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Character Assassination


I really want to kiss you... mmmmmwah! You will always be fine. I pray for you. I do not see you will be "turned off" or get into trouble, although they're trying so. Ah, I feel this is just an attempt to character assassination.

Keep survive, all of this will end "well".

He's very handsome, is not he? For me, something inside him makes him always look different from the others.

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Ask : What is the advantage for Europe and the U.S. to defend Israel? By doing so, they actually become a "cash cow of Israel", right? In fact, the people/ non-Jews community both in Europe and in America are mostly poor, right? What is the meaning of "Anti-Semitic"? And why for some people/society/ country feel scared if regarded as anti-Semitic? After realizing that American people have been bullied and deceived by the Jews, do they still feel the need to come on board in the federation named "U.S.A."?

Answer: The word "Semitic" actually includes not only Jews, but also Arabs. The term of "Anti-Semitism" actually means "Anti-Arab". But Jews have robbed the understanding and with the strength of their mass media networks, they change its original sense, so now the world wrongly consider the term of "Anti-Semite" is "Anti-Jewish".

In the West, the term has been used as a weapon to scare people into not being anti-Jewish. A person who is subject to stigma or labeled as "anti-Semitic", in the West -- Europe and America -- will lead to a lot of things uncomfortable for him, for example, if he is a professor at a university, then he will be fired with no respect, as experienced by Prof. Norman Finkelstein, who was labeled as anti-Semitic because he wrote the book "The Holocaust Industry". Or imprisoned as well as Ernst Zundel et al.

Why Europe and the US to defend Israel, this is actually reversed. If we look at the long history of European nations and the US and their connection with the Jews conspiracy, then indeed many European leaders and the US also come from the Jews themselves. That is what is happening. Therefore, they are very faithful to serve the Zionist interests with its Israel. Various international organizations, such as the UN, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the IMF - World Bank, and so on, are organizations built by World Jewish network. Everything is dedicated to serving the interests of International Jewish. It is known by the people of Europe and the U.S.. They understand it and try to fight it, among others, by setting up resistance groups as well as human rights groups, anti-G7, anti-WTO, anti-globalization, anti-Zionist, Greenpeace, and so on.

Regarding whether the current U.S. citizens still feel the need to come on board in the federation named "U.S.A", I can not answer it, because it actually should be asked of their own. However, conditions in the U.S .economy today is very hard, due to the severe crisis. The U.S. is "a cash cow country" and "a vehicle" for the Zionist-Jewish interests, which is controlled by Luciferian group. There is information that the U.S. will soon be ruined by this group, so that the U.S. Dollar will no longer apply and the world will be shaken violently towards chaotic situation, soon. It is known by many U.S. citizens themselves, but they can't do anything about it. Um, did you know that he could impregnate me?

1. Ask : What is Zionism?
◙ Zion is actually the name of a hill in Jerusalem, a name which is always referred to as the homeland of Jewish people, the State of Israel. Zion is a term used in the Bible that refers to the land of Israel and also as referring to its state and spiritual, Jerusalem.

2 Ask : What is the relationship between the Jews with Zion?
◙ Zion is the birthplace of the Jewish people. This nation has had sovereignty or at least have shown that they have been cultured for over a period of 1500 years, create and develop what is known as the Jewish civilization.
◙ Zion has been inhabited by the Jews in the period of thousands of years. It is currently the only country in the world inhabited by the same people, the same religion, language and culture as when 3000 years ago.
◙ For centuries, the majority of Jews live scattered in various countries around the world, but inner bond and national ties -- which is reflected in the worship and literature -- constantly connecting Jewish communities to their ancestral lands.
◙ After centuries collapsed and neglected under foreign occupation, Zion shone once again, in the presence of the large increase in the number of Jewish population in the last 100 years, and regained its independence in 1948.

3. Ask : What is the meaning of Zionism itself?
◙ Zionism is the national independence movement of the Jewish people
◙ Zionism is a reflection of the present about Jewish people's dream in 1900 years ago to rebuild Israel, after Rome ended the independence of Jewish people in the land of Israel.
◙ Zionism is the belief that Jews have a right to be free and independent in their homeland.
◙ Zionism is an ongoing effort, through politics, to develop and preserve the existence of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.
◙ Zionism recognizes that Jewishness of a person s determined by the various common value that connects a person with religion, culture, language, history, the basic ideals and aspirations.

4. Ask : Are all Jews Zionists?
◙ Jews are Zionists in the sense that the restoration of the Jewish people in their homeland is part of the basic principles of the Jewish faith .
◙ Most Jews support the state of Israel, the basic realization of Zionism.
◙ A small portion does not accept Zionism as a movement / political vehicle.

