up the absurdity of America's relationship with some of the world's most oppressive regimes.
■ 13 May 2015 : Celebrating Destruction - Our wartime commemorations are the functional equivalent of mounting the heads of our victims on pikes. Are we surprised that others celebrate bloodshed when we do the same?

■ 30 April 2015 : Bernie Sanders Could Push Hillary Clinton into Uncomfortable Foreign Policy Territory
■ 30 April 2015 : Nine Times Peacekeepers Have Sexually Abused Those They're Supposed to Protect
■ 30 April 2015 : Foreign Lives Matter - American racism at home and abroad only highlights the hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy. And the rest of the world isn't buying America's message anymore.

KNOW YOUR MONEY - How To Detect Counterfeit Money ||SYRACUSE 30 April 2015 : 7 ways to avoid getting counterfeit money

VALUE WALK 1 May 2015 : Russia's Putin Rewriting History To Justify War With The West

■ 6 March 2015 : Meet 100-Year-Old Dancer Eileen Kramer, One Of The Oldest Choreographers In The World 
■ 1 May 2015 : Assad Is Losing and Iran as Well -- It Can Be Dangerous
■ 1 May 2015 : Amal Clooney And Her Sister, Tala Alamuddin, Could Be Twins
■ 1 May 2015 : Cuba Is Booming On Airbnb, As If We Needed Another Reason To Go
■ 3 May 2015 : Dannielynn Birkhead Looked Precious As Usual At The 2015 Kentucky Derby
■ 3 May 2015 : Allies: Why Japan, Rather Than Israel, Should Be the New Britain
■ 3 May 2015 : John Kerry Just Took Selfies To A Whole New Level
■ 3 May 2015 : Waitress Gives Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback A Tip
■ 4 May 2015 : Met Gala 2015 Red Carpet: See All The Stunning Dresses Of The Night


■ 1 May 2015 : Les Femen contre un hommage à Jeanne d'Arc : il y a féminisme et féminisme. Aujourd'hui 1er mai se tenait à Paris le traditionnel défilé du Front national en hommage à Jeanne d'Arc, au cours duquel trois membres du groupe Femen ont tenté de perturber le discours de Marine Le Pen place de l'Opéra. ERTV était sur place.

■ 2 May 2015 : Alain Soral rend hommage à Jeanne d'Arc. La France peut-elle encore être sauvée? Alain Soral revient sur l'exemple de Jeanne d'Arc et invite tous les Français à défiler le 10 Mai.
■ 11 Mai 2015 : Abby Martin : "Hillary Clinton est une criminelle de guerre
■ 11 Mai 2015 : Payés pour être eux-mêmes!
■ 11 Mai 2015 :  Gilad Atzmon : "Les lobbyistes israéliens dominent la politique britannique"

■ 16 April 2015 : Welcome to Your First Year as a Lawyer. Your Salary Is $160,000.
■ 2 May 2015 : Maya Plisetskaya, Ballerina Who Embodied Bolshoi, Dies at 89
■ 11 May 2015 : Netanyahu made explicit the implicit beliefs and attitudes which are the real norms of Zionist, Jewish Israel.
■ 11 May 2015 : For an Aging Brain, Looking for Ways to Keep Memory Sharp
■ 12 May 2015 : Lawyers With Lowest Pay Report More Happiness
■ 12 May 2015 : Just Think of Mom as the Family C.E.O.
■ 12 May 2015 : Americans "want to see Cuba before it becomes Cancún. Ready to Go to Cuba? It Has Gotten Even Easier
■ 13 May 2015 : Vatican to Recognize Palestinian State in New Treaty
■ 13 May 2015 : 18 Recipes to Celebrate Strawberry Season
■ 13 May 2015 : College Student to Jeb Bush: 'Your Brother Created ISIS'
■ 13 May 2015 : Amtrak Needs Help
■ 13 May 2015 : One Day After Wreck, Increased Funding for Amtrak Fails in a House Panel
■ 13 May 2015 : Amtrak Crash Throws Spotlight on Funding Disputes; Republicans Back Cuts
■ 14 May 2015 : The Last Day of Her Life - When Sandy Bem found out she had Alzheimer's, she resolved that before the disease stole her mind, she would kill herself. The question was, when?

NATIONAL SUN TIMES 30 April 2015 : Russia gets 'Edge of Tomorrow' style exoskeleton soldiers  || WIRED 7 October 2010 : Headline: Exoskeletons, Robo Rats and Synthetic Skin: The Pentagon's Cyborg Army

IB TIMES Au 3 May 2015 : Richard Gere Divorce: Carrey Lowell Wants More Than $127 Million

■ 2 May 2015 : For a Day, 'Dad Bods' Made Us Obsess Over Men's Bodies Like We Do Women's
■ 3 May 2015 : 'It Was Never a Dress' Ingeniously Updates Women's Room Symbol

US MAGAZINE 3 May 2015 : Prince George's All-Blue Outfit to Meet Baby Princess: Get the Style Breakdown! ||US HELLO MAGAZINE 2 May 2015 : Prince George matches Prince William during visit to meet his baby sister

TELEGRAPH 30 April 2015 : Welcome to Liberland, the tiny patch of woodland claiming to be the world's newest country || CNN 29 April 2015 : Liberland: Could the world's newest micronation get off the ground?

CNN 4 May 2015 : Don't be fooled by Pamela Geller  ||NY TIMES 4 May 2015 : Pamela Geller, Organizer of Muhammad Cartoon Contest, Trumpets Results ||DAILY BEAST 4 May 2015 : Je Suis Pamela Geller? || WAPO 4 May 2015 : Pamela Geller, the incendiary organizer of Texas 'prophet Muhammad cartoon contest'

■ 26 July 2012 : Text messaging may offer tweens a quick way to send notes to friends and family, but it could lead to declining language and grammar skills, according to researchers. 
■ 30 April 2015 : Walking an extra two minutes each hour may offset hazards of sitting too long
■ 30 April 2015 : Brain scan reveals out-of-body illusion
■ 3 May 2015 : Human-inspired robot takes a brisk walk in the grass
■ 4 May 2015 : Sixth DNA base discovered?
■ 4 May 2015 : Evidence of briny water on Mars

■ 4 May 2015 : Eerie 'X-Files' Sounds Recorded from the Edge of Space
■ 12 May 2015 : Chicken Embryos With Dinosaur Snouts Created in Lab
■ 12 May 2015 : Are You a Leader? Brain Waves Can Tell
■ 13 May 2015 : Gold Treasures Discovered in Ming Dynasty Tomb (Photos)
■ 14 May 2015 : First Warm-Blooded Fish Found
■ 14 May 2015 : 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise Helps Men Live Longer

■ 08 March 2013 : Russian Gymnast -- Tatyana Kozhevnikovam -- Has the World's Strongest Vagina
■ 11 April 2013 : Porn Addict Hospitalized After Trapped Giant Eel Gnaws Through His Digestive Tract 
■ 25 March 2015 : Milk Consumption Protects Aging Brains
■ 01 May 2015 : Smokers More Likely to Quit After ER Advice
■ 08 May 2015 : Higher Altitudes Linked to Healthier Weight
■ 13 May 2015 : Depression Linked to Anger Surge in PTSD Vets

MEDICAL NEWS TODAY 7 May 2015 : Healthy diets make brighter brains

US MAGAZINE 4 May 2015 : J.K. Rowling Apologizes for Killing Off Fred Weasley: "Really Sorry" ||FOXNEWS 4 May 2015 : J.K. Rowling is 'really sorry' for killing off a 'Harry Potter' character

SPIEGEL 18 April 2015 : The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State || MOTHER JONES 19 April 2015 : New Document Cache Shows the Real Roots of ISIS Are as Much Secular as Religious || GUARDIAN 21 April 2015 : Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded in air strike' ||CS MONITOR 21 April 2015 : Was IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi injured? (+video) || TELEGRAPH 21 April 2015 : Isil leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'wounded in air strike in Iraq'  ||GUARDIAN 1 May 2015 : Isis leader incapacitated with suspected spinal injuries after air strike ||DAILY MAIL 19 April 2015 : The murderous blueprint which plotted the rise of ISIS: Terror group followed strategy laid out by Saddam Hussein henchman known as Lord of the Shadows || DAILY MAIL 20 April 2015 : The King of Clubs is dead: Former Saddam henchman on US most-wanted list who became ISIS commander is killed in fighting near former tyrant's home city

NY TIMES 4 May 2015 : Intertwining Celebrities and Fashion at the Met Gala ||E ONLINE 4 May 2015 : Worst Dressed at the 2015 Met Gala — Solange Knowles, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & Many More! 