5. Ask : How can Zionism be organized political movement?
◙ Zionism developed into an organized political movement within a period marked by growing recognition of political movements in Europe, when the Jewish people also feel the time has come to reaffirm their national identity.
◙ Zionism as a movement was also influenced by the growing anti-Semitic opinion in Europe in the mid-late 19th century.
◙ Zionism officially became a national political movement in 1897, with a call to regain the homeland for Jewish people.

6. Ask : Do the scattered Jews support Zionism?
◙ Diaspora Jews, generally supportive of Zionism through active participation in various aspects of the movement itself or through public or financial support for Israel.
◙ Some diaspora Jews express their belief in Zionism by immigration to Israel to participate in the task of building the country.
◙ Diaspora Jews, associated directly or indirectly with the Zionist activities, has been enriched culturally, socially and spiritually for the return of Israel in the land of their ancestors.

7. Ask : Has Zionism finished with its work after Israel has been re-established?
◙ The establishment of Israel is the realization of main elements of Zionist ideology: to restore Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel.
◙ But the Zionist ideals also includes some terms that are still in the process of realization. Zionist ideals also including: Israeli state living in peace; has full sovereignty and economic self-reliance; good social and economic life for all citizens and communities who live in Israel.

8. Ask : Are Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism the same?
◙ There is a dangerous intersection between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, although the concept of them is not identical.
◙ Anti-Zionism is now leading the opposition to political realization of Zionism, namely: Israel.
◙ Anti-Zionism also has become a new expression over the term of Anti-Semitic. This has given Anti-Semitic a veil that hides hatred against Jews.
◙ Anti-Zionism -- in the sense of searching efforts to refuse sovereign right of Jewish people -- is one form of anti-Semitism.

9. Ask : What about the accusation that Zionism is a form of racism?
◙ Anti-Zionism, in 1975, had managed to get a UN resolution stating that "Zionism is a form of racism".
◙ Although opposed by Western nations, the resolution was approved by majority of the UN members, Arab country group / Third World / Communist bloc, which in the last few years has always passed various
anti-Western resolution, anti-democratic or anti-Israel, without any fundamental reason.
◙ Actually -- in fact, far from racist accusations -- Israel is a pluralistic and open society, made up of diverse ethnic and religious groups, and all are free to run the beliefs and traditions, to develop culture and participate in the democratic process of the country.

10. Ask : What is the root problem of Arab opposition to Zionism?
Arab opposition to Zionism will be based on matters involving:
◙ The state rights : almost all Arab countries demand Arab sovereignty over all of the Middle East, and disregard the Jews rights.
◙ Religion: Historically, Islam does not recognize the sovereign rights of non Muslim population in any form in the "Islamic World". Jews, as well as Christian groups, have been sidelined into groups of dhimmis, protected persons under Muslim domination. So Islam, rejecting the idea of a sovereign Jewish state in the context of the Arab-Islamic world.
◙ Socio-economic: Many Arab leaders feel that their position are threatened if there's a free interaction between traditional and conservative country with Israel, a democratic country that is open and growing rapidly.

11. Ask : Can aspirations of Zionists and Arabs live side by side?
◙ Coexist through mutual recognition, direct negotiations and a genuine desire for peace is the key to reconciliation of  Zionists with the Arabs aspirations. Israel and Egypt Peace Treaty, signed in 1975, provides a vivid example of coexistence.
◙ Zionist movement -- both before and after the re-establishment of Israel -- has always cultivated and in line with the peace and mutually beneficial relations between all people and between neighboring countries.
◙ Only with a strong desire, and above all, to achieve this goal required goodwill and tolerance that will bring real peace to all people in the Middle East.
WhoWWhooo... is answering the above questions? Someone is definitely pro-Israel...howho is answ...Who is answering the above questions? Someone is definitely pro-Israel. Who is answering the above questions? Someone is definitely pro-Israel. Who is answering the above questions? Someone was definitely pro-Israel....lllll...ering the above questions? Someone is definitely pro-Israel. LLalalaaa ...wwwHoo... definitely not me!

The exodus of Jews from France to Israel for eight months in 2012 decreased by 11% compared to the same period in 2011, or 1331 people compared to 1500. In another statement of Jewish sect protection agency in France confirmed that during the month there was an increase in cases of "Anti-Semitic" in which Jews were targeted to increase to 45%. This was an opposite relationship between what was believed to be the oppression of Jews and between their exodus to Israel which was different from the Zionist claim that "the promised land of god is the final solution of Jewish problem and Anti-Semitic problem.

This means, the Jews need a state with reasons as safety of oppression inflicted on them in the country of origin. The first Jewish lightening convinced that racism on them should be terminated and the solution was to return to Palestine. They finally conspired with the invaders to colonize Palestine. In fact, the solution preferably was assimilation in Europe with anti-discrimination legislation. Since then, the Zionist conspiracy and colonization began cooperating.

The involvement of Israeli intelligence agency before and after 1948 was in the form of crime operations against Iraqi and Yemenite Jews themselves. The goal was to lead opinion among Arab so that those who were victims or those who would be the victim should immediately be Jewish exodus to the promised land. Perhaps the French Jewish consciousness was one of the factors that made some of them distinguish between claims of "Anti-Semitic" and the response adopted by the Zionists, namely the exodus to Israel (occupied Palestine). The exodus was essentially an act of colonialism and occupation of the region, not just for safety and security for unsafe nation.

One indicator of the history in this context was that French revolution in 1789 released the Jews and they were given the same rights as other citizens. But the desire to colonize and imperialism in the French ruling elite beat the dimensions of democracy and humanitarian values of French Revolution. Even Napoleon Bonaparte after 10 years of law publication, calling for the Jews to establish a state in Palestine under French government and the extension of its power in the East and to prevent the British to Indian territory.

So, obviously, there are anomalies between the Jewish assimilation effort -- from the side of democracy in their communities and their oppression factor -- and the solutions to establish an isolated state in Palestine. Apparently, the Jews of France found that the increase in cases of "Anti-Semitism" is concurrent with the rise of Islamophobia and cases of violence against Muslims in the West. Perhaps they realize that the common struggle is against violence and discrimination in its various forms and not to adopt the Zionist solution.


From here, I can see and feel, he was fed up with this situation, but he should be able to compromise if he is still optimistic about tomorrow and freedom.

My dear handsome bald, when you were found guilty in criminal cases, no more severe punishment other than your freedom taken away. Although the offenders often spend their lives in prison, but for them it's not an easy thing to go through. In prison means you are separated from family, friends, and you do not have the flexibility, because prison space is an unpleasant place, even your personal letter will also be checked for safety.

In prison every day is the same; breakfast at 7 precise and dinner at 6 pm, and all your activities will be supervised by prison guards.

In prison, time is running very slow. Sometimes, days, months, and years have gone unnoticed. Sometimes the inmates forget how long they have spent time in prison, since the days seem to never change. Their activities are always the same, repeated; visited, walking in a limited area, a little exercise, reading or sometimes writing, also carpentry.

Although the prisoners are allowed to bring their favorite items to spend time in prison, such as television, books, or video games, but of course, their life is more boring than those who live outside the prison. Nevertheless, I realize -- as I realize how much I feel about you -- over there, outside the prison, some people still feel like living in a prison because of their freedom have been shackled by a chain named tyranny and suppression of rights.

I'm not talking in the context of religion, in which each of us should live our lives as if in prison (narrow, cramped, unfree, and limited by space with walls of prisons from all over the world) and a heaven of freedom will be found only after death. Not at all. It's just about the positive law violations. Are you being found guilty? If you do not feel guilty, how can they force you to admit guilt? Each of us will die, but while I'm still alive, never to force me to admit that I have committed a violation of an act which I never do it in real!

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Love ain't a robber
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And you find yourself pretending
You've got a happy ending-
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Back to [CHORUS:] , [Vocal improvisation], [CHORUS:], [CHORUS:] [CHORUS] ! [CHORUS]! [CHORUS]! ehehhe... never ending Chorus! Olalalalala... sshh, stop singing, stupid! ... ehehhee... Find a great way to ease your problem. Mmmm...

La quenelle, une injure raciste ? Difficile à démontrer...

Alain Soral devant les juges. L'essayiste d'extrême droite comparaît devant le tribunal correctionnel de Paris, jeudi 12 mars, pour avoir publié une photo sur Facebook où il apparaît en train de faire une « quenelle » au Mémorial de l'Holocauste de Berlin. Que dit la loi en la matière? Que risque-t-il? Éclairage de l'avocat Sylvain Cormier, spécialisé en droit pénal.

Ce n'est pas la première fois que l'auteur d'une « quenelle » se retrouve devant la justice. En avril 2014, un jeune homme avait été condamné par le tribunal correctionnel de Bordeaux à 3 000 euros d'amende, dont la moitié avec sursis, pour une photo où il apparaissait faisant ce geste devant une synagogue.

Toutefois, la plainte qui vise Alain Soral constitue bien une première en raison du motif qui est invoqué. À Bordeaux, les plaignants avaient plaidé la provocation à la discrimination, alors qu'Alain Soral est quant à lui poursuivi pour injures publiques à caractère raciste.

6 mois de prison, 22 500 euros d'amende
Tout comme la diffamation, l'injure et la provocation à la discrimination sont des délits de presse, donc soumis au régime de la loi sur la liberté de la presse de 1881.

Pour ces deux délits, les sanctions prévues par la loi sont assez proches. La provocation à la discrimination est punie d'un an d'emprisonnement et de 45 000 euros d'amende. L'injure publique en raison de l'appartenance à un groupe est elle sanctionnée de six mois d'emprisonnement et de 22 500 euros d'amende (article 33).