NY MAG 5 May 2015 : Meet the Beauty Blogger -- Huda Kattan -- Who'll Admit She Wears Makeup to the Gym

CNN MONEY 4 May 2015 : McDonald's CEO promises better food ||BUSINESS INSIDER AUSTRLIA  5 May 2015 : 7 mistakes that led to McDonald's downfall 

RAW STORY 7 May 2015 : Faith healer sues atheist video blogger for using science to expose him on YouTube as a 'swindler'

ABC News 30 April 2015 : In Presidential Bid, Sanders Differs With Clinton ||THE NATION 5 May 2015 : With Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton In, Democrats Prepare for 6 Debates  || NY TIMES 5 May 2015 : 2016 Presidential Election Candidate Tracker - Who Is Running for President (and Who's Not)?

US NEWS 5 May 2015 : Yemen's Shiite rebels, unbowed by Saudi-led airstrikes, fire into kingdom, killing at least 3  ||DW DE 5 May 2015 : Saudi border town hit by Houthi shelling amid GCC summit in Riyadh

CZ 8 May 2015 : A new font based on Einstein's handwriting will let you write like a genius || TELEGRAPH 6 May 2015 : Write like a genius with Albert Einstein's handwriting font

CZ 1 July 2013 : First-ever human head transplant is now possible, says neuroscientist 

TECHTIMES 5 May 2015 : Facebook 'Instant Articles' Initiative Lures Publishers With Ad Money: What's The Real Bottom Line? || ENGADGET 3 May 2015 : WSJ: Facebook to start hosting other sites' content this May

TELEGRAPH 1 May 2015 : How to live to 100: don't smoke, stay cheerful and own a home by || NEWS Au 4 May 2015 : The secrets to a longer life revealed

GUARDIAN 8 May 2015 : Charlotte the Japanese monkey to keep her name despite right royal row. City officials rule out complaints after baby macaque at Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden given same name as British princess ||WAPO 8 May 2015 : Japanese zoo won't rename Charlotte, the baby monkey named after Britain's princess

NBC NEWS 9 May 2015 : Blind Mom's 3-D 'Viewing' Of Unborn Son Goes Viral  ||NY DAILY NEWS 8 May 2015 : SEE IT: Blind mom-to-be 'sees' unborn son in 3D-printed ultrasound

■ 27 April 2015 : Is the House of Saud teetering on the edge of collapse?
■ 08 May 2015 : Don't forget how the Soviet Union saved the world from Hitler
■ 11 May 2015 : New machine could one day replace anesthesiologists
■ 12 May 2015 : Before they go to their new homes, they first have to learn English. Status symbols no more, abandoned golden retrievers flown from Turkey to U.S.
■ 12 May 2015 : Why this Picasso sold for $180 million and what it tells us about the super rich
■ 12 May 2015 : Baltimore has more than 16,000 vacant houses. Why can't the homeless move in?
■ 12 May 2015 : President Obama on how Fox News teaches the middle class to demonize the poor
■ 12 May 2015 : The world's 10 most tourism friendly countries
■ 12 May 2015 : Vienna's traffic lights are now gay-themed
■ 12 May 2015 : 95 percent of parents think their overweight children look 'just right'
■ 13 May 2015 : Japan's half-black Miss Universe says discrimination gives her 'extra motivation'
■ 13 May 2015 : A Dutch artist -- Daan Roosegaarde --  just 'flooded' part of Amsterdam with blue light 
■ 13 May 2015 : 10 members of Congress took trip secretly funded by foreign government 
■ 14 May 2015 : This 81-year-old Army veteran called 911 because he was hungry
■ 14 May 2015 : Scientists have discovered the first fully warm-blooded fish
■ 14 May 2015 : The biosecurity logic behind Australia's threat to kill Johnny Depp's dogs

WAPO 1 October 2012 : Want to increase your productivity? Study says: Look at this adorable kitten. || PLOS ONE 26 September 2012 : The Power of Kawaii: Viewing Cute Images Promotes a Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus ||ZOO BORN
To the zoo! Yes, it is one of my other favorite places, such as libraries, art galleries, museums, and cemeteries.

WASHINGTON TIMES 8 May 2015 : NASA's new drone ideal for endurance surveillance, can fly like helicopter or plane

NY TIMES 8 April 2015 : It's Called Love, Not Rocket Science ||NY DAILY NEWS 24 April 2015 : De Blasio presides over wedding for Queens City Councilwoman and longtime boyfriend at City Hall

PAGESIX 28 April 2015 : Prokhorov throwing a wild 50th birthday bash ||NETS DAILY 30 April 2015 : Mikhail Prokhorov partying like he's 50 ... because he is

RADIO FREE EUROPE RADIO LIBERTY 11 May 2015 : Kadyrov-kovsky Feud Intensifies || BLOOMBERG 5 May 2015 : Khodorkovsky to Show Film on Chechen Leader Kadyrov's Putin Ties

ROBERT REICH 5 January 2015 :  Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a Pending Disaster

ENGADGET 8 May 2015 : Scientists are using powerful X-rays to make better chocolate || WAPO 7 May 2015 : Scientists X-ray chocolate to figure out how to get rid of that weird white stuff

TIMES OF ISRAEL 11 May 2015 : In blow to Obama, Saudi king and other leaders to skip Gulf summit || POLITICO 10 May 2015 : A Saudi snub? Saudi King Salman will skip Camp David summit, sending his crown prince instead. ||NY TIMES 11 May 2015 : King's Absence at Summit Signals a Saudi-U.S. Marriage Adrift

AMERICAN THINKER 10 May 2015 : Russian VE parade snubbed by western leaders || CNN 9 may 2015 : Russia marks 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany with huge parade || TELEGRAPH 9 May 2015 : Russia's Victory Day Parade marks new East-West divide. President Vladimir Putin criticises "unipolar world" as Britain, US and France boycott ceremonies. One of them, Andrei, 39, who goes by the nom de guerre "Doc", said he had returned to Russia in December after fighting as a volunteer against Ukrainian troops at Donetsk airport.

The two wars – in 1941-45 and today in Ukraine – were linked, Andrei asserted. "Today the Ukrainians fight with the name of Bandera on their lips just as they did in the Great Fatherland War," he said, naming a Ukrainian nationalist who collaborated with the Nazis against Soviet forces. "Now we are fighting fascism once again."

Asked what he thought of Western leaders who boycotted the festivities, Andrei said: "Screw them. Peter the Great said Russia only has two allies, the army and the fleet; all the rest are temporary. You find out your friends when you're in trouble. China is our great partner these days."
|| MOSCOW TIMES 24 March 2015  : Russia Wants an Aircraft Supercarrier, But Can It Build One? || DAILY MAIL 10 May 2015 : Now Russia's got SEALS too! Armed sea creatures show off their shooting skills at Russia's bizzare VE day parade || DAILY MAIL 7 May 2015 : Putin spends £5m on making sure it doesn't rain on his V-Day Parade: Jets to spike clouds with chemical cocktail (but it means villages 40 miles away will get deluged)

J POST 9 April 2015  : The rise of the armed forces of Iran, and Putin's Nixon doctrine ||ECONOMIST 24 May 2014 : Putin's new model army. Money and reform have given Russia armed forces it can use

DAILY BEAST 11 May 2015 : Prince Harry: ‘I Would Love to Have Kids—and Someone Next to Me.'|| TODAY 11 May 2015 : Prince Harry's ready for wife 'to share the pressure,' have kids 'right now'

DAILY BEAST 12 May 2015 : Dr. Kanye West Mocks George W. Bush—Bush Center Giggles ||CHICAGO TRIBUNE 11 May 2015 : 'College Dropout' to Ph.D.: Kanye West receives honorary doctorate in Chicago


SAN FRANCISCO GATE 13 May 2015 : Trio of humpback whales spotted in San Francisco Bay

WAPO 12 May 2015 : I'm a florist, but I refused to do flowers for my gay friend's wedding. My relationship with God trumps my connection to anyone on Earth. And now I’m getting sued || HUFFINGTON POST 31 December 2013 : Why I Can't Say 'Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin' Anymore ||CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT 12 May 2015 : Anti-Gay Florist Pens Washington Post Op-Ed, Gets Totally Panned In Comments Section  ||PATHEOS 30 March 2015 : 10 Situations Where Christian Bakers Should Refuse To Bake Wedding Cakes 

ABC NEWS 13 May 2015 : Woman's Skin Cancer Selfie Goes Viral. 27-year-old uses stunning skin cancer selfie to send message about using tanning beds: "If anyone needs a little motivation to not lay in the tanning bed and sun here ya go!" 