Cependant, face à un tribunal, on peut gager que la démonstration de ce que le geste de la quenelle serait en soi une injure à caractère raciste pourrait être techniquement plus exigeante à démontrer. En effet, ce geste n'est assortie d'aucune définition et surtout pas par ses créateurs ou auteurs qui s'en sont bien gardés.

Quenelle de Berlin : la Ligue des droits de l'homme demande à son tour 12 000 euros contre Alain Soral

Dans le procès de la quenelle de Berlin, la Ligue des droits de l'homme, présidée par Pierre Tartakowsky, se joint à l'UEJF et à l'association « J'accuse » contre Alain Soral. Elle réclame la somme de 12 000 euros.

Dans l'hypothèse d'une condamnation d'Alain Soral à verser des dommages et intérêts, l'UEJF et l'association « J'accuse » se sont engagées à reverser l'intégralité des sommes gagnées au Mémorial de la Shoah de Paris. La Ligue des droits de l'homme, elle, préfère garder l'argent...

Les conclusions (mensongères...) de la Ligue des droits de l'homme :


Procès de la quenelle de Berlin : les images d'ERTV

Tribunal de grande instance de Paris, jeudi 12 mars 2015. Le procès d'Alain Soral pour sa quenelle réalisée au Mémorial de l'Holocauste à Berlin avait lieu le jeudi 12 mars 2015. Les parties civiles ont réclamé plus de 250 000 euros.

Videos :
1. Procès de la quenelle de Berlin : les images d'ERTV (12/03/2015). Le procès d'Alain Soral pour sa quenelle réalisée au Mémorial de l’Holocauste à Berlin avait lieu le jeudi 12 mars 2015. Les parties civiles ont réclamé plus de 250 000 euros. Published on Mar 13, 2015 by sharp7272 (2)

2. Procès de la quenelle à Berlin : arrivée d'Alain Soral et Dieudonné au tribunal. Alain Soral accompagné de Dieudonné comparaissait cet après-midi dans l'affaire qui l'oppose à l'UEJF et la Ligue des droits de l'homme pour avoir fait une "quenelle" devant le mémorial de la Shoah à Berlin. Par Jonathan et Ugo pour l'Agence Info Libre.Published on Mar 12, 2015 by agenceinfolibreTV 

3. Soral : procès de la quenelle à Berlin, verdict mis en délibéré. Alain Soral accompagné de Dieudonné comparaissait cet après-midi dans l'affaire qui l'oppose à l'UEJF et la Ligue des droits de l'Homme pour avoir fait une "quenelle" devant le mémorial de la Shoah à Berlin. Published on Mar 13, 2015 by agenceinfolibre

4. Alain Soral : "Le but de ce procès est de me détruire!" - independenza webtv ©. Tous droits réservés : independenza webtv © - Paris (France), jeudi 12 mars 2015 - Alain Soral : "Le but de ce procès est de me détruire!" Alain Soral (essayiste, auteur de Comprendre l'empire, président d' Égalité et Réconciliation) jugé pour une "quenelle" devant le Mémorial de la Shoah à Berlin (Allemagne). Par ailleurs, l'humoriste Dieudonné s'est exprimé sur la "quenelle" et la LICRA. Published on Mar 13, 2015 by independenzawebtv

"Quenelle" à Berlin : Soral plaide la manipulation et la méprise, d'anciens déportés s'indignent

L'essayiste d'extrême droite Alain Soral, jugé jeudi à Paris pour avoir publié une photo le montrant au Mémorial de l'Holocauste à Berlin en train de faire une "quenelle", s'est défendu en plaidant manipulation et méprise, face à d'anciens déportés indignés.

Fin 2013, la photo d'Alain Soral faisant ce geste controversé dans les allées de la fondation commémorative des juifs assassinés en Europe avait commencé à circuler sur plusieurs sites internet.

Alertées, l'Union des étudiants juifs de France (UEJF) et l'association J'accuse ont saisi le tribunal correctionnel sur citation directe afin qu'Alain Soral y comparaisse pour injures publiques à caractère racial.

Jeudi, à l'audience, M. Soral a affirmé que ce n'était pas lui mais un ami qui avait posté le cliché sur la page Facebook privée de l'essayiste. Il ne voulait pas « que cette photo circule au-delà d’un cercle d'amis », a-t-il assuré.

Selon lui, elle a été récupérée par un pirate informatique pour être ensuite diffusée sur le site d'opinion israélien en français JSS News, puis par d'autres médias.

Des arguments nuancés par le parquet, qui a souligné qu'Alain Soral avait reproduit, par la suite, la photo à plusieurs reprises sur son site.

Quant au geste, il a soutenu l'avoir d'abord fait en signe de ralliement au « fist-fucking », pratique homosexuelle, car le Mémorial serait, selon lui, un lieu de rendez-vous homosexuel.

EGALITE ET RECONCILIATION 5 February 2014: Le Mémorial de la Shoah de Berlin investi par des prostituées et des gays
VICE 1 February 2013 : Weshalb posieren all diese homosexuellen Grindr-User vor dem Holocaust-Mahnmal?
SLATE 9 January 2014 : Le Mémorial de l'Holocauste de Berlin a été profané. Mais est-il respecté habituellement?
EGALITE ET RECONCILIATION 15 March 2015 : Conférence d'Alain Soral (en plein air) à Vence - 11 janvier 2014

Au-delà de cette interprétation « privée », une interprétation « publique » de cette « quenelle » est également possible, toujours selon lui : celle d' «un geste d'insoumission envers les manipulateurs sionistes de la Shoah».

« Tant de malheur »
Pour son créateur, le polémiste Dieudonné, qui sétait constitué partie civile en début daudience, la « quenelle » est «un geste d'émancipation», celui « de l'esclave des champs qui dit : "Je m'en vais" ».

La « quenelle » n'est pas, ont-ils tous deux martelé, un geste antisémite ou un «salut nazi inversé », selon l'expression du président de la Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l'antisémitisme (Licra), Alain Jakubowicz.

M. Soral a une nouvelle fois contesté avoir voulu s'en prendre à la mémoire des victimes juives du nazisme.

« J'aurais été désolé de faire de la peine à des gens qui ont souffert dans leur chair », a-t-il expliqué, appelant à faire le distinguo entre antisionisme et antisémitisme.

[...] « Je n'aurais jamais pensé (que) quelqu'un dans ce lieu puisse faire autre chose que de penser, de se recueillir », a dit d'une voix forte Isabelle Choko (86 ans), déportée au camp d'Auschwitz-Birkenau. [...]

« Nous avons affaire à un nazi et je pèse mes mots », a plaidé le conseil de l'UEJF, Stéphane Lilti.

« Il y a un moment où il faut s'extraire de ce geste et se pencher sur le propos habituel de son auteur », a estimé le procureur, Annabelle Philippe.

Zionism and Fascist

To discuss Palestinian-Israeli conflict can not be separated from political ideology of Zionism delegated by Theodore Herzl, someone who actually did not care about his own Jewish spirituality, some people called it agnostic. However, it should be noted, Israel is the only Jewish state in the world. Religion state. Many contradictions and paradoxical about this Israeli entity. Too many questions to deny the claim for the this country establishment in early period. It's not clear "its sex".

Jews as well as other religions are scattered throughout the world and culturally binding in the community to become nation and country as a social reality in a growing civilization, right? So, why should made a new country to unite the scattered people? What is the urgency? When other Arab countries to liberate themselves from Ottoman autonomy which was defeated in the first World War, why only Palestinian which was not eligible for free? Is it true that Palestine is a land without a nation? Why Europe is so keen to carry out Anti-Semitic? Did Hitler really hate Jews and perform sadistic methods of genocide? Why are so many movies of Zionist  which utilizes the European vile practice to the Jews? What is the link between Fascists and Zionism? If Europe is guilty, why Palestinians becomes the victim?

Remember Schindler List? This movie and many other similar Hollywood films as if hiding another history that should be well known by the Jews themselves. That Zionism -- which created the state of Israel -- is the political fruit of Zionist leaders with Nazi Germany. The most successful conspiracy in history.

If our propaganda acknowledges little truth on the other side, there would be reason to question our truth. The masses are not in a position to distinguish where the truth of opponent ends our truth begins. Anyone who wants to dominate the masses, must know the key to open the door of their hearts. In an unforgiving severe attack  against opponents,  people see proof of our righteousness. From this point of view, the doubt leads to uncertainty, weakness, and ultimately failure. Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

Positive or negative propaganda based on love or hate. Just be right or wrong. Therefore, the ability to see both sides of an issue is the antithesis of propaganda. Fascism of Hitler and others make Jewish look like a  very persecuted group. The appearance of this imaging so striking in Europe, even there appears ideas to find a particular place for the "victims". Denial of Hollocaust, such as Ahmadinejad's controversial sentence very resonated loudly in Europe or western. When "Freedom of expression" for making prophet Mohammed's cartoons, for example, can this treatment equated with the issue of anti-Semitism and Holocaust?

There are several exploits in the Zionist movement.

Claims of historical theology.
I put aside theological aspect as literal text here in order to maintain the respect of other religions. When there is a choice between Argentina, Uganda, or Palestine and the Zionists agree to choose Palestine, of course, this is based on theo-historical claim in their beliefs.