SALON 13 May 2015 : Jon Stewart eviscerates the Bush family: Praising George W. is like wearing an "I F*ck Dogs" tee  ||  ► HUFFINGTON POST 13 May 2015 : Jeb Bush Messes Up Charade Of Not Running For President || TALKING POINTS MEMO 13 May 2015 : Jon Stewart Fillets Jeb Bush For Saying He'd Invade Iraq (VIDEO) 

ABOVE THE LAW 13 May 2015 : Homeless Lawyer Secretly Lived In Public Defender’s Office For 5 Months || WALL STREET JOURNAL 7 September 2010 : The Perfect Salary for Happiness: $75,000

THINK PROGRESS 11 Ma 2015 : The World’s First Solar Road Is Producing More Energy Than Expected

DAILY TELEGRAPH 13 May 2015 : Is it important for your partner to be there for the birth of your child?

ALUMNI STANFORD May- June 2015 : A Feminist's Suicide - One professor's radical life lessons. || METRO 12 May 2015: How Terry Pratchett challenged attitudes to euthanasia with Choosing To Die documentary

ABC11 14 May 2015 : Elderly cancer patient calls 911 because he has no food ||ABC News 14 May 2015 : Donations Pouring in for Elderly Man -- Clarence Blackmon -- Who Called 911 for Food ||HUFFINGTON POST 14 May 2015 : North Carolina Authorities Help Elderly Cancer Patient Who Calls 911 For Food

TRAVEL & EVENTS : Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (Please Don't Go by Barcelona).  Want to license this video? Contact me: This video was shot by Jon Rawlins. I'm available for freelance work. Examples of my work. Follow me on twitter. My facebook. The music is "Please don't go" by Barcelona. iTunes. This was shot at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan. Download the desktop wallpaper. Buy the album Absolutes by Barcelona on the iTunes store. The main tank called the 'Kuroshio Sea' holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world's second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 centimeters. Whale sharks and manta rays are kept amongst many other fish species in the main tank. WE MUST PROTECT OUR OCEANS! This was shot using a Canon 5DMKII with a 28-135mm lens. My website. Uploaded on Jul 15, 2009 by Jon Rawlinson

John Rawlinson

NEWS & POLITICS : Malcolm X: Speeches and Interviews (1960-65). Uploaded on Jul 9, 2011 by ConspiracyScope 

NEWS & POLITICS : Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate. Uploaded on May 7, 2011 by Raymond Fisher

Malcolm X: Make It Plain. American Experience: PBS Documentary on the Life & death of the Hon. Malcolm X. (1994). Published on Apr 20, 2013 by godvia

PEOPLE & BLOG : World's Fattest Man - Eating to Death - 900 lbs Paul Mason consumes 20,000 calories a day. At almost 900 lbs, Paul Mason is the world's fattest man. A lifetime addiction to food has left him a prisoner in his own home, trapped in his own body. Published on Jul 18, 2014 by Fat Doctor

FILM & ANIMATIONS : The Man Who Ate Himself To Death (Full Documentary). The tragic story of Ricky Naputi, one of the world's fattest men. At nearly 65 stone, bedridden and confined to his home on the Pacific island of Guam, Ricky had limited access to obesity medical care. Even finding a doctor to give him the weight-loss surgery he so desperately needed would prove to be a massive challenge.

Ricky lived with Cheryl, his wife of ten years, on a beautiful tropical island, but for the last five years of his life he never would never be able to appreciate it. He had become a prisoner in his own home, trapped in his bed, morbidly obese and unable to walk. In a desperate effort to get help, Ricky and Cheryl tracked down campaigner Angie Flores, herself a former weight-loss surgery patient. However, she lived 10,000 miles away in Houston, Texas. Angie promised Ricky that she would try to find away of getting him to America to have the operation.

Ricky was supported by Cheryl and Angie, but was told that to even be considered for surgery he needed to lose weight and attend a special clinic where his food consumption could be closely monitored. Following Ricky during his last few months and witnessing the devastating consequences of his overeating, this film reveals his last ditch effort to save his life. Published on Feb 19, 2014 by DocumFeed

EDUCATION : Patrick Deuel-Half Ton Man. Patrick Deuel is the world's heaviest man - almost 1100 pounds. This documentary opens with paramedics removing a wall of his house in Valentine, Nebraska and transporting him six hours to a hospital where he spent months trying to lose weight to qualify for a gastric bypass operation. Published on Jul 18, 2014 by DocuDramaQueens

PEOPLE & BLOG : My 600 Lb. Live: Meet Amber from Season 3. Published on Dec 27, 2014 by TVRuckus

MUSIC : BIGBANG - BAE BAE M/V. Published on Apr 30, 2015 by BIGBANG

ENTERTAINMENT : Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]. Published on Apr 17, 2015 by Warner Bros. Pictures

GAMING : Minecraft: BOB'S MOM CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game. Published on May 1, 2015 by PopularMMOs

COMEDY : 10 - Quenel+ - Dieudonné répond à Hollande (English Subtitles). Published on Apr 23, 2015 by Dieudonné Officiel

COMEDY : 11 - Quenel+ - Dieudonné répond à Najat Vallaud Belkacem (English Subtitles). Published on Apr 29, 2015 by Dieudonné Officiel

COMEDY : 12 - Quenel+ - Je me sens Laurent Alègre (English Subtitles). Published on May 6, 2015 by Dieudonné Officiel

NEWS & POLITIC : Hommage à Jeanne d'Arc par Alain Soral. Alain Soral appelle à son tour les français résistants à venir manifester dimanche 10 mai à partir de 12h devant l'église Saint-Augustin à Paris. Published on May 2, 2015 by Médias-Presse-Infos

ENTERTAINMENT : 11 Men You Won't Believe Actually Exist! Men you won't believe exist! These unbelievable photos will make you question your belief in what's actually real vs fake. World's most hard to believe people ever!

This is Tom Staniford who has been diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called MDP syndrome (only affecting 8 people in the world). His condition causes him to be unable to store fat underneath his skin. In contrast to what you might think, he has high levels of fat in his blood which caused him to develop Type II diabetes. Tom is an avid Cyclist and is a British National Paracycling champion.

At 453 body piercing, Rolf Buccholz has the world record for the most number of piercings. Before you say you've seen people with more piercings, you should know that 278 of them are in his genitals. Interestingly the only other rolf I know is the dog from the muppets. Mr boo choltz did not start piercing until he was age 41. He says his palm tattoos were some of the most painful. He was actually denied entry into Dubai because based on his appearance he was suspected of black magic.

This is Jeremey meeks aka Hot Felon. This guy is almost as hot as me. Jeremy Meeks was arrested on Felony weapons charges and when the police posted his mug shot he became an internet sensation. He will be sentenced on January 22, 2015

Patrick Deuel was once one of the heaviest men in the world. Weighing 1072 lbs (486kg) he was know as the half ton man. After a gastric bypass surgery he lost 570lbs (260 kg). What I never understand about these cases is how the people are getting food. Who is the person that is providing them with like 20 big macs? It turns out he is married and his wife did the shopping.

This is Arlindo de Souza who injected his arms with synthol. Synthol, or site enhancing oil, is a mixture of oil and alcohol that can be injected into muscles to give them a greatly inflated appearance. Sort of like stuffing a sock down your shorts. Synthol does not translate into any increased strength. Also unlike real muscle, synthol muscles can droop excessively. While we're on the subject of muscles here's another image. Now some websites suggest that this is another case of synthol and/or anabolic steroids but I don't buy it this image looks photoshopped to me. Furthermore many suspect that Moustafa Ismail, who holds the Guiness book of world records for the biggest arms may have used synthol. Do you think he has?

This is Amoo Hadij an 80-year old Iranian man who claims he hasn't bathed in 60 years. He fears that cleaning himself will make him sick. To be honest besides the dirt he looks pretty good for 80, maybe he's been in like a 60 year mud bath. In addition he says he smokes animal poop… clearly Amoo doesn't give a shit...he smokes it.

You maybe looking at this photo and thinking well that's a tiny cell phone. Nope it's actually a normal sized cell phone and this guy just has a really big hands. This was (Leonid Stadnyk) who was reported to be the tallest main at 8'5" or 2.57M making him taller than Bao Xishun of china who stands at 7'ft 9 (2.36M). however he refused to be measured by the Guiness book of world records. By the way The tallest man to ever live was Robert Wadlow who was officially recorded at 8ft 11in (2.72M)

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Chandra Bahadur Dangi (dangee) who is the shortest man to ever life. He is 1ft 9 ½ inches or 54.6 cm tall and is currently 75 years old. His condition is called Primordial dwarfism.

This is Yu Zhenhuan (jen juan) who is listed as the hairyest man in the world. He does looks quite hairy although I seem to remember some mexican children who had hairer faces. As you might imagine dating is difficult. He did have a girlfriend for over two years but apparently her family objected to them getting married.

This is Paul Karason aka papa smurf. The reason his skin was blue is that consumed an excessive amount of colloidal silver in order to treat dermatitis on his face. He admitted that the silver didn't actually solve his dermatitis condition. But he said it helped with his acid reflux and arthritis. The bluish tint of his skin is a condition called Argyria (r-geeria). He died at age 62 of a heart attack but his death is not believed to be related to his silver consumption. Apparently Silver has antibacterial properties and before the introduction of Penicillin used to be used to fight infections.