Israeli Declaration of 1948 states, "By virtue of our natural and historical right ...  (we) do hereby proclaim the establishment of a Jewish State in the Land of Israel - the state of Israel". Something that according to Golda Meir, Israel's first female prime minister "This country as a fruit of God's promise". It is laughable when the validity of its legitimacy still questionable ". According to Theodor Herzl, the 'Greater Israel' region stretches from "upstream of Egypt to Euphrates". Even in the opinion of other figures including Syria, Lebanon.

But according to U.S. Senator Paul Findley and French scientists Roger Garaudy, in an independent historical records, the Jews are not the first inhabitants of Palestine. They are also not ruled there during the reign of other nations. Modern archeology experts generally agree that the Egyptian and Canaanite peoples have inhabited Palestine since ancient times around 3000 BC to 1700 BC. Subsequently came the other rulers such as the Hyokos, Hittite, and the Philistines. Citing the opinion of Charles Foster Kent in A history of the Hebrew People, Egyptian historian Ahmad Syalaby recorded that the Phoenix was first visited Palestinian territories, around 3000 BC, followed by Kanaan (2500 BC), and then came the tribes Palestinians from Creta Island (1200 BC ). The result of mixing between the tribes of Palestine with the Canaanite tribes later gave birth to a new generation of Arab descent with Semitic dialects. The region was known as Palestine.

Is theo-historical true?

Orthodox Jews attacked the idea of Jewish state establishment . According to them, the idea is an insult to the prophetic mission and messianism doctrine. By them, Zionism undermines the values of Jewish tradition. Observant Jews and those who understand the spirituality of religion should wait for the arrival of "the Messiah" to bring them back to the holy land. Human efforts to accelerate is considered a sin. Until now, orthodox Jewish sects such as "Satmar Hasidim" in New York and "Naturei Karta" in Jerusalem actually expect the destruction of "Isaeli state", which is considered as "Godless Zionism".

In 1930 Albert Einstein wrote, "I would be able to receive a fair agreement with the Arabs, on the basis of living together in peace, rather than having to establish a Jewish state. Apart from practical considerations, my awareness of the essential Judaism rejects the idea of a Jewish state, with the frontier, armed forces, and a temporal action based on strength, not in humility. I'm afraid there will be destruction of Judaism from within, mainly due to the growth of narrow nationalism among our own ... we are no longer Jews in the Maccabean era. Back into a nation, in the political sense, means to break away from the spiritualization of our society in which we owe to the genius of our prophets".

The slogan "Land without nation is for people without country"
The Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of prophet Muhammad in the geographic position and the reign of Roman and Persian, but outside the direct authority of both. Traders who traded through the Silk Road (Europe-India-China) chose Arabian Peninsula as a connecting line. Several years was ruled by Persia in the 7th century, but then the Romans managed to retake Palestinian territories, as it is said in Ar-rum (30) verses 1-6.

Until later conquered by Islam, Palestine remained under the rule of Byzantine (Eastern Roman) which was actually Christians. The Romans Christians built churches in Jerusalem and made it Christian city until the early half of 7th century, when Umar Bin Khattab successfully mastering this region.

Karen Armstrong, a western orientalist described the following in her article, Holy War: From the Crusades to the Gulf War : Caliph Omar entered Jerusalem riding a white horse, escorted by the city leaders, Greek bishop Sofronius. The Caliph asked to immediately taken to the Temple Mount. There, where Muhammad did Mi'raj, he knelt down and prayed. The Bishop saw him with fear. "It must be the conquest of horror as ever foretold by prophet Daniel, that he who enters the synagogue is definitely the Anti-Christ who will mark the Day of Judgment." he thought

Then Umar asked to look around Christian holy places. When arriving at the church of Holy Sepulchre, the time to pray. Politely, the bishop allowed him to pray there. However, Umar also politely rejected it. "If I pray in the church," he said, "Muslims will commemorate this event by setting up a mosque there. This means they will destroy the Holy Sepulchre." Umar then went to pray in a bit away from the church, the place directly in front of Holy Sepulchre. Now, in that place there is still a small mosque dedicated to Caliph Umar.

Talk about Palestine means talking about the civilization of three major religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism. After Christian Roman rule then Crusade, Islam tends to be stable. Disputes are more prevalent in Arab descendants of Islam itself. Life is running until the Ottoman fall. Since then, the issue of inter-faith begins to fail.

Maurice Motamed, a Jewish Iranian lawmaker said when criticized about Ahmadinejad's holocaust speech, "First of all, I am an Iranian, and then the Jews." He said that in Iran was relatively tolerant, "There is no pressure on the synagogue, there is no question of desecration of holy places. I think the problem in Europe is worse than here."

Many Jews who had settled in Iran since the great Cyrus freed them from slavery when he conquered Babylon in 539 BC. They did not appear conspicuous. There are approximately 14,000 Jews in Tehran who have 20 active synagogues.