Kaleem is not a man yet but his pictures are some of the most unbelievable. At 8 years old, His hands have grown enormously measuring 13 inches from palm to his middle finger tip. He has difficulty dressing and feeding himself. As you might imagine he has had to deal with bullying in schools and he does not attend school because the teachers have told his family that the other children are scared of his hands. Unfortunately because his family earns only $23 month, it is difficult for him to even get a diagnosis.

Published on Jan 13, 2015 by Keepin it Karl

PETS & ANIMAL : Reef Life of the Andaman (full marine biology documentary). "Reef Life of the Andaman" is a documentary of the marine life of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar). Published on Oct 31, 2012 by Bubble Vision

FILM & ANIMATIONS : The 46 Year Pregnancy (Full Documentary). This astonishing documentary examines two remarkable pregnancies. In one, a 75-year-old Moroccan woman gave birth to a 'stone baby', 46 years after it was conceived. And a British woman describes her ectopic pregnancy, in which her baby developed outside the womb.

This almost always leads to the baby's death, but in one of the cases, a boy who developed in the stomach lining and was delivered two months early, survived as one of triplets - at odds of around 60 million to one.

In 1955, in a small village outside Casablanca, Zahra Aboutalib went into labour. Forty-eight hours later, the baby was still unborn so Zahra was rushed to hospital. However, after watching a young woman die in agony on the operating table, she turned and fled in panic, convinced she would suffer the same fate.

Days of excruciating pain followed, then the pains suddenly stopped. Zahra believed in the local myth of the 'sleeping baby', so put the pregnancy out of her mind, believing the baby would be born at a later date.

This never happened, and many decades passed -- during which time Zahra adopted three children and became a grandmother. Aged 75, the agonising pains returned, but several doctors couldn't explain them. Then Dr Taibi Quazzani, who felt that Zahra's swollen stomach indicated an ovarian tumour, sent her for scans.

The result was shocking: the mass inside Zahra's stomach was a calcified baby. Unable to be born, the baby -- which had developed outside the womb and fused with Zahra's internal organs -- had died.

To protect itself from infection from this 'foreign body', the body developed a layer of hard calcified material around the dead baby. This hardened over the years. The operation to remove the calcified foetus was a tricky one, as over the decades it had fused with both Zahra's abdominal wall and the internal organs.

But its mother, who could have died of complications so many times over the years, was lucky once more. She had even been lucky to run from the hospital. Without the required scanning technology, the doctors responsible for Zahra's baby would have opened her up for a Caesarian section unaware of the baby's positioning, and would probably have cut through the umbilical cord.

This could caused massive internal bleeding, killing both Zahra and her baby. There are around 300 cases of the syndrome reported, but Zahra's calcified baby spent the longest time in the womb.

Published on Feb 21, 2014 by DocumFeed

NONPROFIT & ACTIVISM : The Real Noah's Ark Found in Turkey: Phenomenon Archives Documentary (ReUpload). Published on Jun 22, 2013 by CircumciseYourHeart

FILM & ANIMATIONS : Taboo: Child Rearing. Published on Feb 14, 2015 by Taboo

FILM & ANIMATIONS:  Taboo: Fat Acceptance. A plus-sized model turns her weight into big business. Published on Jun 6, 2014 by Taboo

TRAVEL & EVENTS : Diving in Bali (720p). Published on Dec 16, 2012 by Bubble Vision

PEOPLE & BLOGS : Maya Plisetskaya - Bolero (choreography by Maurice Béjart). Maurice Béjart's "Bolero" in the performance of a brilliant Jewish dancer Maya Plisetskaya. Published on May 16, 2012 by Arman Shahbazyan

NEWS & POLITICS: Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History. Secret History sheds new light on Hitler's poor health, hypochondria and extraordinary drug dependency, drawing on his personal physician's previously secret medical diaries and journals. Published on Nov 24, 2014 by SickPlanet

ENTERTAINMENT : The Try Guys' Naked Sushi Prank. Published on Apr 1, 2015 by BuzzFeedVideo

HOW TO & LIFE STYLE : Jumping Stilts - A NEW Sport With Super Human Abilities! Uploaded on Jun 26, 2007 by SMPFilms

PEOPLE & BLOG : Dining on Dogs in Yulin: VICE Reports. Southern China has always had a tradition of dining on dogs—people from other parts of the country even joke that Southerners will eat anything with legs but the dinner table. But despite becoming more prosperous in the 1990s, Yulin has maintained the unique tradition of holding a canine banquet every summer. Animal rights activists across China and the rest of the globe have increasingly condemned the Dog Meat Festival, calling for an immediate stop to eating man's best friend. They say the dog meat trade is illegal, unregulated, and cruel. Many claim that numerous dogs that end up in cooking pots are stolen pets or diseased strays. In 2013, the Yulin festival gathered so much negative press that this year, the local government denied the Summer Solstice dog-eating tradition ever even existed. But that hasn't stopped locals from celebrating—nor has it stopped die-hard activists from flooding the town to try to rescue dogs before the slaughter. VICE Reports headed to Yulin this year to get to the bottom of the most controversial festival in China.
■ (Part 1/2). Published on Oct 10, 2014 by VICE 
■ (Part 2/2). Published on Oct 13, 2014 by VICE

PEOPLE & BLOG : Abby Martin Speaks To Joe Rogan About Hillary Clinton. Published on Apr 17, 2015 by Desibeatnik || PEOPLE & BLOG : Joe Rogan Experience #634 - Abby Martin. Abby Martin is an American journalist and former host of "Breaking the Set" for RT America. Published on Apr 15, 2015 by PowerfulJRE

NEWS & POLITICS : Journalist Receives Death/Rape Threats For Wearing Chris Kyle Tee Shirt [Photo]. Published on May 8, 2015 by The Young Turks 

NEWS & POLITICS : Press TV-Gilad Atzmon on The UK Jewish Lobby. Press TV has conducted an interview with Gilad Atzmon, a musician, author and political commentator in London, about a Jewish community' recent criticism of Britain's "complicity" in Israeli war crimes. Published on May 4, 2015 by Gilad Atzmon

NEWS & POLITICS : 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV 152mm self propelled tracked howitzer Russia Russian army rehearsal Victory Day. The 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV is a new generation of Russian-made self-propelled tracked howitzer based on the 2S19 chassis fitted with a new turret. Some few months ago Russia has unveiled a twin-barreled self-propelled howitzer under the name of 2S35, but the project was cancelled. Published on Apr 8, 2015 by armyreco

NEWS & POLITICS : Russian Army Parade Rehearsal, 2015. The Russian Armed Forces Victory Day parade rehearsal on the Alabino, 2015. Published on Apr 19, 2015 by RedSamurai84 

ENTERTAINMENT : Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World. An international cast of gorgeous male models shows just how drastically the physical attributes of the "ideal man" vary across 12 different countries. Published on Mar 18, 2015 by BuzzFeedVideo ||Female Beauty Around The World. One woman traveled to 37 countries to show that stunning female beauty is everywhere. Published on Feb 25, 2015 by BuzzFeedVideo

GAMING : Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders (Official TV Commercial). Published on May 11, 2015 by Clash of Clans

EDUCATION : Richard Dawkins exploding at bullshit in the Bible. Constant attacks of bullshit made Richard Dawkins lost his cool and created a very awkward moment in the room. Published on Apr 9, 2015 by Manvir Singh || FULL DEBATE 

ENTERTAINMENT : Real Time with Bill Maher: What Happened to Rand Paul? (HBO). Published on May 8, 2015 by Real Time with Bill Maher

PEOPLE & BLOG : Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Infrastructure (HBO). America's crumbling infrastructure: It's not a sexy problem, but it is a scary one. Published on Mar 2, 2015 by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

NEWS & POLITIC : Steven Seagal: If The Truth Came Out, Obama Would Be Impeached. Actor Steven Seagal appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix on February 22, 2014 where he called for the impeachment of President Obama. Published on Feb 26, 2014 by Western Journalism

Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe
Lights and Water
Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please don't go by Barcelona)

Six Baltimore officers charged in death of Gray, one with murder

Cop faces murder charge in Baltimore - By Scott Malone and Ian Simpson
(Reuters) - Baltimore's chief prosecutor charged one police officer with murder and five others with lesser crimes in the death of a young black man who suffered a critical neck injury in the back of a police van. 
* Baltimore charges could face swift initial court test
* Video: Six Baltimore cops face criminal charges
* Gallery: Baltimore reacts
* Prosecutor tracks Gray arrest by Baltimore police
* Ten miles north, and a world away

On Clinton's age, Republican rivals imply -- but never say -- she's old
* Exclusive - Britain told U.N. monitors of active Iran nuclear procurement: panel