Palestinians themselves, is this just a vacant land? Certainly not. Inside it there are residents of several generations of race and religion. Thus, the Israeli occupation of all Palestinian territories in fact admitted by the Revisionist Zionist leader -- Vladimir Jabotinsky -- as the concept of colonialism. He opposed the values of orthodox Jewish religious. In his writings titled "The Iron Wall" on 4 November 1923, Jabotinsky proposed a pragmatic realistic idea to realize the state of Israel in Palestine. According to him, in the historical record, none of the forms of country's colonization with the natives consent. Then the main road to realizing it, by force of arms. This concept was then followed by Likud such as Menachem Begin and Yitzak Shamir. According to Shamir, Jabotinsky spirit still lingering in most of Likud leader.

With the Zionist spirit, to support and manipulate the "vacant land" slogan, wave of Jewish migration to Palestine was a gradual systemic movement. The first Jewish immigration to Palestine was in 1881, then in 1904-1914 about 40 thousand people, and in 1919-1923 and in 1924-1929. With the emergence of Nazis in 1933, the next wave of immigration occurred significantly up 33% of  Jewish population in Palestine. Until the end of World War II, the Jewish population in Palestine reached around 600,000. It was very big changes, given at the time the entire Palestinian population was only 1.3 million people.

Exploitation of anti-Semitism and Holocaust issue
Based on the opinion of Maurice Bucaille -- western orientalists -- when around the 7th century the majority of Jewish-Arab Christians entered Islam, it might be, Palestinians more have Jewish blood relations for several centuries than European immigrants who claimed to be descendants of Isaac.

Hostility to the Jewish community in Western Europe and the United States actually declined after the French revolution which followed the development of the democratic system. This development was actually alarming the Zionists who required the establishment of a special state for the Jews who "were chased everywhere".

Some of Herzl conclusions stated that the Jews were single nation in any country they lived, could not be assimilated with other nations and had always been subjected to persecution. Although he did not care about the spiritual values of Judaism, he considered "religious longing" of majority of its adherents on a credo of "promised land" was valid for use. Jewish Religious spawned a tradition of pilgrimage to the holy land, while the Muslims of Palestine did not question the arrival of people who they considered to be the fellows of Abraham descendants, father of the three heavenly religions.

Bernard Lazare said Jews themselves played a role in fostering anti-Semitic sentiment with their reluctance to get along with others. "Self exclusion, exacerbated by the Jews belief that the state is something exclusive and special. Children of Israel pride themselves with their Torah greatness and feel themselves above all other nations." Ghettos are an alternate solution to anti-Semitism in Europe, while the "International Ghetto" is the solution for the Zionists. There is a common thread. There's a "sadistic" solution.

So Herzl approached the European countries by exploiting the issue of anti-Semitism in easily understandable language. He went to Russian interior minister Vyacheslav Plehve who was responsible for a variety of "pogroms" in Chisinau in April 1903.  Then the Germany Foreign Minister Bernhard von Bulow, and Kaiser Wilhelm II, also Arthur Balfour who was anti-Semitic. Balfour was a politician who in 1905 launched a campaign in conjunction with the Alien Act, which aimed in order to Jews who were expelled from Russia also out of the UK. Balfour Declaration of 1917 was one way to channel the Jews to Palestine, not settled in England, where it was opposed by a Jewish member of the British cabinet, Edwin Montagu. In addition there was also strong evidence of cooperation between Mussolini groups in Italy with Menachem Begin and Jabotinsky with Simon Petilura, a Ukrainian fascist who personally set the premeditated murder of 28,000 Jews.

Citing Brenner in Zionism and Faris Yahya in Zionist Relations with Nazi Germany, Ralph Schoenman revealed collaboration data of Zionist movement with Nazi Germany. Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to Nazi Party on June 21, 1933. During World Zionist Congress took place, Hitler announced a trade agreement with Anglo - Palestine Bank, property of World Zionist Organization (WZO).

 This agreement ended the Jewish boycott against the Nazis when German economy -- in the extreme -- was very vulnerable. At that time there was a great depression, people trooped to sell the worthless German Mark, then became a major distributor of major Nazi goods throughout Middle East and Northern Europe. Then set up Ha'avara, a bank in Palestine which was intended to receive money from the purchase of Nazi goods in large numbers. Nazi officials such as Von Mildenstein out and entered Palestine in a working visit. May 1935, Reinhardt Heydrich --  head of the 'SS' -- wrote an article that it separated the Jews into two groups, and the group he liked was Zionists. "Our prayers and our official goodwill are in line with them," he wrote.

Another evidence of the intimate collaboration between Zionists with Nazis in the 1930s can be seen in the actions of Zionists who actively organizing cessation of immigration law changes of the US and Western Europe. The purpose of Zionist "omission" to the massacre and expulsion of millions of German Jews (Holocaust) can be understood from Jabotinsky's last writing, The Jewish War Front.