OPINION : Gazprom and Putin may be running on fumes - By William E. Pomeranz
For all of President Vladimir Putin’s rhetoric about Russian nationalism and economic self-reliance, he finds himself surprisingly constrained in his ability to respond to the European Commission's action against Gazprom. 
    * Condemn the dictator rather than the insurgents you can't control 

Texas police shoot dead 2 gunmen at exhibit of Prophet Mohammad cartoons
* Gunman in Mohammad cartoon attack in Texas monitored for years
* U.S. probing Islamic State claims it was behind Texas cartoon attack

NATO starts anti submarine exercise in North Sea as tension with Russia rise

Macedonian protesters demand resignation of cabinet, clash with police
* Gunfire, explosions in Macedonia as police battle 'armed group'

Anti-Cameron protesters scuffle with London police, 17 arrested

North Korea boasts of firing ballistic missile from submarine
* Video: North Korea submarine missile test
* Congressman says U.S. engaging less with China under Xi 

Special Report: Russian soldiers quit over Ukraine

GREAT DEBATE : Why NSA surveillance is worse than you've ever imagined 

U.S. downplays Saudi snub - By Matt Spetalnick and Angus Mcdowall
WASHINGTON/RIYADH - The White House scrambled to counter perceptions that the Saudi king's absence from a summit later this week could undermine U.S. efforts to assure Gulf states it remains committed to their security against Iran. 
* White House: No Saudi concern over Camp David summit agenda 
* Saudi king sending crown prince to summit with Obama this week

Rock cravings for pregnant women in Kenya. Pregnant women often have unusual cravings and in Kenya it's not unusual to crave, and eat, soft stones known as "odowa".
AFP journalists recall Everest horror during massive quake
Salmon hitch a ride to the ocean because of California drought
Hollande vows severe penalties if troops guilty of CAR abuse
For desperate migrants, shipwrecks a risk worth taking
US Senator Bernie Sanders launches presidential run
Nigerian military rescues more women, girls from Boko Haram
Paris Photo art fair opens 2015 Los Angeles event
Violent clashes overshadow start of Milan Expo

Prince William's wife Kate gives birth to a girl ||Britain celebrates birth of a princess || The baby wait is over for Britain's new princess

Lively weigh in boxing crowd salutes Mayweather-Pacquiao ||Pacquiao blames shoulder injury for Mayweather defeat

► French artist Speedy Graphito opens show in LA
France's Jean-Marie Le Pen suspended from own far-right party
Iran's Rouhani says not for police to enforce Islam
► Qatar hopes to end 'kafala' system in 2015. Qatar's labour minister said Monday he hopes the country's controversial "kafala" system, which critics have likened to modern-day slavery, will be abolished before the end of this year
Koala 'Blinky Bill' saunters into Australian hospital
French President visits historic Saudi city ahead of GCC summit
Chinese actress Li Bingbing honored at Met Gala in New York. Chinese actress Li Bingbing is a huge star in China but remains fairly unknown in the rest of the world. She is one of the guests of honor at the Chinese-themed Met Gala in New York. The evening is one of the most anticipated event each year in the world of fashion.
Greece expects no 'final agreement' at May 11 Eurogroup. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis says Athens expects no deal on its debt crisis at talks with his counterparts in Brussels on May 11, but added that it would be a step towards a final agreement.
Hillary Clinton calls for immigration reform
Germany's Daimler unveils 'world first' self-driving truck
Louis Vuitton introduces 2016 Cruise Collection in Palm Springs
Israeli clowns try to ease Nepal quake trauma 

Hillary Clinton greeted by protesters at LA fundraiser. Hillary Clinton spent the day Thursday at various fundraising events around Los Angeles with some of the city's wealthiest people. A few dozen left-leaning protesters waited for her in Beverly Hills to oppose the influence of money in politics and ask the democratic candidate to oppose future free trade deals, especially the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) being negotiated by the US.
Yups! I'm not sure orchestration that is being played by the U.S. in the middle of a wide range of economic cooperation arrangements in Asia Pacific region will be effective. This can be seen with the spaghetti bowl phenomenon that shows the complexity of economic regionalism in the world. Today's world issue is increasingly complex, requires transnational coordination among countries in a more open and fair, with transparent governance and involves more actors. Without it all, substantial solution and long-term problems of the world can't be solved.

Protests in Iran against Saudi-led air war on Yemen
Cameron promises referendum on EU after election victory
Putin hosts huge WWII victory parade amid Western snub
Britain's Prince Harry in New Zealand amid flag debate
France's Hollande arrives in Cuba on historic visit 
Fighting in Yemeni city of Aden ahead of scheduled pause 
Yemen rebels claim to have downed coalition jet downed 
European artists bring home vision to Venice Biennale. The Venice Biennale opens with country pavilions reflecting themes such as the war in Ukraine and migration.

Picasso sets $179 million auction record in New York
This world is really great with its people. See? The art's value is very expensive. Now, I wonder, we are in a period of economic crisis or not anyway?

Seventeen endangered monkeys stolen from French zoo
US and Saudi Arabia to discuss situation in Yemen
Migrant boat found in Thai waters
A look into an abandoned migrant boat in Indonesia
Argentine women bear breasts for home births

Raw: Sea Lion Rescued From San Francisco Street

Kid Moderator Interrupts Obama
Obama: Truth About Gray's Death Must Come Out
► It's a Girl. Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, has given birth to a baby girl, royal officials said Saturday. The baby weighs 8 pounds 3 ounces. The palace added that Kate and her child are both doing well, and that William was present for the birth. 
► Searching for Young Sea Stars After Mass Die-off
Gunmen Dead After Garland, Texas Attack
Met Gala Sheer Showdown: Beyonce Vs Kim
Raw: Japan Zoo Apologizes for Monkey's Name
Raw: Pakistan Helicopter Crash Kills Ambassadors
Cameron's Surprise Big Win in UK Election
Raw: World War II Planes Fly Over DC for VE Day
Raw: Police Discover 8-year-old Boy in Suitcase
Raw: Raul Castro Meets Pope Francis
Raw: Nepal Earthquake Triggers Landslide

Gorillas Make Debut at Houston Zoo

Raw: Amtrak Train Derailed in Philadelphia
Obama Welcomes Saudi Leaders to White House

► Crazy for Geoduck: Demand Up for Unsightly Clams

Six Baltimore officers charged in death of Freddie Gray
State's Attorney details roles of each of 6 charged officers
AP-GfK Poll: Doubts about Clinton's honesty after emails
White House denies that it invited Charlie Hebdo staff to see Obama
Bruce Jenner sued for wrongful death over highway crash
Paul says comments about Baltimore were misinterpreted
■ City: 2 gunmen killed outside Muhammad cartoon contest
Alice, Charlotte, Diana? Guessing game for royal baby's name
NYPD officer 'fighting for his life'; suspect denied bail
Arab coalition 'reconnaissance' troops land in Yemen
Vonn says relationship with Woods is over
'It Was Never a Dress' Ingeniously Updates Women's Room Symbol
Could machine politics be the solution to Washington's dysfunction?
Rick Santorum's Bruce Jenner comment puts new twist on 'culture war'
Woman seeking man she kissed at marathon hears from his wife
Britain's new princess can't expect fairy-tale life
■ Britain's new princess named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
■ Teamsters: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Announces Eco Flow, A New Drayage Trucking Company That Includes Innovative "Labor Peace" For Port Truck Drivers
Jewish actress Portman nervous about living in Paris
Why Obama is happy to fight Elizabeth Warren on the trade deal
In South Carolina, a Republican scramble to stand out 
Jeb Bush: I would have authorized the war in Iraq — just like my brother
... and your brother is a devil incarnate, eh eh!

White House calls Seymour Hersh story about Osama bin Laden raid 'baseless' 
Senator Warren hits back at Obama in Pacific Rim trade fight 
Why Is John Kerry in Russia?
Obama Loses the First Battle of the Democratic Trade War
Navy SEAL who says he killed bin Laden refutes Hersh account
Jeb Bush backs off support of Iraq invasion
Live updates: Amtrak train derails near Philadelphia; at least 5 dead. Train 188, a Northeast Regional, was traveling from Washington, D.C. to New York City; 243 onboard including 5 Amtrak staff
Fox calling an end to 'American Idol'
House passes bill for Congress to review Iran nuclear deal
What's behind Saudi Arabia's new muscularity
Kashmir sapphire ring fetches $7.3 million at auction

TECHNOLOGY : Apple's Ahrendts Emerges as Top-Paid Woman With $83 Million

STYLE : I Wear Black To My Friends' Weddings Because I Mourn For The Bride

My Mom Told Me She Regrets Having Children
10 Ways Moms of Sons Can Make the World Better for Girls
Alyssa Milano on Having Kids at 38, Baby Weight, and the Fight to Breastfeed
I Wanted More Kids — But My Husband Was Done 
My Son Only Lived for 80 Minutes, But He Helped Save Many Lives

■ 'Cosby Show' Actress Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault 
Kendall Jenner Flashes Sideboob in Super-Sexy Beaded Gown at Met Gala 2015

MOVIES : Hugh Jackman Makes It Official: 'Wolverine 3' 'Will Be My Last' as X-Man

TV: Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Soak Up the Sun in Teeny Bikinis

GOOD MORNING AMERICA : Woman Pens Open Letter to Fellow AirAsia Passenger for Discourteous Behavior

BEAUTY : My Life With Orthorexia 

Nepal quake: Why are some tremors so deadly?
Is earthquake itself deadly? I don't think so. Building, and all the infrastructure around us which collapsed because rocked by earthquake is the deadly thing. I'm imagining a life in which the Earth is flat, with no buildings or tall objects in it, and then comes an earthquake, ... mmm ... does it feels like we are riding a roller coaster? Based on this disaster, then the experts in building construction should find the most advanced technology to build anti-seismic buildings at affordable cost, as far as I know anti-earthquake building is more expensive approximately 30% than without anti-earthquake building. But the improvements will cost 2-3 times more than standard fee. When retrofitting is done well, then the cost will swell to 4-8 times.

But I also feel witless alone, how strong the man-made building constructions against the forces of nature?

Feeding Kenya's street kids: An evening with Nairobi's 'Messiah'
■ Royal baby: William and Kate present daughter to the world
■ Royal baby: Family members visit new princess
Pamela Geller: America's 'bigoted blogger'?
Australian campaign to abolish death penalty
■ Wrong place, wrong time - The quake photo that broke hearts but was not all it seemed
■ France National Front: Jean-Marie Le Pen suspended

US offers rewards on 'IS leaders' - The US government offers rewards totalling $20m for information on what it says are four leaders of the Islamic State militant group.
* Profile: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 
* Video : Was IS chief wounded?

Pirate Captain Kidd's 'treasure' found in Madagascar

Election results: Conservatives win majority
* Tory majority as Miliband, Clegg, Farage quit
* Scot scoops £210,000 from election bet on Tory majority

Prince Harry gets a Maori welcome in New Zealand
The David Cameron story
What are the limits of free speech? 
France's Hollande meets Fidel and Raul Castro in Havana 
France National Front: Jean-Marie Le Pen to set up 'grouping' 
US summit aims to calm Arab fears over Iran
■ TV star Thierry Ardisson's battle to protect Parisian arcades
Burundi coup bid: President says he is back in country
UKIP rocked by Nigel Farage leadership row
Islamic State releases 'al-Baghdadi message'

NEWS BEAT : Kanye West gets honorary doctorate degree in Chicago

Charlie artist ends Muhammad cartoons - Charlie Hebdo artist "Luz", who designed the satirical magazine's front page after the Paris attacks, says he will no longer draw the Prophet Muhammad.
* France increases defence spending
* Paris attacks: Three days of terror
* France grapples with freedom of speech

The rape of Berlin
The migration of the eagle hunters. Crossing frozen lakes and mountain passes, the nomadic Kazakhs of western Mongolia make an epic journey with their livestock every spring - Timothy Allen joined Shohan's family in February.
The WW1 poet kids are taught to dislike
Leonid Rogozov, the man who cut out his own appendix
Human Centipede III - the most abhorrent film ever?
Dangerous biking - Lawrence of Arabia and the crash helmet
Decision time - Five big questions that will soon need answering

Make-up memes mock Russian bikers
Troll or hero? The sex blogger who's offending Muslims

Mystery of the giant terror shrew - The huge shrew had iron reinforced teeth that could tear into its prey
These mites live on your face - Every human being is host to Demodex mites
Why did beautiful things evolve? Just like us, animals have a profound sense of beauty too. 

How to learn with zero effort - The secrets of rapid memorisation
What happens after we die? How the body breaks down – and what's involved
Why do people have extra nipples?

Schools 'feeding and clothing pupils', say heads
What is the role of memory in a digital age?

TECHNOLOGY : Apple says tattoos can cause watch problems

Is the US love affair with McDonald's waning?
TTIP: Why the EU-US trade deal matters

AUTOS : The cycle for sun-lovers - This solar-powered electric bike could let riders pedal off the grid
Bicycles for sun lovers? Which is more emphasized here: the bike or the sun? I'm a lover.

If I ride my bicycle without sun, ...
If I love the sun without a bicycle ...

Or if I do not have a bike and sun as well .... ahahaha ... it looks like, it's the most depressing.

So, the more optimistic thing this morning : Go ride your bike, looking for sun before the sun leaving you. Chasing the sun!

TRAVEL : 'Gorgeous and instantly addictive' - This tiny windowless plane is an adrenaline junkie's dream

US 'will not fund research for modifying embryo DNA'
'First natural birth' for diabetic woman with artificial pancreas
France gay blood donor ban 'may be justified'
■ 'World's fattest man' Paul Mason ready for New York surgery
Great Gut Extinction: Has modern life destroyed our health?
Blood test 'boost' in ovarian cancer fight
Global health: How prepared are we for the next crisis?
Strokes rising among people of working age, warns charity 
Doctors urged to stop 'over-treating'

SCIENCE & ENVIRONMENT : 'Substantial' El Nino event predicted

10 things we didn't know last week
1 May 2015
8 May 2015

'My breathing mom was among corpses': Putin recalls his parents' WWII ordeal
Hookers, kidneys & nose jobs: New map shows most searched cost obsessions by country
Robotic telescope discovers 3 super-Earths 'very close' to us
Philadelphia #FreddieGray solidarity march pushes through police line (VIDEO) 
FBI negotiated ransoms for years with kidnappers, gov. source says
China, Russia to hold first-ever Mediterranean naval exercise
House committee approves $200 million for arming Ukraine
The U.S. is a country that likes commotion, war, riot rather than humanitarian. For the affairs of weaponry and intervene in a "healthy state" such as Ukraine, the U.S. is so eager to pour aid to 200 million, while for humanitarian aid in Nepal, the U.S. only donates 10 million.
Deputy DM completely rules out war between Russia & Ukraine
Freddie Gray 'conflicts of interest': Baltimore police union calls for prosecutor to step aside
► Seattle 'riot': Police deploy flashbangs, tear gas against May Day marchers (VIDEOS) 
Thousands protest in Yemen against Saudi-led intervention (VIDEO)
► Horribly possible: More child-rape cases by peacekeepers could emerge – UN
Over 1,000 New Yorkers rally for May Day protest against police brutality
► 'Viscous, xenophobic & racist' hate speech case against Katie Hopkins referred to ICC 
► 'Quite a paradox': Topless FEMEN activists attack Marine Le Pen at May Day rally (VIDEO)

Russian ballet legend: Maya Plisetskaya

Iron Man mass-production? Russian army may get combat exoskeletons by 2020
S. Arabia bombs Yemen with US-supplied cluster bombs – HRW 
► 'Nigel who?' RT visits South Thanet where UKIP chief Farage pins his election hopes (VIDEO)
'Capacity crunch': Internet could collapse by 2023, researchers warn
Israeli soldiers 'deliberately fired' at civilians during Gaza war – NGO
Mysterious 'X-Files' noises captured 22 miles above Earth's surface
Senate's Iran bill won't require Tehran to recognize Israel – reports
NSA's 'Google for Voice' tech can transcribe any phone call -Snowden docs
Israeli court makes way for demolition of Palestinian village
Moscow's last stand: How Soviet troops defeated Nazis for first time in WW2 
Putin blasts 'cynical attempts to rewrite history' at Russia - China WWII conference
New Russian T-14 Armata tank grinds to a halt on Red Square
1st PHOTO: Russia's secretive Armata battle tank revealed 
70 for Victory: Armata tanks, nuclear bombers, intl boots in Moscow for V-Day 
Russia intends to restore Cuban spy base – MP
'France needs Russia's approval to sell Mistral warships' - Russia's arms chief
Gorbachev accuses western leaders of disrespect toward victors over Nazism
Putin: Russia can influence E.Ukraine, but it's up to Kiev to solve crisis
Yemeni Houthis share video, images of 'downed' Moroccan F16 jet 

US Secretary of State Kerry traveling to Russia, set to meet Lavrov 

Brotherly love: Jeb Bush says he would've invaded Iraq too
Oh of course, it's the work of DNA and genetics! So, there's a study saying that if your father is an idiot and you are his son, then you and your brothers are the children of an idiot man. And just like your father, you're also an idiot man, ... nyah nyah nyah!