"Because we have a great moral authority for the depiction of Arab's expulsion in peace, then we do not need to look at the transfer of 900,000 Arabs with shame. Hitler lately has reinforced the popularity of removing the Jews population."

Holocaust in the Oxford dictionary means "Large-scale destruction", usually intended as an offering of one or several people devoted to God. Garaudy noted, that the ways of terror to force the Jews to be willing to move to Palestine still performed after the establishment of Israel. Because, it has been proven, although various attempts were made, but the number of Jews who wanted to migrate to Palestine / Israel were just a little.

The Holocaust is used as a justification to oppress other nations. This sentence is not sliding off from the Fascist mouth, the anti-Jewish, or Racist Skinhead leaders, but from Nahum Goldman's mouth, president of the World Zionist Organization, the founders of Israel, a veteran statesman before he died.

Terror Organization
The word "terrorist" is certainly not as famous now before the events of 11 September. Bernard Lewis in "Clash of Civilizations" in the early' 90s had "predicted" the next enemy candidates of the US and its ally Israel after Cold War, after Communist era. When "Hamas" began to be known in the list of terrorists, no one used the same stamp on the Haganah, Irgun, and Stern. Acts of terror also addressed to the Jews themselves.

In the US Jewish conference, May 2, 1948, Joseph Klausner, a Jewish author said, "I believe these people should be driven so that they move to Palestine, there is no harm in Jewish community to change its policy, which in addition to providing comfort to those who move, or refugees, also need other measures so that they don't feel at home. And further steps will be carried out by Haganah is to scare the Jews themselves."

When Iraqi Jews reluctant to immigrate to Israel, then Masuda Shemtov Synagogue bombed by Israel itself (1951). Three people were killed and 24 people were injured in the terrorist acts. These actions are also taking place in various places in the world.

Ben Zion Dinur, Israel's Minister of Education noted in the book's introduction of "History of the Haganah", "In our country, the space available only to Jews. To the Arabs we will say: Get out! If they persist, do not agree, we will force them with all our strength."

Apparently, all the terror does not automatically make the Jewish community want to move to Palestine. As an illustration, for 12 years, from 1920 to 1932, about 118. 378 Jews who entered Palestine only less than 1 percent of Jewish population in the world. Even after Hitler's atrocities actually only 8.5 percent Jews who were willing to move to Palestine, while the majority of approximately 75 percent or 1.93 million inhabitants prefered the Soviet Union. Ben Gurion disappointed, Dr. Israel Goldstein was angry. So, besides the terror carried out in Iraq, the same thing was also happening in Yemen by using a deception operation, "Operation Magic carpet". But why in 1943, the Jewish population of the US has reached 5 million people? Why until now the number of Jews in the U.S. remains a lot, and they do not move to Israel? Well, this is a remote control system. Economic factors. Oil. Territorial hegemony in Arab lands. War is business, you know?

Ask the Taliban splinter. Or Saddam. US foreign policy is like a very obedient to the political adage, 'There is no eternal allies and opponents".  In one period, dictators are created, at other times they are overthrown. And it has been done in many countries. The U.S. politicians hands do not want to get dirty, though majority of American people are fed up with the actual practice of their foreign policy.

Still falling in love to this day : So, what can I do to help you?

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"Thank you for your perception! I like your romantic side, even if I do not always comment and I'm glad that you're in my circle of friends."
(Courtesies by: Wolfgang A. Gerhardt)

Wolfgang A.Gerhardt : May be you like this Sunday collage

Cisca Zarmansyah : Before today, there never was a person doing this to me. You create a simple matter to look special. This is a special thing for me.

Cisca Zarmansyah : Thank you. I love it. I love you, my friend.

CieL- FreYa Ceastle : Hmm, he's so nice...

"I am me.
In all the world,
there is no one else exactly like me.
Everything that comes out of me
is authentically mine,
because I alone chose it --
I own everything about me:
my body,
my feelings,
my mouth,
my voice,
all my actions,
whether they be to others or myself.
I own my fantasies,
my dreams,
my hopes,
my fears.
I own my triumphs and successes,
all my failures and mistakes.
Because I own all of me,
I can become intimately acquainted with me.
By so doing,
I can love me
and be friendly with all my parts.
I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me,
and other aspects that I do not know
-- but as long as I am friendly
and loving to myself,
I can courageously and hopefully
look for solutions
to the puzzles and ways
to find out more about me.
However I look and sound,
whatever I say and do,
and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time
is authentically me.
If later some parts of how I looked,
and felt
turn out to be unfitting,
I can discard that which is unfitting,
keep the rest,
and invent something new
for that which I discarded.
I can see,
say, and do.
I have the tools to survive,
to be close to others,
to be productive,
and to make sense
and order out of the world of people
and things outside of me.
I own me,
and therefore,
I can engineer me.
I am me,
and I am okay."

(American Phychologist and Educator, 1916-1988)