Losing my religion: US population becomes less Christian
Avoiding further harm to US-Russia relations 'absolutely necessary'Lavrov
6.8 earthquake strikes off Japan's Honshu Island
Down the rabbit hole: Bin Laden raid was staged after extensive Pakistan-US negotiations - report
60% of Russians see US as threat & hindrance to development - poll 
Nearly 200 scientists warn of cellphone health risks 
Magnitude 7.3 deadly earthquake strikes Nepal close to Everest 
US drone program 'should've never started' - Ron Paul
Indonesia urged to ban virginity tests for fiancées of officers, female recruits
McCain appointed to Ukraine reform advisory team headed by fugitive Georgian ex-leader
Cutting-edge printing method breathes life into complex 3D-printed objects
Hello, Jurassic Park? Scientists create chickens with dinosaur features
Psychiatric drugs kill 500k+ Western adults annually, few positive benefits – leading scientist
Saudi Arabia prepares to hang opposition Shia cleric amid large protests
'Meter of armor': Armata's next supreme 152mm gun to sport super-piercing shell
Baidu AI 'supercomputer' breaks Google's image recognition record
US money destroys civil consciousness, claims United Russia MP

Russia, China agree to integrate Eurasian Union, Silk Road, sign deals
Gazprom, Ankara agree to start Turkish Stream gas deliveries in Dec 2016
Ruble-yuan settlements booming, set to reshape global finance 

■ Why NATO is terrified of Russia - by Pepe Escobar
May 7th, 2015 - the day the United Kingdom died?
Parade Relay: RT to air live Victory Day commemorations from across Russia

IN VISION : Veteranes parade in London to mark V-Day

Dozens arrested in New York during rally for Baltimore's Freddie Gray
 * Moscow. Same place, different time
 * Leningrad. Same place, different time
 * Stalingrad. Same place, different time
 * Berlin. Same place, different time
  * Great Patriotic War battle heatmap (Dynamic graphic timeline)
  * APCs, tanks roll through Moscow en route to 1st Red Sq V-day rehearsal
  * Belgorod. Same place, different time 
  * Brest. Same place, different time
MSM on Baltimore: Black community does bad things, police not
Kofi Annan: Force sometimes justifiable, but we must not be trigger-happy
Art as artillery: War against Nazis was also waged on canvas 
Massive crowd in Sanaa protest Saudi strikes in Yemen
'Baby step in the right direction' – Jesselyn Radack on Patriot Act 
Remembering the War: WW2's most powerful weapons 
■ Legendary Bolshoi ballerina Maya Plisetskaya dies at 89
Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen with US-supplied cluster bombs – HRW 
RAW: Anti-police brutality protesters clash with cops in Tel Aviv
Shooting at Mohammed 'art event' in Texas: 2 gunmen killed, ISIS claims responsibility
'Dance' of icebreakers & tugs in St. Petersburg to mark 70th anniversary of WW2
ISIS takes over major Iraq oil refinery, blockades 150 troops inside
Female Peshmerga fighter: ISIS jihadists fear us, think won't go to heaven if killed by woman
Siege of Leningrad: 872 days of hunger and bombardment
Barracking Barack: Obama accused of leaving 'mess' for next president
RAW: RS-24 Yars, Armata T-14s parade in Moscow for #Victory70 rehearsal
Victory70: Air Force conducts first rehearsal of V-day parade in Moscow
■ 'Fascist!' Marine Le Pen heckled at Prague conference
Putin's 15 years: A presidential retrospective
RAW: Chinese president arrives in Russia, meets with Putin 

Facing The War: Time-Piercing Testimonies (RT Documentary

Putin: 'Russia grateful to allies in anti-Hitler coalition' (May 9 FULL SPEECH)
#Victory70 RT non-stop coverage of V-Day Parades from across Russia
#Victory70 Red Sq Parade Flyover (ft. cockpit footage)
'Immortal Regiment' march: Putin joins huge crowd paying tribute to WW2 soldiers
■ Crimean 'prosecutie' Natalia Poklonskaya marches at Victory Day parade
Fireworks display in Russian cities crowns #Victory70 celebrations
Spectacular Lightshow: Dazzling V-day fireworks illuminate Moscow sky
'Anyone who fought in WW2 knew that western allies and Soviet Union depended on one another' 
#Victory70 Highlights: Moscow holds biggest ever military parade on Red Square 
Zuma: Those absent from Moscow V-Day showed short memory for WW2 events. The President of the South Africa Jacob Zuma said that the victory over fascism was an important achievement for the humanity in an exclusive interview. He also stressed that Russian soldiers made a big contribution to the victory during the Second World War, stating that the South Africans "admire Russians." 
Victory70: T-90, Armata tanks roll through Red Square for May 9th parade
Merkel Visit: Economy, Ukraine, Victory day on plate in Moscow

'Little General': Troops salute a kid in Moscow on V-Day. An aunt filmed nephew son during a Victory Day parade rehearsal in Moscow. The kid stood still for several minutes while troops were passing by. The aunt wrote on Facebook that she was so proud of her "little general".

Grim Outlook: Unemployment pushes Kosovars to join ISIS ranks. Hundreds in Albania have protested over deadly clashes involving ethnic Albanians in Macedonia. Macedonian officials said the gunmen were plotting terrorist attacks while local residents claim they didn't see any armed group at all. Skopje is now accusing Kosovan Albanians of coordinating the gunmen. Last month, a group of Kosovans briefly took over a police station in Macedonia, demanding the creation of an Albanian state in the country. Paula Slier reports now on what makes many in Kosovo prone to radical ideas.  
CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling sentenced to 42 months in prison 
US pushes Greece to resist Russia-Turkey gas project. The State Department went as far as telling Greece that it would increase its appeal to Western investors, if it declined to host the Russian pipeline. 
EU-Britain Standoff: Cameron begins Brexit negotiations 
RAW: Saudi-led coalition targets Yemen hours before ceasefire
Slavoj Zizek: Political correctness solidifies hatred, it doesn't work. Revolutions are often initiated by idealists, carried out by fanatics and hijacked by scoundrels. These observations by philosopher Thomas Carlyle still ring true about many of the revolutions we've seen in recent years. To what extent can revolutionary goals be achieved through violence, and when is the cost of change too high? Oksana is joined by influential philosopher Slavoj Zizek to analyse these issues.  
7.3 earthquake strikes Nepal near Everest, followed by major aftershocks
Mega Meeting: Kerry arrives in Sochi to talk with Lavrov, Putin ||Putin, Kerry shake hands meet for talks in Sochi
Greek Gambit: Early IMF loan repayment could prove costly
'Old, sick man, who was going to be murdered' – Seymour Hersh on Bin Laden 'raid' 
Crimes behind bars: HRW reveals string of abuses of mentally ill inmates in US
Migrant Migraine: UK goes to war over EU pressure to share burden of immigration
Swedes deploy underwater 'gay sailor' to fend off Russian subs
'US policy of supporting regimes like Saudi will create long term global problems'

Ron Paul: Citizens losing liberties because of US involvement in foreign wars

■ 'We are the world'.... order? NATO FMs kill song in Turkey. 'We are the World' features Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the EU Foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini during NATO summit in Turkey.
The tales of N. Korea: News about Kim's regime a 'game of telephone whispers'
Saudi Arabia prepares to hang opposition Shia cleric amid large protests

Are protests pushing Burundi to the brink?
Vietnam, 40 years on: The legacy of Agent Orange
Sabah's Invisible Children
Head to Head - Nigeria's future: Failed state or African superpower?
Reforms or reset in Saudi Arabia?
Reporting Baltimore - The Listening Post (Full) 
Riyadh Yaseen: 'Bombing despite civilian casualties'
The economic impact of Nepal's earthquake
Nepal in ruins: One week after the quake
Al Jazeera marks World Press Freedom Day
Nigeria's abduction saga
Are black Israelis being discriminated?
Finding hope for Baltimore's future
Inside Story: How important is Africa to the US?
King Salman gives Saudi a political makeover
101 East - Afghanistan's Billion Dollar Drug War
People and Power - With this Passport I Thee Wed - Part 2 
Netanyahu's wobbly government: Will it hold?
The Stream - Has Burundi reached a boiling point? 
Black and Jewish in Israel
Inside Story - Conservatives secure stunning victory in UK election
The perilous life of journalists in Iraq - The Listening Post (Full)
Talk to Al Jazeera - Kailash Satyarthi: Saving India's child slaves
Counting the Cost - The deadly business of migrant smuggling 

Al Jazeera World - Cover Story. Class dynamics are changing in Turkey. When Turkey was founded in 1923 it was on firm secular principles. Turkish women were restricted in wearing the headscarf - known as the hijab outside Turkey - in all public sector jobs and universities for most of the 20th century. During the current AKP party government, a young, confident, female, Muslim middle class has emerged, that is less worried about being socially accepted and more comfortable sharing public spaces with secularists. Hulya Aslan is the editor of Ala, a monthly fashion magazine in Istanbul that serves a growing Turkish market of Muslim women who think that fashion and Islam are compatible - "conservative" women who want to wear the hijab but also want to dress fashionably, with colour and style. This film follows Hulya Aslan at Ala and looks at hijabi fashion, social change in Turkey and the ongoing debate about a Muslim woman's right to choose how she dresses.

Russia's Victory Day parade: the Western boycott (Inside Story)
Inside Story - South Sudan's forgotten crisis
Witness - Unwasted Poland 
Inside Story - The dangers facing female migrants in Libya
The Stream - The UN's 'culture of silence'? 
The Stream - Macedonia on the edge
Fault Lines - The Death of Ageing 
Inside Story - Are the Rohingya's plight being ignored? 
earthrise - Myanmar's Smart Farmers & Saving Mozambique's Forests
Selfies or Selfless: The politics of volunteer tourism
Inside Story: The truce test in Yemen
The Stream - Finding closure for Japan's wartime 'comfort women' 
101 East - Malaysia: Crackdown on Freedom

 ► Three Americans Rescued in Nepal - Speaking exclusively with TIME, Corey Ascolani, Della Hoffman, and Eric Jean describe their rescue from the barren Langtang mountains following Saturday's earthquake. “When we saw the helicopter coming in low, the tears started streaming down our faces,” said Jean
   * Holding Out Hope in Nepal
   * Facebook Raised More Than $10 Million in 2 Days For Nepal
   * Nepal Death Toll Could Be 15,000
   * Nepal Teen Found After 5 Days
   * Fears of Starvation in Nepal
   * Witness the Aftermath of Nepal's Devastating Earthquake 

Prosecutor in the Public Eye - Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby announced charges for six police officers Friday in the death of Freddie Gray. The 35-year-old attorney is now at the center of an incident that has renewed the nation’s focus on the intersection between race and policing
   * Why Charges in the Freddie Gray Case Came Quickly
   * 'I Have Heard Your Calls'
   * Baltimore Police Close Inquiry
   * Read the Transcript of Marilyn J. Mosby's Statement on Freddie Gray
   * Go Behind TIME's Baltimore Cover

Pot Is Making California's Epic Drought Worse

Mayweather Defeats Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather Jr. won a unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, using his usual skill to remain unbeaten in the most anticipated fight in recent years. But the crowd booed the final decision and Mayweather. "I thought I won the fight," Pacquiao said
  * The Little-Known Creation Myth of Manny Pacquiao
  * Manny Pacquiao's Hometown Readies for His Biggest Fight
  * Forget Mayweather-Pacquiao – Boycott Boxing For Good
  * Pacquiao, Mayweather, and the Physics of Getting Punched in the Head
  * Mayweather-Pacquiao Is a $300 Million Bout Not Worth Much for Boxing
  * Las Vegas Room Rates Drop by 50% for Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

Schwarzenegger: Three Things Weightlifting and California Can Teach Us About How To Save the World

Racism Is Poisoning Our Society

Jean-Marie Le Pen Has Been Suspended From France's National Front Party

These Are the 5 Facts That Explain the Surprising UK Elections

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's By the Sea Gets November Release

You Can Now Order Food Right From Google Search

How to Fix Finance Once and for All 

Obama Administration Policy on North Korea Is Not Working 

What You Discuss on Your Phone Is None of the Government's Business 

Baltimore Is Just the Beginning 

► Why Autism Is Different in the Brains of Girls Than in Boys

The 25 Most Influential Marriages of All Time

► Stephen Hawking to David Beckham: 'I'm Always Being Compared to You'

Natalie Portman to Play Jacqueline Kennedy in Jackie

Republicans Prepare for Painstaking Nomination Fight 

Find Out What Your Name Would be if You Were Born Today

Train Sped Up Before Crash - An eighth and final fatality in an Amtrak train derailment earlier this week was confirmed Thursday as officials provided more information about the train's speed ahead of the accident and pledged to install safety technologies to prevent future ones
  * How the Amtrak Crash Is Hurting the U.S. Economy
  * Focus of Amtrak Derailment Shifts to Engineer
  * Lawmakers Approve Amtrak Budget Cut Hours After Deadly Crash
  * Train Crash Survivors Describe Chaotic Scene 
  * Amtrak Crash Echoes 1943 Philadelphia Rail Disaster 
  * Navy Midshipman, AP Employee Among 7 Amtrak Crash Victims 


Second straight LAFD recruit class is all male after women exit
■ Mayor Eric Garcetti disavows appointee's letter trashing LADWP audit
Lead prosecutor removed from L.A. Coliseum corruption case
L.A. marchers in peaceful May Day rally fear deportation
California charities must disclose major donors, court rules
■ Locked out of Mayor Garcetti's reelection wingding
Central Valley's growing concern: Crops raised with oil field water
■ Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses L.A. council candidate Carolyn Ramsay
Mayor Garcetti and LAPD Chief Beck missed a chance to listen in Venice
Despite millions in spending homelessness up 12% in L.A. city and county 
Business allies cool to Garcetti's minimum wage plan
No excuse for L.A.'s surging homeless population 
L.A. County appears poised to remove immigration agents from jails
Water district found itself drowning in steep legal fees

State by state, abortion laws control women in the guise of protecting them
The problem with good guys vs. bad guys policing
Pot growers endangering California watersheds and wildlife
A remarkable day for women in presidential politics
Mayor Garcetti has a 'pLAn' for L.A. Or is it really a dream?
Venice Beach declares war on our infantile obsession with nudity 
Would you attend a gay wedding?' -- a question meant to trip up, not inform
Charlie Hebdo cartoonists: heroes or racists? The answer's not that simple
Will L.A. County give its art the space it's due?
'Miracle May': Rain, thunderstorms forecast through Saturday
Celebrities are now targets of California #DroughtShaming
A flock of GOP hawks try out their presidential wings 
Could you live in L.A. on $221 a month?
A chance to clarify 'one person, one vote' 

Texas cartoon contest shooting: Why images of Muhammad are offensive to Muslims
George Zimmerman injured by glass, debris after Florida shooting
U.S. has become notably less Christian, major study finds

FASHION : Sizing up the Met Gala red carpet
Ahahaa ... these people, sorry, to me, they seem silly for wearing clothes that I think, eehheee... like ehehehe ... witch dresses ... for me this even is like a witch queen contest! Ahahhaa... a group of people who love to squander their money just to wear clothes that just make them like ... ahahhaa ... America's clowns, eehhehe... not Cinderella at all, ahahaha...

BUSINESS : L.A. Times parent to buy San Diego paper, expanding reach in Southern California

ENTERTAINMENT : Chris Burden dies at 69: artist's light sculpture at LACMA is symbol of L.A.

Posted By: Marc Martin
* Pictures in the News | April 30, 2015
* Pictures in the News | May 1, 2015
* At Nickerson Gardens, 'the wall' of names is sacred ground
* Pictures in the News | May 5, 2015
* Pictures in the News | May 7, 2015
* Pictures in the News | May 8, 2015
* The Week in Pictures | May 4-10, 2015
* Pictures in the News | May 12, 2015
* Pictures in the News | May 13, 2015

■ Mother's Day photography gift list 2015 - Posted By: Robert Lachman

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"Thank you for your perception! I like your romantic side, even if I do not always comment and I'm glad that you're in my circle of friends."
(Courtesies by: Wolfgang A. Gerhardt)

Wolfgang A.Gerhardt : May be you like this Sunday collage

Cisca Zarmansyah : Before today, there never was a person doing this to me. You create a simple matter to look special. This is a special thing for me.

Cisca Zarmansyah : Thank you. I love it. I love you, my friend.

CieL- FreYa Ceastle : Hmm, he's so nice...

"I am me.
In all the world,
there is no one else exactly like me.
Everything that comes out of me
is authentically mine,
because I alone chose it --
I own everything about me:
my body,
my feelings,
my mouth,
my voice,
all my actions,
whether they be to others or myself.
I own my fantasies,
my dreams,
my hopes,
my fears.
I own my triumphs and successes,
all my failures and mistakes.
Because I own all of me,
I can become intimately acquainted with me.
By so doing,
I can love me
and be friendly with all my parts.
I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me,
and other aspects that I do not know
-- but as long as I am friendly
and loving to myself,
I can courageously and hopefully
look for solutions
to the puzzles and ways
to find out more about me.
However I look and sound,
whatever I say and do,
and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time
is authentically me.
If later some parts of how I looked,
and felt
turn out to be unfitting,
I can discard that which is unfitting,
keep the rest,
and invent something new
for that which I discarded.
I can see,
say, and do.
I have the tools to survive,
to be close to others,
to be productive,
and to make sense
and order out of the world of people
and things outside of me.
I own me,
and therefore,
I can engineer me.
I am me,
and I am okay."

(American Phychologist and Educator, 1916-1988)